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Mature Adult Small & Toy Breed - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog's special needs
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Small & Toy Breed 4.8 5 29 29
I needed a dog food that was good for his joint problem He couldn't jump on my bed or couch anymore after eating the Mature dog food he was able to and he walks as fast as he did when he was a puppy November 3, 2013
This product is the only one my dog will eat. My dog and I love this product. Out of many tried brands, this one is the only one he will eat readily. He is healthy for his long age and I am confidant it is due to the high quality of ingredients and catering of the needs of a dogs stages in his life. Brands may come and go but science diet is always there to give my little man a healthy meal and excellent value for the money.Science Diet got it right! July 3, 2013
This product is great! Dogs love it! Their coats have never looked so great. July 2, 2013
The new velcro bag closure. I just want to comment on the velcro bag closure. It is so much better than the zip lock. Thank you so much for the improvement. I believe the product stays fresher too. My dogs have eaten Science Diet for 15+ years and will continue to do so. Thank you. January 1, 2014
17 Year Old Dog - Science Diet Products since 8 weeks old. I have a 17 year old dog that that has been on Science diet since I got her at 8 weeks old. She ate nothing but the dry dog food for 15 3/4 years. I had to start her on Science diet can dog food after that as she had some medical problems and wouldn't eat dry food for a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks she began eating a mix of dry and can. Last month my vet started her on a Kidney Diet due some elevated levels so now I've switched to prescription K/D. I selected the Dry Dog food for the review since she ate it for so many years. I've been very pleased with Science Diet and I attribute her remaining healthy for almost 16 years is partially attributed to quality dog food from Science Diet. My 5 year old dog also eats Science Diet. Would be great if you all could come out with K/D dog treats. December 8, 2013
MOM ON THE GO My Yorkies love to see me get in to the bag. Knowing that they are going to have a product that is healthy and just the right size makes me keep on buying this food. November 16, 2013
The new formula for mature adult small breed is wheat based I bought the Mature adult small breed dry dog for a few years. I have a dachshund 9 years old who is allergic to wheat products. Your old formula was made with a corn base. Since you changed the formula, the new one has wheat. I have tried the New Balance Mature adult Grain Free. Its okay for my dog's digestion, but YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS PRODUCT FOR SMALL DOGS. THE KIBBLE IS THE STANDARD SIZE. PLEASE MAKE THE MATURE ADULT NEW BALANCE GRAIN FREE FOR SMALL BREEDS. Thank you November 5, 2013
Price This product should be at a better selling price too high for dog food, overall I think this product is a good one because my dog seem to love it! October 28, 2013
I have fed all my dogs over many years Hills Science Diet I start with Science Diet for puppies, and go thru their life advancing with the proper age food. I have been fortunate that all my dogs (many throughout my life) have lived way over expected life span. I owe it all to TLC and Science Diet. October 21, 2013
This product is perfect for my 9 year old poodle. My dog loves this food as well as your adult light small bites food. I will continue to buy it. September 8, 2013
Only food my dog wants My 13 year old dachshund loves the science diet mature adult small bites food. It is small kibbles which is easier for her to eat. July 12, 2013
Recommend This food is all my dog will eat. If she eats anything else, she gets sick. I've never had any issues with my dogs health while eating science diet food. Very reasonably priced. The only issue I have is the seal on the bag is not good. I usually have to rebag it. July 1, 2013
great health benefits Our 13 + year old westie named Jake just got his annual vet check and we were told that all his vital organ fuctions were very good. We have been feeding him science diet since we got him at 1 1/2 years old.We believe that his health has a lot to do with what he is fed. We are looking to many more years of enjoyment from him,, thank you science diet... annie , paul and Jake June 29, 2013
Perfect for my poodles! After searching for the perfect senior food for my poodles I found the hills mature adult small and toy breed formula. It has the right balance of nutrition. My poodles love it. May 29, 2013
Great Product Stubby is a little rat terrier and almost 15 years old. He seems to like this food a lot. We have fed him Science Diet since he was a puppy and like to think the quality and nutrition is why he is still a healthy dog. Thanks! Crystal March 1, 2013
Disappointed in new formulation and packaging I have an older dog with kidney issues so I monitor certain values in her food.The new packaging is disappointing in that it does not give detailed values like the old packaging.I had to call for these and found they had changed slightly in a way that wasn't positive for my dog. When I compared new toy and small breed values to those in the small bites I decided that I could switch her to that food which is more economical and now has comparable values that are important for her kidney function.I wish the nutritional values information on the old packaging had been maintained. February 26, 2013
