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Mature Adult Large Breed - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition tailored to promote youthful energy in large breed dogs
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Large Breed 4.9 5 48 48
Great food My two labs love it. They are 12 & 14 years old and have lots of energy and are happy and healthy. November 24, 2013
Science Diet is loved by hy household I have 6 senior rescued dogs (4 are Great Danes) and 3 rescued cats. Your product is the only product I could find that all my pets will eat with NO side effects. They all enjoy the taste, their coat is soft and shiny, no ear irritations, and best of all... no runny stool. I love Science Diet and so do my pets. October 28, 2013
What comes out is as important as what goes in... I have taken to rescue dogs... and they have taken to me. I have 4. The fact is, taking care of a dog - any dog/dogs - is more than feeding and sheltering and exercising them. It's also the cleanup of what they leave behind... and what goes INTO them can effect how their coats shed, and their other, uh, needs... nutrition, of course, but also the plumbing. <grin> This food has my guys running smoothly, predictably, and comfortably. It allows us to really love and spend quality time together all day, every day. And I tried NUMEROUS other foods before we could say that! September 26, 2013
Endorsed by my 12 yr old puppy! We have multiple dogs, all rescues. One of them came to us in early 2003. He was a 100lb 3 year old shelter dog, frightened and ravenous. The first few weeks he managed to barrel his way past us out the front door and ran, but luckily we got him back unharmed. These days, 9 years later, we open the door and he stays put. We think it's because he knows where the food lives. He's now 12+ years old and a svelte 74lbs. He runs around the yard with the other dogs like a puppy, and he can jump high enough to see over the 7' block fence. He's healthy, has a shiny coat, and he's a very happy boy. I attribute that to quality food and lots of love. What more could you ask for? May 16, 2012
Love the product and so does my dog, Sam! I am especially pleased with the fact that my dog does not require as much food as with other dog food products. He stays fuller longer, his appearance is beautiful (Golden Retriever) and looks so healthy. Thanks for a good product! April 8, 2014
I like this food for my pet The mature diet has been really great for my girl. She loves it, it meets all her nutrition needs. December 23, 2013
Excellent product for older active dog Our pet is 8 years old and suffers from early arthritis and lupus. I only feed her Science Diet products and, with the help of other supplements, the Senior formula helps her joints - she runs agility once a week! She also has an easier time having bowel movements with this food than with others. I am a veterinarian and pleased with how my own pets and my patients do on Science Diet! December 20, 2013
science diet dry food My dog was put on the food by my vet and she is as healthy as a bull, and has been in good shape every since. October 30, 2013
My dogs love this food We are very pleased - we have Old English Mastiffs. September 23, 2013
Big dog, small stools. Our large dogs eat the product, like the product, and are healthy. Why the software would not accept my previous positive review remains a mystery. June 30, 2013
Excellent Product! I have three huskies, ages 13, 11, and 6. Their primary diet is Science Diet Mature Adult and, except for some arthritis in the 13-year-old, they enjoy outstanding health and vitality! I credit Science Diet with that fact, and I'd rather pay a bit more for this high-quality food than pay big vet bills for the problems that come with feeding cheaper, lower-quality food. June 29, 2013
great product! we have always used science diet for our dogs. My golden was putting on a little weight, so we switched him to the mature adult formula and he has lost a lot since. His skin and coat are in top condition! August 21, 2012
My dog loves it..... My 10 year old Dalmation seems to be much more active since feeding him this food. With other foods he had no energy and just laid around all the time. We are very happy with this food! August 14, 2012
Happy dog Love the product, has stuff for the brain and bones. My dog loves the product. It never up set his belly, like some other brands did. July 5, 2012
My dogs LOVE it! My dogs all go crazy for this variety of food. They show a definite preference for it over any other brand! May 26, 2012
Great food that my dog LOVES! My 8 yr old Deutsch Drahthaar eats this food and looks and feels great! We have tried other formulas and other brands and he just doesn't do as well as he does on this food. He has lots of energy, his coat is shiny and thick, and most importantly he LOVES it! Thanks Hill's for making great food that I know I can count on. I want to give my pet the best and that is exactly what you offer. May 20, 2012
