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Hill's Pet Nutrition Calls on Families to Become "Pet Prepared"

Hill's Partners with Local Shelters to Promote Pet Safety Tips for Emergencies

TOPEKA, Kan. (May 9, 2016) In recognition of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day on May 14, 2016, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is joining with its network of animal shelter partners to encourage pet parents to fully consider their pets in emergency planning.

During crises, people are often told to leave their homes for a “short time,” only to find that they cannot return for days or even weeks. As a result, community animal shelters are overwhelmed with lost and separated cats and dogs in the wake of these events.

“The best thing a family can do in the case of an emergency is be prepared, and that includes having a plan in place for your pets,” said Arnaud Brel, Associate Director of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Food, Shelter & Love® program. “We hope that families take into account simple steps that will help them feel ready should disaster strike.”

This year, Hill’s enlisted the help of 65 of the over 800 shelters it supports through the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® program to help raise awareness on the importance of having a pet-inclusive emergency plan in place. Hill’s suggests families build a Pet Emergency Go-Kit to store with the rest of the family’s emergency preparations with items such as first aid supplies, food, water and other essentials to care for a pet away from home.

Hill’s also recommends several Tips to Help Ensure Your Pet’s Safety in an Emergency. For example, using a microchip or collar ID with up-to-date contact information, having a pet-friendly place in mind to go in case you have to leave your home, and carrying a picture of your pet in the event of separation.

The Hill’s Disaster Relief Network quickly responds to and aids impacted areas by supplying pet food to harmed communities. The first-of-its-kind network was established in 2013 as an extension of the Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® program, which has donated more than $280 million worth of Hill’s® Science Diet® brand pet foods to over 1,000 shelters in the U.S. and helped more than 8 million pets find new homes.

“We see communities and families devastated by disasters each year, and it’s important for pet owners to know that there are resources available to them,” said Patricia Mercer, president of the Houston SPCA, a member of the Hill’s Disaster Relief Network. “Programs like this are an important step in teaching families that advanced planning can help them feel confident when responding to a disaster.”

Families looking to view the entire Pet Emergency Go-Kit, or to learn more tips about disaster preparedness and safety, can visit HillsPet.com/PetPrepared. Shelters in need of assistance can contact DisasterRelief@hillspet.com.

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