There productrs are great My older dog has been on SO canned food for years !!! August 21, 2012
My little baby loves Science Diet I have a 14-year old Cocker Spaniel and she has been eating Science Diet dry food her entire life. Many people think she is still a young pup because of the energy she still has at her age. I know that because of Science Diet that she has been eating her entire life is why she is so vibrant and active at her age. I will forever use Science Diet for my animals. August 14, 2012
Keeps my Dogs Healthy & Happy My Girls love their science diet food. We haven't had the skin & digestion problems that we have had on other foods. They get so excited when they hear the dog food box being opened & do the happy Scottie dance of joy for their supper. July 10, 2012
Everything my dog needs I started my dog out on Science Diet when I first got him nine years ago. He loves it and has always been playful and full of energy. I am well satisfied and would'nt even think of feeding him anything else. I trust Hills Science Diet completely. May 19, 2012
My pet loved this product! Our dog just devoured his foot every time we filled his bowl up. He has maintained an excellent body weighed and is showing signs of being active again! Thanks! May 19, 2012
The high quality ingredients I have two Yorkies a boy 12 years old and a girl who will be 13 years old in August. The boy had been loosing his hair with dry skin and both were having trouble jumping up on different things. Since feeding them Science Diet Mature Adult Small and Toy Breed they are moving around better and the boy's hair has stopped coming out. May 19, 2012
One of the best for little dogs Our chihuahua is a little picky when it comes to dry food. He knows what he likes and if the pieces are too big or too "hard", he won't eat it, no matter what you do to it. This product is one of his favorites! The pieces are the right size and regardless if we leave it dry or add other food or liquid to it, he loves it! I recommend it for both the average and picky eater! May 18, 2012
Our dog has been eating Hills Science Diet since she we brought her home at 8 weeks old. Our Yorkshire Terrior has been eating Hills Science Diet dry food since she was 8 weeks old since our vetinarian recommended it. She just recently changed to the 7+ mature dry food for small toy dogs. She likes it and at times has enjoyed it as a snack out of our hands. Her name is Sofie and her registered name is Mathis's Princess Sofie. She weighs 5 lbs. I have included a photo of her. May 17, 2012
GREAT FOOD FOR OUR RESCUE PUP! This SCIENCE DIET is a great food for our rescue mixed breed, Tiffy!! She would eat ANYTHING, I'm sure, as she was found as a stray....but I know by giving her this, she is getting a balanced & healthy diet. Also, the fact that is it specifically made for small breeds (she weighs under 20 lbs), that all the research & development has gone into its creation. We only buy SCIENCE DIET for both dogs...our Choc Lab, Mindy, is on prescription KD from the vet. Thanks for great products!!! And I also appreciate the coupons feeding a quality product IS a tad more expensive that the "cheapie" brands. May 17, 2012
Excellent Quality I buy this particular product for 1 of my Chihuahuas, who has had very bad skin allergies in the past. Since using Science Diet we have cut our vet visits in half. No longer do we have the skin and ear infections. I highly recommend Science Diet. I also use the Lamb and the new Balanced Science Diet for my other 2 Chihuahuas along with the Science Diet Treats for all 3. Thank you Science Diet for the quality dog food that you sell and that we as consumers can trust for our furry babies. May 16, 2012
My dog enjoys the small bite idea My dog absolutely loves your product. Its all she has eaten ever since she was a baby. We also tried other types of science diet products and was also happy to find a sensitive stomach formula which helped her dearly. My only wish would be is for you to have sample packs for cats so I can switch her to your brand. She has stomach issues and I'm sure your product would help. But to have sample packs would help me better because I can't afford to buy the big bags in different types and she doesn't take to it very well. Otherwise my pets will be eating your brand until they are long gone which will be a very long time away. May 16, 2012
This Product has Great features My toy chihuahua (Pricilla) was having trouble breathing & tired all the time was not a playful dog. I thought something serious was wrong. My veterinarian told me she was way over weight and reccommended "Hill's Science Diet" for her weight loss program. I purchased it in the Vet's office and have been using it since. She lost the weight she needed and has more energy now than she has ever had. She is a happy playful 9 yr old dog. She even seems to enjoy the taste way better than the dog food she use to eat. May 16, 2012
it a win/win in every sense Bottom line, this product is a win/win. My two Maltese love the taste and size, which means nothing gets wasted. i love it because they do and because i can see the positive difference in their interaction with each other and with others since we switched to this product. May 16, 2012
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