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Veggie Chips with Pumpkin & Yam - Treats

Indulge your dog with a delicious, all-natural treat made with pumpkin and yam
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Hill's® Science Diet® Veggie Chips with Pumpkin & Yam 4.7 5 55 55
No Tummy Trouble Our Sophia tends to have stomach trouble with extra treats. But she digested these very well. July 1, 2013
Puppy Love My dog is in love with these treats. Plus it makes me feel good to know that he is getting a treat that is good for him. For him it was love at first bite! February 6, 2013
She LOVES them! I got a bag of these at a veterinary conference I was attending and my dog loves them so much that I bought a case of them! December 26, 2012
My dogs love your products My dogs loved your veggie chips. They couldn't get enough. April 29, 2014
Veggie Chips My dogs really enjoyed these, I enjoyed that while I enjoyed my pumpkin pie, my dogs enjoyed some pumpkin and yam veggie chip treats. They are natural treats that my pets enjoy. I will most definitely buy these more often, and I am loving the natural choices that are available now. December 30, 2012
I'm sure quality is good, but our dog has no interest. Our dog Sakura, a 55-60 lb. 2-3 year old yellow lab, has shown practically no interest in either the Fruity Snacks or Veggie Chips. Sorry, they're just not for her. December 15, 2012
Veggie Chips with sweet potatoes and carrots My 6 year old Cockapoo really enjoyed these Veggie Chips and I think they are a healthy choice for snacking, however, I was disappointed in the fact that towards the bottom of the bag the chips broke up and were in small pieces, my dog ate them in her dish but could not really use them as a snack food to hand to her. December 5, 2012
Cujo goes Crazy for veggie chips I just have to say thank you so much for making such a high quality product. My do goes nuts for these treats. I'll look at him and say "Cujo wanna yam ?" and he'll start doing whirly birds with excitement. I always make him sit shake and give a high five and he's trying to high five me before I can get one out of the bag ! It's good to know that something he likes so much is good for him. I don't have to worry about crazy byproducts and things that I can't pronounce. The way I feel I wouldn't feed my furbaby something I wouldn't want to eat myself. December 4, 2012
My Chihuahuas are crazy about this snack! My dogs can't get enough of these pumpkin & yam chips. It feels good to give them a treat that is good for them. November 24, 2012
good training treat My dogs ran to the kitchen every time I opened a bag thinking it was this treat! They loved it and begged for it. November 23, 2012
Another great dog treat from Hill's My dogs gobbled these up. In fact, I used them as training treats and my dogs learned how to "gimme five". I say "high five" to these new wholesome snacks. November 1, 2012
My dogs love Veggie Chips My two dogs love the Veggie Chips with pumpkin and yams. I thought they were a bit too thin and ended up as broken pieces in the bag. Other than that I would consider them a great treat for dogs. October 30, 2012
Great Treats! I'm a professional dog trainer so it's important to me to find treats that are yummy and rewarding for dogs, but are also healthy at the same time! October 22, 2012
Pumpkin & Yummies! My dog just loves his new Veggie Snacks! He gobbles them right up! While I eat my Pumpkin Seeds my dog Max has his Pumpkin and Yams! October 17, 2012
Great Healthy Treat! I have 3 dogs and 2 of them loved them. My smallest dog liked them but I had to really break them up for her. October 15, 2012
My doggies LOVE this! Every time my two yorkies hear the bag rattle, they immediately run to the kitchen for a treat and while Bailey, who is smaller, likes to savor his in pieces, Trixie, who is larger, simply takes one or two bites and their treats have been devoured. Then they both trot back with innocence in their eyes asking for more! They LOVE these treats and I like that they're healthier than some of the other treats I used to buy for around the same price. Will definitely purchase again! October 15, 2012
Fun Flavors, Our Dog Love 'Em! The flavor combinations are simply fun and not what I expected to see, but our two dogs love them. And I feel good about giving them a natural treat. Win-win! October 13, 2012
Great healthy snack! Of the 3 samples I received, the Veggie Chips are my girl's least favorite but that doesn't mean she doesn't love them... it's just means she loves the other that much more! I was really surprised because she's not a veggie sort of dog. Her excitement over a veggie snack make them a must buy for us! October 12, 2012
On my next shopping list! :) My beagle puppy, Bru, loved these treats! As a puppy mommy, I appreciate that I can identify all of the ingredients on the label! These packages are super affordable, too. He loves these cookies, but I don't like how they flake apart when broken into smaller pieces. Messy, but Bru will eat it anyway! October 11, 2012
/Doing tricks for treats! I love this product Fiona seems to be very happy with them she will do all types of tricks for her new treats. Thanks you for bring healthy foods to the market! October 11, 2012
pumpkin and yam My bruno went nuts over them.They didnt give him gas or anything. October 10, 2012
Science Diet Veggie chips and Yam I feel good knowing I am giving my pets something Healthy for them. They are very pleased with these treats! October 10, 2012
My dogs went nuts over these!! My dogs go nuts over the Veggie chips! My older dog (14 yr old lab) can easily eat them as well as my 1.5 year old lab. I have never had my dogs go crazy over snacks as they do with these! October 10, 2012
Product is perfect size for a treat (cookie style) From her first smell she never hesitated liking them October 9, 2012
Yammy! My dogs love these snacks. my German Shepard is picky about what he eats, he is always investigating it before hand and he loves them, which is saying something! my greedy jack russell will eat anything, but she loves them too. i love how they are thin enough to snap in half so i can give each of them a half instead of one whole cookie each. October 9, 2012
treats My dog usaly doesnt get treats but he loved these you would eat one and come back for more. Thanks for making my doggie happy October 9, 2012
Good Treat My dogs snap them right up. Healthy and tasty for them. October 7, 2012
Great natural treat A little pricey and the calorie content is a little high, but my dog, Casey, loves them and I love the fact that they're all natural and contain ingredients that are good for him! October 6, 2012
Pumpkin and Yam Treats My Great Dane wents nuts over these treats. Pumpkin and Yam are a tasty, nutritious combination so I won't hesitate to purchase these. October 5, 2012
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