Easy DIY Dog & Cat Toys: Nine of Our Favorites

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a cat food that fits your pet’s needs

Are you a pet parent who's tired of doing the same activities around the house week after week? If so, you're not alone. Your dog or cat (or both!) would surely wag a tail or let out a purr when discovering that there's something new for them to explore or play with at home. Browse this helpful guide for some DIY tips that'll surely put a little pep in your pet's step.

Ideas for DIY Dog Toys and Activities

Looking to have fun with your favorite pup? Look no further!

Woman walking border collie in parkDesign a Doggy Obstacle Course

If you have a high-energy pup and a fenced-in yard, why not get your whole family involved by making a dog obstacle course? You can easily repurpose common household items as jumping, weaving and tunneling obstacles to challenge your pet.

Craft a Homemade Dog Bed

Your pup may need a new bed for snoozles, too. This easy tutorial walks you through the steps to upcycle common things around the home into a spot that your pup can claim as their own.

Create a Collapsible Dog Bowl for Pets on the Go

If you're taking more walks around your neighborhood or exploring local park trails, you'll want to bring along fresh water for your canine companion. This DIY project lets you transform items that are already lingering in your recycling bin into a collapsible dog water bowl, which is perfect for tucking in a day pack or storing in your car.

Children toys in a wooden box, books in the background on wooden floor. Teddy bear, wooden dog toy, rag doll, toy car, wooden green frog.Revive Old Kid Toys as Doggy Toys

Pups love new toys too! Are you preparing to donate a few things you found when cleaning out your kids' closets? If so, give them a second look. Some of these items may make the perfect DIY dog toys for your pup!

Ideas for DIY Cat Toys and Activities

Hoping to ensure that your cat is comfortable? Check out these ideas.

Make a Cat Scratching Post

Do you have a claw-crazy cat at home? Put that old rug or carpet sample to good use by crafting a homemade scratching post with it. These five DIY cat scratching post projects are perfect for you and your children to tackle together since basic sewing, hammering and using a box cutter are required.

Orange tabby cat laying underneath blue paisley bed sheets.

Repurpose Items for a Cat Bed

It's fun and easy to make kitty beds for every room of your house. In this post, you'll discover different ways to transform old sweaters, cardboard boxes and blankets into cozy places for your feline friend to snuggle in.

Build a Cat Perch out of Wood

Let your kitty be the king or queen of your castle by giving them their own perch. This quick afternoon project yields a cozy landing spot for your window-loving cat. You'll just need some basic woodworking tools, a few scrap wood planks and these tips to get started.

Assemble a Litter Box Enclosure

If your cat fancies some privacy and a bit of style when they do their business, this project is for you. Get started here to see three different designs for enclosures to fit your kitty's preferences and litter box style.

Try Your Hand at These DIY Cat Toys

Surprise your kitty with new toys to pique their curiosity. In this simple tutorial on DIY cat toys, you'll learn how to make items your kitty can enjoy on their own and ones you can play with together, including a cloth ghost, a plastic cap toy and a satellite-shaped toy.

Is today the day when you'll break out of your routine and create something your pet will love? Why not? These DIY dog and cat projects can easily be adopted as educational home-school activities for your kids to assist with, too. After all, they entail following instructions, measuring, cutting and designing, which are all core components of hands-on learning. Here's to making staying home fun and safe for your pet pals and all of the other members of your family.

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