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Where to get a kitten

There are lots of places to get a kitten: local animal shelters; ads in the paper; friends and family; and pedigree breeders.

From a Shelter or Rescue Organization

If you are not set on a particular breed, or if a mixed breed is what you are looking for, then local shelters and rescue organizations are good places to begin your search. Millions of dogs and cats are waiting for adoption at Hill’s partner shelters across the United States. These homeless animals are being fed high-quality Hill’s® pet food to help keep them in good health while they wait. The cost of adopting a pet from a shelter is minimal. People who have adopted shelter pets will tell you they are wonderful animals that show a special love for their owners.

Check the Hill’s Facebook page to find out about adoption events in your area. Our Facebook page also features a shelter directory tool to help you find a Hill’s partner shelter close to home. If you’re interested in contacting a rescue organization, ask your veterinarian for a referral. Since reputable rescues will want to make sure their cats are going to good homes, be prepared for a home inspection request.

If you're looking for a purebred, try breeding clubs or ask your veterinarian to recommend breeders in your area.

After choosing your perfect kitten, make sure you choose the right kitten food to meet your kitten’s essential needs.

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