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Simple steps for slimming down

It’s easy to see if your pet is overweight and get started helping them. Just follow these three steps.


Measure their Body Fat Index

Use this chart to find the image that best matches your pet. If their BFI is over or under 20, go to step two.

Check Your Pet’s BFI


Schedule a vet visit

Contact your vet to schedule a checkup and weight assessment for your pet. Then go to step three.

Find a Vet


Feed the right food

Hill’s weight management nutrition works with your pet’s metabolism to help achieve a healthy weight.

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Get ongoing support for your pet’s weight loss journey

Hill’s will be there for you and your pet every step of the way. Sign up for helpful weight loss tips and articles.

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A few extra pounds can mean major risks

Overweight pets are at risk of health issues including diabetes, arthritis, cancer and high blood pressure — as well as being too tired and run down to enjoy every day to the fullest. If you’re afraid your pet is overweight, the good news is you can start helping them today. Talk to your vet and consider switching their food.

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Feed the love. Lose the weight.

Extra treats and people food can really add up over time. See how Poochini and Moto got their lives back.

Share these short films and help raise awareness about pet obesity

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Tips for weight loss success

Show how much you care with these tips to help your pet journey to a healthy weight.

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Keep tabs on treats

Extra treats and human food can lead to extra pounds. Just 1 oz. of cheese is a whole meal’s calories.

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Get your move on

Turn exercise into some fun together time. Check out these tips for exercising with your dog or cat.

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Treats don’t have to be food

Instead of more snacks, spoil your pet with a new toy or extra playtime, snuggles and games.

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Hill’s Pet Care Center

Visit the Hill’s Pet Care Center for more info and articles about how you can help your dog or cat stay healthy.

Proven weight loss nutrition

With over a decade of research, Hill’s has developed a special fiber blend that activates the body’s natural ability to burn excess fat.