Puppy Large Breed

Hill's® Healthy Advantage®
Puppy Large Breed

Available exclusively from your veterinarian, Hill's® Healthy Advantage® Puppy Large Breed is uniquely formulated to help address five common health concerns for large breed puppies.

Key Benefits

Recommended For:

Large breed puppies (over 55 lbs when adult) less than one year old.

Not Recommended For:

Adult or mature adult dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to Hill's® Healthy Advantage® Puppy.

BenefitNutritional FeatureHealth Benefit
MobilitySupplies clinically tested levels of omega fatty acids, with the building blocks for joints and natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfatePromotes healthy joint development and enhanced mobility by 30% in 90 days
Weight ManagementClinically proven levels of L-carnitineBuilds lean muscle which helps achieve a healthy body composition
ImmunityOptimal levels of clinically proven antioxidantsSupports the immune system between vaccinations and helps build a healthy immune system in 90 days
DigestionFiber mixture to help maintain a healthy digestive tractHelps maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools
Skin & CoatOmega fatty acids nourish skin cells and hair follicles to rejuvenate the skinHealthy skin and luxurious coat

Additional Info

Healthy choices matter, for both you and your pet. For more than 70 years, Hill's has been advancing knowledge of how to keep pets their healthiest. That means great-tasting, nutritious food with natural ingredients that helps your dog live a long, happy life.

We make every bag of our dry dog food in our own US facilities with highest quality natural ingredients from North America and Europe. These ingredients must meet our strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which exceed industry standards.

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Feeding Guide



Weight of DogGrowth less than 4 monthsGrowth 4 to 9 monthsGrowth 10 to 12 months
2 lb (0,9 kg) 1/2 cup (55 g)
5 lb (2,3 kg) 7/8 cup (100 g)
8 lb (3,6 kg)1 1/3 cups (150 g)
10 lb (4,5 kg)1 5/8 cups (185 g)
20 lb (9,1 kg)2 2/3 cups (300 g) 2 1/4 cups (255 g)
40 lb (18 kg)4 1/2 cups (510 g) 3 2/3 cups (415 g)3 cups (340 g)
60 lb (27 kg)6 cups (680 g) 5 cups (565 g)4 cups (450 g)
80 lb (36 kg) 6 1/4 cups (705 g)5 cups (565 g)
100 lb (45 kg) 7 1/3 cups (830 g)5 3/4 cups (650 g)
120 lb (54 kg) 6 3/4 cups (765 g)
140 lb (64 kg) 7 1/2 cups (850 g)