Are you prepared to adopt a pet?

Use these tools to make sure you’re ready for the commitment.

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How much does adopting a pet really cost?

Get an idea of what you’ll need to pay to make sure your pet leads a long and healthy life.

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Follow your gut


I went to a shelter to meet a different cat, but my boy, who was originally called "Fuzzy Wuzzy," made me fall in love with him... follow your gut!

From scared to cared for


I met Motor at the animal shelter where I used to volunteer on the weekends. He was a very scared little Kitty and I felt so sorry I felt that I just had to bring him home. When I went back to the shelter with my husband, he fell in love with Motor as well and the rest is history.

Love at first website


My family adopted Dakota at a shelter. We saw her on the shelter website and wanted to meet her in person. We instantly fell in love. Adoption is a great way to provide homes to dogs in need. I highly recommend finding your new best friend at an animal shelter.

A happy handful


We first met Bella as a tiny puppy who didn't even have her eyes open yet. She fit into the palm of our hand. We visited her once more with our rescued dog Sophie so she could bond. When she was old enough we brought her home & she followed Sophie everywhere.

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Keep your new pet’s nutrition needs uninterrupted.

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Find a veterinarian near you

One of the most important things your new pet will need is a primary care veterinarian. Use this tool to find a clinic near you.

Searchable map of vet clinics in your area



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Veterinarian visits with her dog patient

Prepare for your pet’s visit with our checkup checklist.

Veterinarian visits with her dog patient

Prepare for your pet’s visit with our checkup checklist.

Resources for new pet parents

Already adopted? Here are some helpful tools for you and your new furry friend.

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Check out our New Dog Guide

Get to know what to expect for your first year as a dog owner.

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Welcome kitty home with our New Cat Guide

Find out what you’ll need and how to keep them safe.

Find the right food for your new friend

Every pet has their own unique nutrition needs depending on their age, health needs, and more. We’ll help you find a pet food that can help your new companion live a long and happy life.