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Our deep respect for pets combined with our devotion to understanding pet health feeds our search for new and better ways to help pets of various lifestyles and lifestages live longer and healthier. We developed Prescription Diet® pet foods for pets requiring therapeutic nutrition. Science Diet® pet foods are precisely balanced for lifelong wellness.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – Our Products
We continuously research and discover new and better ways to help pets live longer, healthier lives.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – Emporia Factory Tour

Every Hill's product we make begins with a promise to provide pets with precisely balanced nutrition that can help transform their health.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – Food Quality, Safety and Production

The best ingredients and meticulous quality control help make Hill’s pet foods the choice of devoted pet owners.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – Great Taste

We work closely with dogs and cats to make nutritious, great tasting pet foods.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – Our Continuing Commitment

In addition to pioneering pet nutrition, we support people and organizations that share our commitment to pets.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Video – One Big Kitty

When your furry friend is 'a little overweight', you could go to extreme lengths to help him lose the lbs. But what if you didn't have to?