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Hill’s Brand Horizon

We lead the way in several scientific fields to create the quality nutrition your pet deserves

We believe that science is the best path to giving your pet the best care possible. Trends come and go, but our nutritional philosophy is that science leads the way, creating food that stays a step ahead for your pet’s best life.

Driven by your pet’s needs

True innovation doesn’t use a template, which is why Hill’s employs more than 220 veterinarians, qualified nutritionists and food scientists to understand what your pet needs to live the longest, happiest life possible. We know there is no straight line to discovery, so first, we ask “what if?” and then look to clinical studies that confirm results you can trust. As patterns and discoveries emerge, breakthroughs begin.

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Science-led ingredients

The biggest nutritional impacts start at the smallest level. Healthy digestion, strong bones, and a beautiful coat are all results of a carefully selected combination of ingredients and nutrients.

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Ingredient selection starts with a deep understanding of pets and their specific nutritional needs. We choose the combinations that not only taste best but also deliver the most nutritional benefits for pets of every age, size and need.

Each food is designed to be completely irresistible (as proven by our team of dogs and cats at our global Pet Nutrition Center).

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Groundbreaking science creates groundbreaking nutrition

Whether it’s helping a pet burn fat rather than store it or helping older pets feel young again, it’s our consistent scientific approach that creates nutrition unlike any other pet food brand out there.

Leaders in predictive biology

Science tells us that biology matters when it comes to health. One example of this is our ongoing research on how nutrition can affect a pet’s gene expression to help them live a long, healthy life.


We did extensive research on overweight pets and healthy pets to isolate ingredients that help pets naturally burn fat more efficiently. Over 70% of pets lost weight within 10 weeks when fed our weight nutrition.


When we compare the gene expression of younger pets to that of older pets, we get a better understanding of how their biology changes over time. This research allows us to create nutrition tailored to your senior dog’s biology that helps improve their everyday ability to get up & go.

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Understanding your pet’s health from the inside out

Prebiotics are what nourishes gut bacteria — and may influence the overall health and wellbeing of your pet. After years of research, experts at Hill’s have determined the gut microbiome affects not only your pet’s digestive health but their overall health as well.

Hill’s is putting microbiome health at the forefront of GI care and working to naturally promote regular healthy stool while restoring the balance of pets' unique gut microbiome.


Hill’s ActivBiome+ Technology is formulated with an exclusive blend of prebiotics to rapidly activate your pet’s gut microbiome for ultimate digestive health and wellbeing.

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Trusted by the experts

When it comes to your pet, your veterinarian is your best source of information and care. It’s their unbiased feedback that helps us maintain and refine our pet food formulas. Hill’s is U.S. veterinarians’ #1 recommended.

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Led by science from the start

We’ve been developing science-led nutrition with a focus on pets’ best lives for 80+ years.

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Delicious by design

Our science-led approach makes your pet's mealtime a satisfying, irresistible event.

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A product you can trust

Learn how we ensure your pet’s food meets the highest benchmarks for nutrition, safety and taste.