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Hill’s Launches Five New Science Diet® Foods, Eight New Treats for Cats and Dogs Featuring Natural Ingredients

Hill’s Pet Nutrition announced today the launch of five new food varieties and eight new treat varieties for cats and dogs as part of the reformulated Hill’s Science Diet® line, now featuring natural ingredients.


Hill's® Ideal Balance™ Launches Treats Featuring Natural Ingredients

Hill's Pet Nutrition is unveiling Hill's Ideal Balance treats for dogs and cats crafted from natural ingredients. Seven new varieties of grain-free Ideal Balance treats will feature quality natural ingredients like chicken, tuna, lamb, duck, beef, apricots, carrots and other fruits and vegetables.


Hill's Disaster Relief Network Sends Needed Pet Food and Supplies to Moore Oklahoma

In response to the tornado devastation in Moore, OK, Hill's Pet Nutrition has activated its recently announced Disaster Relief Network to feed displaced pets and assist pet parents within the disaster zone.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition Announces National Disaster Relief Network to Help Pets During Emergencies

Hill's has established a Disaster Relief Network that consists of nearly 100 participating shelters across the country that Hill’s can work with to distribute emergency food supplies to the pets who need it most.


Introducing New Hill's® Ideal Balance™

Hill's Pet Nutrition is unveiling the Hill's Ideal Balance brand and line of food for dogs and cats that combines natural ingredients with the Hill's perfectly balanced nutrition that consumers trust.


'Vets Know Best' Tour Gets Tails Wagging at the Scottsdale Arts Festival

The Hill's Science Diet Vets Know Best tour will visit the Scottsdale Arts Festival, named one of the top arts festivals in the nation featuring 200 artists from across the country.


'Vets Know Best' Tour Gets Tails Wagging at the Miami Dade County Fair

The Hill's Science Diet Vets Know Best tour will visit the Miami Dade County Fair, the largest fair in Florida attracting more than half a million visitors a year.


‘Vets Know Best’ Tour Gets Tails Wagging at the Calle Ocho Festival

The Hill’s Science Diet Vets Know Best tour will visit the Calle Ocho Festival, the largest Latino street party in the U.S. attracting thousands of visitors each year.


'Vets Know Best' Tour Gets Tails Wagging at the Florida Strawberry Festival

The Hill's Science Diet Vets Know Best tour will visit the Florida Strawberry Festival, one of the top 40 fairs in America that originated in 1930.


Expect Something Different in Pet Weight Loss

Hill's Pet Nutrition launches Hill's® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution and Healthy Weight Protocol.


Protect Your Pet From Contaminated Food

While millions of pets eat their food every day without a problem, news of pet food recalls and contamination can worry pet owners. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the risk of your pet consuming contaminated food.


Science Diet® - New Recipe, New Packaging, More Natural Ingredients

Coming in December 2012, Hill’s® Science Diet® New Recipe for a Better Life™ Formula's.  Hill’s promises that every bag of reformulated Science Diet® pet food will help provide a better life for pets everywhere.


Hill's Makes Science Diet® Even Better with Natural Ingredients

Hill's Pet Nutrition will reformulate Science Diet food for dogs and cats to add more natural ingredients. This is yet another major improvement to Hill’s Science Diet pet foods since the brand was launched in 1968. Hill’s will begin shipping the new formulations to specialty pet stores and veterinarians in December.

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