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Inspirational Stories

Dramatic tales of success you simply must see to believe

Zeb, a Labrador retriever

ZebI turned to my veterinarian for help when Zeb, my 7-year-old Labrador retriever, tipped the scales at 104 pounds. Dr. Rick Marrinson set a goal of getting Zeb down to 80 pounds. Dr. Marrinson's first recommendation was Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine pet food and Hill's® Prescription Diet® Canine Treats. He also recommended specific exercises, which included three different duration and exertion levels. I wanted to achieve a better quality of life for Zeb and it didn't take long to start seeing real success. About four months later he lost 22 pounds! I'll be honest, at first it was hard to deny him the lifestyle he had previously enjoyed. However, by sticking with my veterinarian's recommendations, I helped Zeb look and feel better. The changes have been incredible. — Diane

Samson, a chocolate English Labrador retriever

SamsonHave you ever tried to walk a 134-pound boat anchor? This is what my wife Linda and I endured every morning attempting to walk our very overweight chocolate English Labrador retriever, Samson. I would attach the leash and Samson would look at me with those big gentle brown eyes as if to say, "Do we have to do this?" We knew Samson was overweight, but it didn't dawn on us that being overweight could affect his behavior and level of activity. Samson was put on Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine food and over time his resistance to exercise faded. Now Sammy is a strapping 100 pounds and the hunk of the neighborhood. — Michael

Granger, a domestic short-hair cat

GrangerGranger is a 6-year-old domestic short-hair cat. In January 2006, he weighed over 31 pounds. Due to his obesity, shelter workers decided he would not be a good adoption candidate. I work at a veterinary hospital and volunteered to take Granger in to care for him and start a weight-loss program. Granger's veterinarian called a Hill's representative who recommended Hill's® Prescription Diet® m/d® Feline. Within seven months, Granger was down to just over 24 pounds. Today he continues to do well with his weight loss. He's more active and loves to play again! — Pamela

Thunder, a black Labrador retriever

ThunderThunder is a 7-year-old male black Labrador who got too big for his own good. He is an absolute sweetheart and my buddy. He has never eaten a lot. However, he started putting on weight due to a lack of exercise and me being busy working two jobs. After talking to my veterinarian, I decided to put him on Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine food. We also began walking the neighborhood in the early morning and late at night for exercise. Thunder loves his "walkies," and they paid off! After about six weeks he had lost about 20 pounds! Thank you, Hill's! — Linda

Tia, a large breed dog

TiaTia is a large breed dog, and with age 8 looming, I knew it was time to get her weight under control. I knew it was time to fix her weight before it became a problem. I began feeding her Hill's® Prescription Diet® r/d® Canine and it not only worked, it also kept her satisfied. Tia also got her normal treats (Hill's® Prescription Diet® t/d® Canine). She was happy and kept up the steady weight loss. Ultimately, she dropped over 12 pounds to a healthy weight of 90 pounds. Thank you for another wonderful pet food and the opportunity to succeed. I am a veterinary technician and it was fun to see the program work in our own house. — Janet