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Adopt a pet.
Change a life.

Before you adopt, make sure you’re ready for the commitment

Use the tools below to prepare for your new friend.

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How much does adopting a pet really cost?

Get an idea of what you’ll need to pay to make sure your pet leads a long and healthy life.

See Expenses

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Learn from other people’s experiences

Check out what others had to say about their adoption experience and how the right pet can make a world of difference.

See Adoption Stories

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Save $5 on your next purchase

Keep your new pet’s nutrition needs uninterrupted.

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Find a veterinarian near you


Healthy pets. Happy homes.

Follow us to see adoption stories as they happen.

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Find the right food for your new friend

Every pet has their own unique nutritional needs depending on their age, health needs and more. We’ll help you find a pet food that can help your new companion live a long and happy life.

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Adopt a new look on your computer or phone

Our pet-themed wallpapers are a perfect way to get into the spirit of the event.

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Veterinarian visits with her dog patient

Prepare for your pet’s visit with our checkup checklist.

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Resources for new pet parents

Already adopted? Get to know what to expect for your first year as a pet owner.

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New Dog Guide

Get expert tips for a long and happy life with your new best friend.

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New Cat Guide

These resources can help make your new kitty’s transition a breeze.

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Hill’s Pet Care Center

Visit the Hill’s Pet Center for more info and articles about how you can help your dog or cat stay healthy.

Veterinarian visits with her dog patient

Prepare for your pet’s visit with our checkup checklist.