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Feeding Tips
Follow these tips to ensure proper nutrition and feeing for your pet

Understanding the right way to handle food around your pet can take a big bite out of unhealthy habits.

  • Avoid feeding table scraps and snacks
  • Stick to the recommended daily feeding guide - it can be useful to weigh out the amount at the beginning of the day, to avoid accidental overfeeding
  • Divide the daily allowance into several meals for the most efficient weight loss
  • Keep your pet in another room when preparing or eating your own meals
  • If you have several pets, feed them separately
  • Don't leave any food lying around
  • Make sure you have enough of the recommended food for holidays and, if you're going away, give clear feeding instructions to the person looking after your pet
  • Introduce the new food gradually over a 7-day period by mixing your pet's former food with increasing proportions of the new food, until only the new food is being fed