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Natural treats as healthy as they are delicious

Show your love with Hill’s Treats – fun snacks made with natural ingredients for the right balance of flavor and nutrition in every satisfying bite. Available in crunchy, soft-baked and jerky varieties, they’re a tasty way to let your dog know just how super special they are.

Hill’s Natural Soft Savories Package Photo

Soft and mouthwatering

Available in Beef & Cheddar, Chicken & Yogurt and Peanut Butter & Banana

Hill’s Natural Flexi-Stix Jerky Package Photo
Natural Flexi-Stix Jerky

With real beef or turkey

Meaty flavor plus daily support for joint health

Hill’s Grain Free Soft-baked Naturals Package Photo
Grain Free Soft Baked Naturals

Soft and grain free

Available in Beef & Sweet Potatoes, Chicken & Carrots and Duck & Pumpkin

Hill’s Natural Fruity Crunchy Snacks Package Photo
Natural Fruity Crunchy Snacks

With real apples or cranberries

Crunchy snacks with real fruit pieces

Hill’s Natural Baked Light Biscuits Package Photo
Natural Baked Light Biscuits

Made with real chicken

Low calorie snacks that won’t pack on the pounds

Hill’s Grain Free Crunchy Naturals Package Photo
Grain Free Crunchy Naturals

Made with real chicken

The crunch dogs love in a grain free treat

Hill’s Natural Jerky Strips Package Photo
Natural Jerky Strips

With real beef or chicken

Meaty flavor that’ll get tails wagging

Hill’s Natural Training Soft & Chewy Treats Package Photo
Natural Training Soft & Chewy Treats

Made with real chicken

Only 3 calories per treat for the perfect reward

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Make it a special moment with tasty, healthy Hill’s treats

We all love to treat our dogs. But there’s a right way to do it so you gain extra togetherness without your dog gaining extra weight.

Strengthen the bond

Treats are an important way to bond. Both you and your furry friend benefit from the love and affection shared through giving and receiving delicious, healthy dog treats.

Give positive reinforcement

Whether they’ve learned new tricks or made positive changes in behavior, giving your dog training treats is a great way to reward your pet for doing an amazing job.

Ease your pet’s mind at stressful times

Moving houses or visiting the vet clinic can take an emotional toll on dogs. Reassure your pet by giving lots of praise, affection and tasty treats.

Tips on how to treat your dog

Pet parents’ hearts melt to see their dogs excited for delicious treats, but what’s the best way to give them to your pet?

Bonding can happen anywhere

When you’re snuggled up on the couch next to your dog, give a treat as a lovely surprise to reinforce your affection for your pet.    

Give treats while your dog is calm, not when they’re overly excited

Let your dog smell the treat and wait for them to sit in anticipation — that’s the perfect time to reward your pet for their good behavior.

Avoid giving treats right before or after mealtime

This will help your dog to distinguish between regular food and a special prize, and also prevent begging at the dinner table.

Think outside the box

While it’s important to avoid feeding human foods, pet parents can also indulge their pets with wet foods to show their love and appreciation.

Give your dog treats – but not too many

To find out how many treats per day for a dog, check the package or ask your veterinarian.