Feeding the best senior dog food possible

As dogs get older, they need a balanced senior dog food formulated for their specific aging needs. Here you’ll learn when to switch to senior dog food, and what to look for in a food for older dogs.

The Best Senior Dog Food Starts with Science

Much like humans, a dog’s biology changes as they age, resulting in different nutritional needs over time.

Senior Dog Nutritional Requirements

A lot can change in the later years of your pet’s life, and the best dog food for older dogs is one formulated to keep up with a senior dog’s nutritional requirements. That’s why Science Diet® senior dog foods are made with special care for an older pet’s changing biology — with balanced minerals for heart and kidney health, omega-6s & vitamin E for beautiful skin & coat, and easy-to-digest ingredients to support digestion.

Because older dogs can sometimes become more lethargic than they once were, Hill’s also offers biology-based senior dog foods to support brain function, interaction and overall energy and vitality.

Feeding Options that Fit

Since older dogs have unique nutritional needs, Hill’s offers great-tasting options in a range of forms including dry senior dog food for small breeds and large breeds, soft dog food for seniors and nutrition specially formulated for senior dog health problems.

Senior Dry Dog Food

Senior dry dog food offers easy-to-digest nutrition for specific aging needs in a kibble form, with a texture and aroma pets love.

Senior Wet Dog Food

Some senior pets may need a softer option for dental reasons, or simply as a matter of preference. Ours are perfect as a meal or as a delicious “topper” to dry senior dog food!

Dog Treats

Delicious and nutritious, Hill’s dog treats are made with a taste pets love. Plus, they’re easy to break into pieces to manage portions and make chewing easier – perfect for senior pets!

For Senior Dog Foods
Breed Size Makes a Difference

Depending on the breed of your Adult 7+ dog, they will likely have different nutritional needs as they age, based on size. That’s why Hill’s offers small breed senior dog food and large breed senior dog food to ensure your pet is getting the right balance of nutrients. Talk to your vet to make sure your dog is getting the right nutrition at each stage of their life.

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Science Diet® Senior Dog Food

Science Diet® is the #1 US Veterinarian Recommended brand, using more than 70 years of research to develop nutrition that meets your older dog’s biological needs.

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Bioactive Recipe Senior Dog Food

Hill’s® Bioactive Recipe uses our extensive knowledge of how your dog’s changing biology and genes respond to select ingredients in their food.

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Healthy Advantage® Senior Dog Food

Available exclusively through your veterinarian, Hill’s® Healthy Advantage® is advanced nutrition formulated to provide 5 essential health benefits for senior dogs.

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Science Diet® Youthful Vitality Dry

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NEW breakthrough nutrition scientifically developed to help support your dog’s ongoing vitality through increased activity, interaction and mobility.

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“I tried the sample on Lucy. She loved the food and after four weeks I noticed she was more active and more willing to play.”
– Almys, Massachusetts

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