Tips for Finding Accurate Dog Food Reviews

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Tips on Finding Accurate Dog Food Reviews

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These days it’s easy to find information on just about any topic with the push of a button. After all, what’s simpler than using the Internet to find the best dog food, toys, and other products for our dogs?

While there’s nothing wrong with hopping online to find products for your furry friend, it’s always important to make sure that the information you’re accessing on the Internet is accurate, unbiased and updated. “As with any web search, the information available is only as reliable as its source,” says Dave Norem, Data Manager for GoodGuide. “Anyone can create content online, but [as a user] it’s important to access the site’s credentials when relying on its content to inform your opinions.”

So what are some easy ways to make sure what you’re reading is, in fact, updated, unbiased, and accurate? Follow these five steps from Norem and Pedro Vierira, VP Ratings for GoodGuide, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a savvy online pet shopper.

What to Look for in a Trustworthy Pet Site

1. The Use of Science. Many dog food and pet products rating sites rely on rumors that have little scientific basis. That’s why it’s important to question everything you read online, and to look at the methodology to make sure it has been vetted by independent experts in the field, and not just one person. Check the dog food manufacturer’s website to find information on clinical trials and to see if the food has been tested according to protocols from the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It usually reads like this: Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that X Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for (appropriate life stage).

2. A Systematic Approach. Does the site you’re on judge all products with the same applicable and objective criteria? A good site will have a system that clearly states these criteria up front and fairly and consistently uses them as a basis for reviews.

For the complete article on how to tell your online pet food search is accurate, visit petMD!

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