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Whether it’s your first time adopting, or you’re a seasoned pet parent, there’s nothing like taking home your new best friend. Here are some resources to help make the transition a little easier.

Some questions you should be ready to answer

How to prepare

Bring the right

Don’t set your sights on a specific dog or cat you find online, but be ready for commitment. You’ll have to be patient with your dog as they learn their new role in the family.

Bring the right

All adoptions require a photo ID, an application, and a fee to be collected before an animal can go home. The fee can range anywhere from $25 to $200, so call to confirm the price.

Leave with the right

Don’t forget to ask for a spay or neuter certificate as well as a detailed list of vaccinations and any other medical history, if available.

Have a veterinarian

If you don’t have a trusted veterinarian already, there’s no better time to find one near you so you can schedule an appointment early.

Give your new pet a
familiar taste

Quality nutrition is key to a happy, healthy life. Try to continue feeding the food your pet ate at the shelter, or change pet foods gradually to avoid an upset stomach.

Prepare your home and family for the new addition

Discuss these questions ahead of time so everyone can give the new pet a warm welcome:

  • Which family members will feed, walk and bathe the pet?
  • Do the kids know how to treat a new pet gently?
  • Will a new pet be an issue with a landlord or roommate?
  • How might other pets in the house be affected?
  • Are there any areas of the home where the pet shouldn’t be allowed?
  • Is anyone in the home allergic to fur or saliva?

First-time pet parent?

It’s tough to prepare for a new dog or cat if you’re not sure what to expect. Don’t worry, we have plenty of tips and resources to help.