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Mature Adult Active Longevity Original - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition to promote youthful vitality
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Active Longevity Original 4.8 5 72 72
all I can say is this product works. I have been using this product for a long time. The results have been great. My dogs have never lost interest in eating and this food satisfies there hunger. What a wonderful product. I recommend this product everyone. December 19, 2013
Wouldn't dream of feeding anything else! My husband & I have a 7yr old Aussie & a 7yr old Lab mix on this food. Their energy levels are high, their coats look great, & aside from the gray hairs that are beginning to pepper their muzzles, you'd never guess them to be seniors. Hill's has always been such a trustworthy brand with the highest quality product out there. I wouldn't trust my dogs on anything else! October 30, 2013
I'm a believer My sweet dachshund, Bandit, turns 19 on Friday. He's never eaten any food but Science Diet. He's old, blind and still up for following the scent trails of backyard visitors. His coat is still shiny, his mind is sharp and he wags when it's time for dinner or a nose rub. Maybe it's good care and breeding, but Science Diet has to be part of it. Thanks! June 11, 2013
Excellent food! I love knowing my old man is getting the proper, well balanced, nutrition for his age. He doesn't act 13 all the time and I'm sure it's because the ingredients in his food are geared towards his life stage- I especially like the extra omega 6 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin for his joints and mobility, omega 6 and vitamins e for his skin and coat, and how it's easier to digest now that his tummy is becoming more sensitive. Can't wait to watch my Harley live several more long years! July 11, 2014
Like the larger sizes of each piece. Our 8yr old Golden Retriever looks forward to her morning and evening feeding of this product. Ever since switching she seems more active and her weight is well in control now. May 6, 2014
great for my dog My dog is a 12 year old,115 lb. golden retriever. Love how Science diet keeps him going! April 22, 2014
always used science diet since the two dogs were pupies healthy food with both dogs staying in excellent condition from pups to 7 and 9 yrs old and still going. April 21, 2014
Wonderful Provides a soft, healthy coat, lots of energy, full stomach, weight management, great bone and joint support. My dogs love the food and I love it's health and nutritional benefits. April 13, 2014
Glad I switched I recently switched to Science Diet when the food I was feeding was discontinued. I was apprehensive at first but am glad I made the switch. My dog's coat has never looked better and her energy level has increased. I would highly recommend this food to anyone. April 9, 2014
Expensive but good Expensive but good. The coupons help a lot when you have several dogs. March 25, 2014
It is truly for the mature plus adult dogs I've been a Science Diet user for many years. When I compare to other brands, there is absolutely no match. My dogs are 8 years old and act like they are 4. I recommend Science Diet to every one. March 18, 2014
Good food, dog enoys it! I finally decided it was time to switch food and my dog loves it. Glad I did. February 21, 2014
This product is exceptional All 8 of my dogs love this food. I have had no problems with them enjoying it. Knowing that it is the best food for them on the market today, balanced and clinically proven. I know that it is going to be the same ingredients with every bag. I will always feed Science Diet to my pets. February 11, 2014
My dog just turned 17 years! We got our Golden Retriever as a pup in 1997, have fed her Science Diet dog food her entire life; adjusted with each stage of her growth, and she just had her 17th Birthday! February 2, 2014
My dog loves it! I have an 8 year old black Lab and even though she has arthritis, she still loves to play and run around and this food helps her keep her active lifestyle. She eats just about anything but loves when we do the "run of the kibble" where she tries to catch the food as it's being poured into her storage container. Not to mention that she will sit by her bowl waiting for us to feed her. December 19, 2013
Life Stage Nutrition Is So Important Before I took a courses in Veterinary Medicine, I was unaware of the existence of the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and its standards. I also didn't realize that dog food is not all about a high protein content. Turns out too much of a good thing can be harmful! Feeding one's dog or cat according to its age and activity level is crucial to its overall health as well. Because agency minimums must be met, if you're feeding a food for ALL stages, then it's PUPPY food, since puppies have the highest requirements for any given nutrient. While puppy food is great for dogs under 1 year of age, the extra protein level is not optimal for adult dogs and especially senior dogs because it stresses their kidneys. Science Diet understands this. They balance the ingredients and label their products accordingly, so you know you're getting exactly the right combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. My two 13 year old Golden Retrievers love the taste and are in excellent health because they are eating the best possible food available-Hill's Science Diet. November 19, 2013
