Healthy Ways Veterinarians Care for Their Dogs

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Nutrition and Exercise

Feeding your dog a well-balanced dog food will help prevent obesity and the various conditions associated with being overweight, as well as help your dog manage existing health conditions and food allergies. Fortunately, many dog foods are sophisticated to help maintain your dog’s "overall health" in addition to his teeth and coat, says Katie Grzyb, DVM and emergency clinician at the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group in Brooklyn, New York.

For Camille DeClementi, DVM and senior director of medical records at the ASPCA, feeding her greyhound a healthy and nutritious dog food was essential from the day she brought her dog home.

“When my greyhound came off of the racetrack, she was very thin and her coat was dry because of bad nutrition. When she got back on a proper dog food, her hair grew back in,” says Dr. Clementi, “If our nutrition isn’t good, it shows in our hair and nails, just like our dogs.”

Discover Hill’s® Science Diet®, Ideal Balance or Prescription Diet® dog foods and discuss your dog’s nutritional options with your veterinarian. All of our foods are made with balanced nutrition for a happy healthy dog.

For the complete article on healthy ways vets take care of their dogs, visit petMD.

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