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Mature Adult Active Longevity Small Bites - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition in a smaller kibble to promote youthful vitality
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Active Longevity Small Bites 4.9 5 75 75
Healthy food for healthy pets We have fed our 2 dogs Science Diet for most of their lives. Now at the ages of 13 and 11 1/2 they are still running and playing like puppies. They enjoy the small bites because they are easy to eat, and the taste agrees with them because they always eat all their food. If you want "puppy" attitude and energy, Science Diet small bites will energize your dogs. September 8, 2013
My dog loves Hill's Science Diet Mature Small Bites Steven, our Jack Russell Terrier has been on Hill's Science Diet food all of his life. After he turned 7, we switched him from regular Adult to Mature Adult small bites. The size is just perfect for him, he loves the taste, and he doesn't leave any food in his bowl--the cat will eat it if he leaves any behind! I am confident in the quality of the food plus my veterinarian recommended it. I feel good about feeding my dog such a high-quality food because he is part of the family! July 1, 2013
Perfect for pugs I have a 9 year old pug that has been transformed by Hill Mature Adult small breed formula. He was scratching and had constant ear infections on his previous diet. After eating Hills for 3 months his coat is smooth and soft and his scratching and ear infections are gone! He also eats the canned mature adult beef formula and loves it. Thank you for making such a healthy quality product my pug enjoys. Julie M. and Bacio the pug January 13, 2013
Healthier Westie Greatly improved digestion issues and energy Levels for my 14 year old West Highland terrier. Generally happier and healthier. Thank you for providing the better alternative to grocery store offerings. April 9, 2014
The only food we will feed We have been feeding Science Diet to our two dachshunds since they came into our family. We have never had any issues. Our dogs gobble up their food happily- even our old man who has had many many of his teeth removed. I do wish there were more opportunities for coupons for the food, though. March 29, 2014
This product is great for mature dogs. My dog is 15 & going strong!! He loves the Prescription Diet Mature Small bites & the can food. He lets us know when its time to eat!! Prescription Diet has helped him stay healthy!! March 14, 2014
Dogs love it! I have 3 large breeds, lab mix, golden mix and a St. Bernard/Great Dane. Surprisingly they all like small bites. My lab is over 14 yrs. old. I feel Science Diet has attributed to their good health and mobility issues. Even though two of them have arthritis it does not appear to affect them. I will continue to feed Science Diet. February 4, 2014
Great for dog My dogs love it. They like small bite size of food. January 23, 2014
All our rescues have stopped being sick and began maintaining healthy bodies overall for the last ten years We have utilized several top brands when attempting to heal badley abused rescue dogs in the last ten years but Science Diet as recommended by our Vet has never failed to return the puppy or adult dog to like recovered health. The Science diet prescription products helped significantly in healing all our dogs regardless of the severity of their pre-existing conditions. They maintain quality life styles nutritionally with your various products, better then any other brands we have tried to use in the previous years. January 5, 2014
A product whose quality can be trusted I have been monitoring the issues with pet food quality for some time and decided to change over to Hill's Science Diet pet food for several reasons: 1. Guaranteed ingredients from the US & Canada 2. The recommendation of our veterinarian and 3. Our two 9 year old dogs love it. We are also buying all their treats from Hills. They go crazy for the Fruity Snacks. Thank you for caring about our pets. December 19, 2013
I only trust Science Diet for my best friend! I have always fed my dogs science diet. It is the only brand I trust. Plus I have never been to a vet's office which didn't offer Science Diet which to me means a lot about the quality of this brand. My dog has been eating this brand since the day I brought him home and now he is 9 years old and is very healthy which I credit to Science Diet. His favorite thing to do is to go on walks with me and he is very mobile and we get a good workout together. Only the best for my little buddy!! September 26, 2013
Satisfies the needs of all my seniors Having 4 dogs from small to large the only thing they have in common is age and a love of Science Diet Active Longevity. This is the only dog food they all like and I love it because it meets all their needs. September 7, 2013
great food my dog likes the food and he is much healthier and playful since he has been eating it, my vet recommended it for him August 22, 2013
My lab, Brandy loves it !! I've been feeding Hill's products to Brandy since she was 3 years old, she's now 10 yrs. young. Started giving her Science Diet mature/adult small bites last year. She loves them all, I just have to watch how much I give her though because she'll keep eating no matter how much I put in her bowl. January 30, 2013