Picky 13 year old Terrier actually finishes her food daily I have tried to find a healthy food for my older dog. She is so picky but now she eats all her food everyday. Finally I can relax a little. November 1, 2013
My dog seems to like it Ive had success with the food with my aging dog, he seems to like the food and is healthy. October 29, 2013
Pets have always done well with Science Diet I've used Science Diet products for my pets for over 20 years and have had great results. October 21, 2013
Complete balance for a mature dog Since switching to this food I have my 8yr old spayed Golden Retreivers weight and nutrition completely under control. She loves the taste is happy with the amount and timing of her meals. With other dry products I was having trouble controling her weight. October 20, 2013
My fussy huskies enjoy it! Huskies are notorious for being picky eaters, and this dry food has been a successful choice for them -- I mix it with a different flavor of wet food each night to keep them interested, and it's working! Given the ingredients, the price could be lower, and making it available for purchase beyond specialty pet stores would allow competition to make it affordable for more customers. October 20, 2013
This product fits my dogs needs as he ages. This product provides everything my aging dog needs September 27, 2013
Best Dog Food Ever I once had 2 Cocker Spaniels. One ate Science Diet Senior (canned) And the other ate Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. They loved the taste & it was very healthy for them. I now have another Cocker & just switched due to a product recall. My dog now eats Science Diet Active Longevity. He loves the taste. Once again, Science Diet is a product my dog loves, is healthy for him & never let's me down. August 20, 2013
Great brand! My dog is an 8 year old retired military working dog. He was still eating the science diet active brand earlier this year. I was a little afraid when we switched, that he wouldn't have as much energy as before. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he still had just as much energy as before, people always think that he's only a few years old! Not only that but he seems to enjoy the taste more than the active! July 18, 2013
Great for our old girl! We have a 14 year old Black Lab Chow mix that still tries to jump around like a puppy. She loves this food and it helps to keep her limber. What more can you want? June 29, 2013
My dog loves the taste I have a pretty picky 10-year female black lab who doesn't hesitate to turn her nose up at unwanted offerings. Since I have been feeding her Science Diet - about a year now - those problems are long gone. She loves the taste and looks forward to feeding with as much anticipation as ever. June 29, 2013
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! My Lucy is 12 years old now but boy you sure can't tell it! ALL thanks to Science Diet!!! Lucy has always been a Science Diet dog and it has made a HUGE difference in her quality of life! I worked at an animal hospital for 7 years and I saw the difference a great food can make!!! No one believes how old Lucy is! She gets excited and can still "spin on a dime"! I'm sure it's the Science Diet Active Longevity now because she moves around like she's 2!! Thank you Science Diet for making a high quality product that is worth EVERY cent!!! May 29, 2013
My Dogs are worth it I switched my dog to Science diet several years ago. I noticed within days my dog was more energetic. After a few weeks my dog had lost a couple excess pounds and looked leaner and her coat was shinier. I often get compliments on how shiny her coat is now. Although the initial price is more than average brands, my dog eats less of Science diet than she did of the average brand I had been feeding her. I am only paying a couple bucks more a month for Science diet verses the average brand, and the results are so worth it. Science diet is packed with her nutritional needs, not bulk she doesn't need. A huge benefit of this is less waste to clean up, as less waste goes in. When we got a new puppy a year and a half ago we started her right away on Science diet. May 29, 2013
Lucy acts like a puppy!! I LOVE Science Diet! Miss Lucy is about 12 years old now but most times you can't tell it!!! I know the Science Diet Mature Adult Active Longevity is the reason!!! She loves it so much she will bring it around the house with her and even occupy herself doing tricks with her kibble! LOL!! Her coat is always extremely shiny and soft too!!! I will NEVER feed her anything else!!! Thanks for looking out for our older furry friends Science Diet!! <3 February 20, 2013
Active Longevity I just bought a bag of the Active Longevity for my over weight lab. The vet told me she need's to lose sixteen pounds. I hope we get great results from the food! January 24, 2013
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