Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Important Questions to Ask Your Vet

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No two pets are the same, which makes being a pet owner equally rewarding and challenging. No matter the quirks or temperament of your pet, though, part of your responsibility is to keep them happy and in good health. In addition to a balanced, nutritious diet and exercise, your vet is an important resource for maintaining good health in your pet.

Have you noticed changes in your pet’s behavior? Maybe they have been sneezing more often. Is it just seasonal allergies, or could it be something else? Has your pet gained excess weight recently? They may be eating the wrong type of food or not getting enough exercise. There are often certain dietary or environmental reasons for the changes in your pet’s behavior, which your vet can help you better understand.

Finding the right questions to ask can be the hardest part of speaking with your vet about your pet's health. Here are ten questions on common pet health conditions to help start the conversation.

  • How can I tell if my pet is not feeling well?
  • What are some ways I can keep my pet healthy at any age?
  • How do I keep my pet’s teeth healthy?
  • At what age is my pet considered "senior" and what does that mean for their lifestyle? Are there particular health concerns we should be monitoring for my pet as they get older?
  • Are there any breed-specific health problems that my pet is prone to (especially for dogs)?
  • What's my pet’s healthy weight range? Is it ok to give them treats?
  • Why is my pet scratching and licking their coat so much?
  • My cat has been going outside of the litter box. What's causing this?
  • My dog likes to chew on (or get into) everything. How do I stop this?
  • How do I house train my dog?

Just like people, pets benefit from a healthy, happy lifestyle that allows them to do the things they love (even if all they really love to do is bask in warm sunlight). Simply paying attention to small changes in behavior and asking your vet questions about them can make a difference in keeping your dog or cat in good health.