Great value! I started my dog on Science diet about 3 years ago and noticed a change after a few months. Not only did she shed those few extra pounds, but her coat has a beautiful sheen that she didn't have while feeding the other mid-priced dog food. In the end I am only paying a few dollars a month more vs. the mid-priced brands, as Science diet has less fillers and other stuff she doesn't need, so she gets full on less. Also there is less waste to scoop, as she ingests less unneeded fillers! Worth the couple dollars extra! May 19, 2012
Great product that my dog enjoys I tried a couple different of dog food brands for my dog before deciding to stick to what my vet originally recommended for him. It was the only brand that has not made him sick. He is a 7 year old and is healthy. I plan to always use science diet for him and any other dog I will have someday. May 19, 2012
My Two Dogs My two like the taste. They thrive on this dog food. I like the results I'm seeing in their over all health, looks, and attitudes. May 18, 2012
Research & Science knows best Their Rx food saved my dog from liver failure and now all 5 dogs are fed Science Diet food and two are on this formula. I am very happy with their energy, coats, and overall health. May 18, 2012
9 year old golden loves it! My 9 year old golden eats this food each day and loves it. It helps him keep his body weight to an ideal condition and people always compliment him on the shininess of his coat. We had tried other types of science diet before trying this one and it seems that this one is his favorite. May 18, 2012
We wouldn't give them anything but Science Diet We have had two Chocolate Labs over the past 13 years and have only given them Science Diet Large Breed. Without fail, whenever someone has met one of our dogs, their first comment is "What a beautiful coat!" And they have never gotten tired of the food--still drooling over each meal. Our current dog, CoCo, is eating the Mature Adult brand now, as we like the assurance that she is getting the additional vitamins and supplements that she needs in this stage of life. May 18, 2012
My dogs fur is nice and shiny because of this food I have tried other foods and my dogs fur is not nearly as soft or shiny as it is when she is eating science diet. I would recommend this product to anyone who loves their dog and wants them to be healthy! May 17, 2012
Can't get enough! My puppy is an 11 year old boxer and he adores this food! He begs for it and he doesn't beg for any other pet food. He is still very active, we walk for about 2 miles every day, and I believe this food and other Science Diet food helps him stay young and active. Thank you Science Diet for prolonging my baby's life! May 17, 2012
My Dogs Love Science Diet! Me and my husband rescue dogs and we have 4 dogs right now and they love eating science diet. We have never fed them anything else besides science diet. Sometimes i wish science diet would come out with more coupons for all their types of dog food. It would always help out with who has to buy dog food every week. Our dogs run out of the big 30 pound dog food almost every 9-10 days so we have to keep buying more dog food.. We love feeding them science diet and will always feed them science diet =) May 17, 2012
Great product Changed to the Mature Adult-Large Breed this past February for my brindle boxer. He had no digestion problems with the change whatsoever (did do a mixture for a couple of days). This is my 2nd boxer & have always used Science Diet. It's a wonderful product! May 17, 2012
MY Dogs loves it MY Dogs loves it and have not had any diet problems which They have had with other products. May 17, 2012
My dogs love it I have two collies from rescue. One is over 10 now and the other is pushing 10 and she still acts like a puppy. I like that Science diet offers a Large Breed formula for older dogs. It is very palatable (I use it for treats, too), and they maintain a nice lean, healthy weight on this food. May 16, 2012
any science diet food all my dogs eat Science diet, My dalmatian lived to be 16 in great health and playful even into old age. I've worked for veterinarians for 25 years, I've seen many clients get new puppies and see then developed and live to old age. The ones that lived the healthiest and longer better quality of lives were always feed the best foods. Science diet is one of those foods. grocery store or ware house foods are like feeding junk food to you pet every single day. stick with Science Diet its a great product!!! May 16, 2012
This product has great nutrition for your dog! This product is loved by my dogs. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves their dogs! This will add years to their lives and they are like family members to me. Thanks and enjoy this terrific product. May 16, 2012
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