My dog loves the size Bingo is a 15# Pom/spitz mix. We adopted him & he is 13 now. He loves his Science Diet, eats a whole bowl one piece at a time.. He follows me around & many times when I'm watching tv, he will get a mouth full of dog food bring it by me,drop it on the floor& eat 1 at a time. He is very healthy & people all the time ask, did you just get your puppy? November 20, 2012
SD Mature Small Bites is great Older pets without medicial conditions need a balanced diet. SD Mature Small Bites provides the nutrition they need in an easy chew formula August 21, 2012
great products SO canned food has been a help for my older Yorkie August 21, 2012
Complete Nutrition for my Dog I have been using Science Diet for over 10 years for my Daschund. He has been picky about food since the day I got him and Science Diet is the only thing he will eat, and I have tried many different dog foods. He is picky to the point that he will only eat the small bites. It doesn't matter much to me, because Science Diet has a great line of products for my dog and as long as he likes them, I am happy! Thanks Science Diet! August 21, 2012
Happy Healthy Doggies My Girls Love their science diet dog food, keeps them healthy & happy inside & out. Their skin is healthy their fur is shiny & their digestion is great. They do they happy Scottie dance of joy for breakfast & supper every day. July 10, 2012
Good quality food that my dog always loves! The Science Diet may cost more but I feel it is worth it. It is a good quality food that my dog enjoys. The small bites are just the right size. May 22, 2012
This is what is keeping my older dog young I have an 11 year old German Shephard that has only eaten Science Diet. Through the years she started with large breed puppy bites, then adult dog food, and now the Longevity formula. When people see her, no one believes she is 11! She looks about 3 years old. I tell them that Science Diet keeps her in lean, good shape and that I am sure it is what is contributing to her long life and good health. I highly recommend this food for your older pet! May 21, 2012
The best dog food on the market! This is the only dog food that I will buy. I will not allow anyone to give my dog any other dog food or treats, Science Diet helped to clear up alot of digestive problems my dog had. I would not change his food to any other brand. He loves the Science Diet Mature Adult Small Bites. May 20, 2012
Dog Loves This Dry Dog Food My dachaund, Kosher, is picky about dry dog food, but loves Science Diet. May 20, 2012
The only food that our dog does does not throw up Until starting our 10 year old Boxer on Science diet, she regularly threw up her food. Our vet recommended Science, and although it was an investment for us we love our dog and want her to be healthy. After her first bowl, which she ate enthusiastically, we knew that Science diet would be our choice for the rest of our dog's life. She is healthy beyond her years, full of energy and life and has had no further GI related problems. Thank you, Science! May 18, 2012
Great for sensitive stomachs! Great for my 10yo sheltie's sensitive stomach. Science Diet seems to be the only food she can tolerate. However, with the small bites dry food she takes a mouthful out of her bowl and drops it on the kitchen floor, then eats most of the food, but always leaves a few on the floor. Its almost like she picks out the "bad ones". Very strange behavior, but we still love the food! May 18, 2012
Light small bites mixed with canned light I have been "Saving" dogs for 22 years and have used nothing else, All my rescues have lived very LONG lives with your food, true believer and have had alot of people switch under my bliefs. Saved one dog at 14, lived to 17 1/2 and this was a large dog. None every get sick!!!!! wouldn't buy anything else for my friends! Constant quality is always there! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! May 18, 2012
Excellent product My chihuahua loves this food! She actually begs for it when her bowl is empty. It is high quality and the perfect size for her. May 17, 2012
This product is loved by my dog and his condition is back to normal My 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier was suffering from diaherra and weight loss. Tests showed his B-12 was very low and he was also refusing to eat his dry food. I put him on B-12 medication, but he was still not eating his normal food as he had before. After trying several brands of food, which he refused and his weight loss continuing I bought a bag of Science Diet small bites for a senior small dog. He immediately started eating all his food and has continued to do so. His weight is almost back to normal and he looks terrific. He has returned to his former championship form. Thank you Science Diet!! P.S. I've switched my other two Jack Russells over to Science Diet. May 17, 2012
Excellent quality dog food Our 8 yr. old wolf husky/lab mix has been eating this product for one year now. The nutrition is excellent, and helps him maintain great health as he has entered his senior years. His coat is beautiful, and the vet often comments on how she can tell that he is eating a quality dog food from the condition of his coat. This product also helps him maintain a healthy weight. Science Diet makes many excellent foods, and this is one that we will keep on using. May 17, 2012
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