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Veggie Chips with Sweet Potatoes & Carrots - Treats

Indulge your dog with a delicious, all-natural treat made with sweet potatoes and carrots
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Hill's® Science Diet® Veggie Chips with Sweet Potatoes & Carrots 4.6 5 106 106
My dog LOVES these The only vegetables my dog will eat are these! She LOVES these. It is so odd to me because she will not touch a carrot or sweet potato. Something about these makes her go nuts. December 15, 2013
BEST Dog Treat I was a little unsure as to weather my Dogs would want to eat something "Healthy" But I was WRONG. They LOVE these treats & now they are the ONLY one's they want. Totally worth the little extra they cost. Good For them & They LOVE them!! December 19, 2012
good for his tummy never would have thought my dog would like veggies. He loved these treats, hes a picky eater and has a sensitive stomach and snubs his nose at most treats but not these he ate them right up thank you November 25, 2012
Something you can feel good about giving to your dogs Another homerun by Science Diet. I tried making these on my own once and failed miserably - so I will continue to buy these because my dogs love them. They are something you can feel good about giving to your four-legged friends! January 10, 2014
Veggie chips delight Our dog Victoria is an avid fan of these chips! Knowing how important carrots are for a dog's eyesight, we were disappointed when we saw she disliked raw carrots. However, as soon as she tasted Science Diet's Veggie Chips, she became a fan! Every night before putting her to bed, we give her some chips; as soon as the cabinet door opens, she comes running and sticks her nose into the package. The chips disappear in a few milliseconds. November 10, 2012
Great tasting snack for dogs! My dog loves these snacks! She's pretty picky, but really loves these treats. They're a wonderful, healthy alternative to "regular of treats", and are very appealing to dogs! She especially loves veggies hips, as they are much like "people snacks", and doesn't realize she's eating dog treats when we give her these. November 6, 2012
Great Treats I have a lab/rottie and a golden retriever/lab. The rottie would prefer veggies or fruits (even human ones) over anything else. She loved the sweet potatoe and carrot treats and if is was up to her would eat every since one at once. The golden retriever/lab sniffed and ate a little piece, but then again she never liked fruits nor vegtables, needless to say the rottie cleaned up. They are a very good treat, but if your animal does not like fruits or veggies, don't bother, they will live in the closet and collect dust. Today, I offered a regular biscuit, the rottie took the veggie treat and the golden preferred normal biscuit. October 23, 2012
My dogs love these! My dogs love veggie and fruit treats, so these were a natural treat for them - they love these! October 22, 2012
Maggie thought these were Magnificent! I have a basset hound named Maggie. I'm always cautious about her coat and her figure. I feel confident offering the veggie snacks to her as well as the fruit and beef jerky versions! She agrees that they're quite tasty! October 11, 2012
Wonderful!! My Dogs thought these were great! Begged me for another after they had one! October 10, 2012
My Dog is not very fond of these veggie chips. I wish Percy would eat these chips. I am sure they are healthy snacks, but I cannot get him to try them for some reason. This is just not his "cup of tea." October 9, 2012
My three pets love them! They eat them right up, its nice to know they are good for you. October 7, 2012
Smells good My beagle/hound always sits and looks for the trat jar when i sues these treats. They have a nice crunch and they smell good. October 6, 2012
BAXTER LOVES THESE!!! My Boston Terrier Baxter loves these! Finding healthy treats at a resonable cost is not that easy, especially finding ones that my dog will love. These treats are like cookie treats for him and he loves the flavor. The proof is in his excitement each time he's about to get one. I recommend these to ensure your pet is getting a healthful treat with a taste that they will love. October 6, 2012
Healthy & Awesome! My babygirl Smokey loves these. They are great & I love that she is eating something healthy. The only reason I rated the taste as just "good" is simply because she's got a sweet tooth and loves the apple & oatmeal :) September 28, 2012
My Pet loved the flavor of this product My pet took an instant liking to this treat. The treats are large, but they were easy enough to break into smaller portiions. Anytime she saw the bag, I had her immediate attention and I am glad that they are a healthy treat for her. September 28, 2012
No carrots My five dogs did not like this treat and since they are small dogs the product was too hard for them to chew. Had to use a hammer to break the treat into pieces. Gave the treats to my grandson who has a large dog. September 25, 2012
Good idea...not sure about the taste My dogs didn't care for the veggie chips. One of my dogs will eat anything...and she wasn't very excited with this product. I would rather choose something else next time. September 23, 2012
My Bichons couldn't get enough Both of my Bichons loved this treat. They ate'em right up and wanted more, only gave them 1 though. I like that their made from all natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. September 23, 2012
Tasty, healthy treat for my Golden girl! My Golden is happy and and smiling when I bring out the Veggie chips for her nighttime "cookie"! September 22, 2012
he really loved these These were my dog's favorite of the new treats he received. I love the healthy ingredients. September 21, 2012
I feel good giving this treat to my dog For an owner who is picky about what treats my dog receives I felt good giving this to my dog. She likes them and I know the ingredients are quality. I recommend this product. September 20, 2012
will flip My dogs love them!! When I pull out the bags they are ready to do what ever I ask. Thanks for the treats September 20, 2012
Great healthy treat My dogs usually turn their noses up to something that is actually good for them but they really enjoy these healthy treats. September 20, 2012
My old dog is on a weight restricted diet and she loved these veggie chips. Aloha Hills, I felt better about giving my old, over weight dog these treats then other treats that are high in fat. She really enjoyed them and would often ask for more. I would love to see more dog treats like these on the market. Thanks Hills. Aloha, Carol September 18, 2012
Both dogs loved this product. When I opened the bag, both dogs got excited and wanted to see what was in the bag. When I tried to pass them out, neither would take the treat after sniffing it. After breaking them up and putting them on the floor they started to sniff and lick them. Shortly thereafter, they both ate them. I guess they weren't sure at first. September 18, 2012
Veggie Chips My dogs prefered the Fruity Snacks. They would eat the Veggie Chips, but only after eating whatever other snacks were offered. September 18, 2012
My dog love it My dog will follow whatever I said when I showed him this treat. September 17, 2012
Great healthy dog treat My dog liked the treat alot. The only issue is when you get to the end of the bag, it can be mostly crumbs which is hard to give to my dog by hand. September 17, 2012
My dog loves them! She was a bit hesitant for the first bite, but once she tasted it you had her hooked!! Now she comes running when she hears the plastic bag being opened. Healthy and tastes good, great combination! September 17, 2012
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