Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetables

Hill's® Science Diet®
Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetables

Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetables canned cat food provides breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your cat achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life.

Key Benefits

Recommended For:

Adult cats that require fewer calories (i.e., cats that are less active, neutered or otherwise prone to excess weight gain).

Not Recommended For:

BenefitFeatureHow it Works
Weight lossProprietary ingredient blendCats at a healthy weight are less prone to develop weight related issues, and live happier, healthy lives
Maintain lean muscleFresh Chicken #1 ingredientSupport healthy weight loss and maintain lean muscle.
Supports multi-cat households Balanced nutritionSimplifies multi-cat household feeding by helping heavy cats reach a healthy weight while providing balanced nutrition to leaner cats.

Additional Info

Healthy choices matter, for both you and your pet. For more than 70 years, Hill's has been advancing knowledge of how to keep pets their healthiest. That means great-tasting, nutritious food with natural ingredients that helps your cat live a long, happy life.

By choosing Science Diet, you help us provide food to shelter pets 365 days a year.
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Science Diet® is available in a wide variety of foods for your cat's unique needs. Dry cat food is available from Science Diet® in a delicious Adult Perfect Weight that your cat will love. Also try Science Diet® treats that are sure to please!

Feeding Guide


Weight Control - using 2.9 oz (82 g) can

Weight of Cat
Weight LossWeight Control
4 lb (1,8 kg)1 can2 can
5 lb (2,3 kg)1 1/2 can2 can
8 lb (3,6 kg)2 can3 can
10 lb (4,5 kg)2 1/2 can3 1/2 can
12 lb (5,4 kg)3 can4 can
15 lb (6,8 kg)3 1/2 can5 can