Adult Small & Toy Breed Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe

Hill's® Science Diet®
Adult Small & Toy Breed Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe

Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Small & Toy Breed Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe dry dog food provides precisely balanced, easy to digest nutrition for small and toy breed dogs.

*Vs. previously fed U.S. grocery foods

Key Benefits

Recommended For:

Adult small and toy breed dogs ages 1-6 years

Not Recommended For:

Puppies, pregnant or nursing dogs. During pregnancy or nursing, dogs should be switched to: Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Original, Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites or Science Diet® Puppy Small and Toy Breed

BenefitNutrientHow It Works
Strong, lean musclesLamb mealHigh-quality lamb meal helps maintain strong, lean muscles and ideal body condition, and meet the energy needs of small and toy breed dogs.
Healthy immune systemVitamins C + EA clinically proven antioxidant blend with our highest levels of vitamin C + E helps promote a healthy immune system, and a strong immune system supports your dog between vaccinations.
Nourishes skin & shiny coatOmega-6 fatty acids and Vitamin EAn exclusive blend of omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients nourishes the skin and promotes a noticeably shiny coat in 30 days.

Additional Info

Healthy choices matter, for both you and your pet. For more than 70 years, Hill's has been advancing knowledge of how to keep pets their healthiest. That means great-tasting, nutritious food with natural ingredients that helps your dog live a long, happy life.

We make every bag of our dry dog food in our own US facilities with highest quality natural ingredients from North America and Europe. These ingredients must meet our strict requirements for purity and nutrient content, which exceed industry standards.

By choosing Science Diet, you help us provide food to shelter pets 365 days a year.
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Other Products to Consider

Science Diet® is available in a wide variety of foods for your dog's unique needs. Canned dog food is available from Science Diet® in several flavors such as delicious Adult Gourmet Chicken Entrée that your dog will love. Also try Science Diet® treats that are sure to please!

Feeding Guide


Adult maintenance

Weight of DogAmount per Day
2 lb (0,9 kg) 1/4 cup (25 g) - 1/3 cup (35 g)
5 lb (2,3 kg) 1/2 cup (55 g) - 5/8 cup (65 g)
10 lb (4,5 kg) 3/4 cup (80 g) - 1 cup (105 g)
15 lb (6,8 kg)1 cup (105 g) - 1 3/8 cups (145 g)
20 lb (9,1 kg)1 1/4 cups (130 g) - 1 3/4 cups (185 g)
25 lb (11,3 kg)1 1/2 cups (160 g) - 2 cups (210 g)
30 lb (14 kg)1 2/3 cups (175 g) - 2 1/3 cups (245 g)