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Puppy Healthy Development Original - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing puppies.
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Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Original 4.9 5 38 38
Great product My dog is so happy and the coat is shiny!~ This stuff is so great December 19, 2013
Healthy food they enjoy We rescued three chihuahua mixed at 8 weeks and started with small bites, and now original. Still have two pups who are 9 months old and everyone who sees them asks what we feed them because their coats are so shiny. They love the food either dry or moist and have had no vet visits other than vaccines and spay/neuter. It is a little more expensive than some other brands, but I think it has been worth it having food they will eat that also helps them mature healthier, and they have firm bowel movements. September 26, 2013
Puppy Healthy Development Original This is a quality pet food that provides all the nutrition our growing puppy needs without all the additives. It allows our puppy to grow and develop in healthy way. He loves the food and the Hill's Science Diet training treats. There is no other product I would choose over Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development for our little guy. September 8, 2013
Great food made scientifically Never used your products until, as a foster home for a rescue group, I was given a box of 6 week old puppies. They were in terrible shape living off of dandelions. They couldn't lift their heads and walked like praying mantises. Our rescue vet gave me a Science Diet puppy sample. Within twelve hours of eating Science Diet puppy they were running, chasing each other, acting like normal puppies. As each was adopted, I gave their new families a bag of your puppy food and told them the story of how I became a devoted follower of your products. The best scientists make the best nutrition, please don't ever stop. November 14, 2012
We love your product. We love your dog food and so does our puppy. We would highly recommend it to anyone. July 21, 2014
Healthy Growth I've been feeding my 2 puppies the puppy formula since I got them. They have grown and developed great. June 16, 2014
Cured the problem Once Maeve began eating the vet-suggested food, her stomach problems went away. She likes the food--so that is a huge plus. Ran out one day recently and just picked up one at the farmers cooperative--she did not want to eat it--not only did her stomach problem return, but she is smarter than we are. She knew not to eat it! Drove to the vet the next day! June 13, 2014
This food is a great product safe and healthy. My yorkie loves his Science Diet food. I can feed him with confidence knowing it is a healthy and safe choice of food. June 12, 2014
this is great for my growing puppy! My puppy really likes this food. My vet recommended this to me and every time I run out, he is eager to get to the new bag!! May 30, 2014
Great food, Love the food because all the ingredients serve all my puppies needs May 24, 2014
This product had improved my puppy's health My dog don't have more problems with her stools since been eating the Science food. Her coat is bright and she is in a good health now. Thanks! May 17, 2014
Science Diet Puppy Healthy Developement Dry Food Love this Dry Dog Food. I feed this to our Corgi/Aussie rescue adopted puppy which was recommended by the vet. She has a beautiful coat and has had no problems digesting this food. She has developed into a beatiful and energetic dog. May 10, 2014
Puppy Switched Himself to Science Immediately! Our vet recommended the Science Diet brand after we took our puppy (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) there with issues concerning his elimination. Of course, she said it was best to slowly merge the new food with the old. But when we did that our puppy Silas immediately picked out the new food from the old food in his bowl and ate only the new food! We tried mixing it again, but he did the same thing! So Silas essentially weaned himself immediately away from the old food choosing the taste of Science Diet as much better. He even is acting livelier after just four days on the new food. Thanks to our vet for telling us this switch was the best thing to do! And thanks to Science Diet as well! May 9, 2014
Switched him over due to gas I switched over from feed he was on when we got him...still gassy but a little better. Any feedback helpful! 50lb chocolate lab May 8, 2014
Our dog has the best coat around, so soft . We've had numerous comments about how soft " Finn " is. One was from a clerk in a pet store, and she asked me what we were feeding him, "SCIENCE DIET OF COURSE". April 27, 2014
Great food my puppy loves it 5 star quality always science diet has it all. Packed with vitamins, essential ingredients for growth and health. April 19, 2014
My puppy loves this food Hills science diet was recommended by my pets veterinary They loved the taste, and lived a long life. This is why I'm feeding my new puppy this food and he loves it too April 12, 2014
The product has a taste my puppy can not refuse. Since switching to Science Diet Healthy development, my puppies coat has a greater shine. I definitely would and do recommend the food to my friends and family. April 7, 2014
great I believe in this great food iv'e been using this food for over 13yrs February 11, 2014
Great food!! Science Diet is made in the USA, has REAL ingredients, and no DYES!! I feel great knowing I'm feeding my dog Science Diet and my boxer puppy has never had a loose stool on this food. If she gets a little bored with the dry food i just throw in a little Science Diet wet food puppy and shes a happy girl. February 4, 2014
Committed to these products. We have used Science Diet for all our dogs and cats through their life spans. Right now we have a senior lab who is allergic to wheat . He has always done well with Science diet. We also have a lab pup who has been on Science Diet since weaning as well as an indoor cat. All do so well on the products. Dogs use primarily dry but also some cans as an added treat. January 25, 2014
Love Science Diet! Science Diet has REAL ingredients, and no DYES!! I feel great knowing I'm feeding my dog Science Diet January 20, 2014
Decent product Decent dog food but still has corn. It's a little pricey but with sales and coupons it can be a bargain. November 22, 2013
My dog loves it Tinkerbelle loves it. I did a lot of searching on different dog foods and my Vet recommended science diet, before I purchased it I went on line and read a lot of reviews on this brand and research. I believe it to be one of the best ones out there for dogs. August 24, 2013
This product makes for happy and healthy dogs:) I would not think of feeding our new puppy "Sierra" (10 weeks old) anything but Science Diet. We have always fed our pets Science Diet. Buffy, our cocker spaniel, lived to be 19 years old. Daisy, our current dog, is 17 years old. By feeding our pets Science Diet, they seem to have less visits to the vet due to health issues. Thank you Science Diet for your great products that are also highly recommended by our vet. In fact, she told me about "Healthy Advantage" Science Diet that is only sold by the vets which I plan on purchasing once we use up the huge bag of Science Diet original puppy food we had just purchased. I'm sure our growing puppy will appreciate it! Kathy K. August 16, 2013
INCREDIBLE VALUE, QUALITY PRODUCT My puppy loves Science Diet Healthy Development. When I got her from the Human Society that is what she was being feed. I still feed her that to this day and she is doing great and very healthy. She loves it so much that I use it to treat for all of her training. She is clearly at the head of her class in puppy training classes. I also used Prescription Diet I/D that was recommended by the vet along with prescriptions she needed. Another GREAT product by HILLS !!! June 29, 2013
Our two puppies absolutely love this food. We have a 6 month old beagle mix and a 4 month old german shepherd mix. We feed them both Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Original and they absolutely love it. By the way the act at feeding time they must really love the taste of it. We take comfort in knowing that we are providing them the nutrients they need as growing puppies by feeding them Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development Original. February 27, 2013
Great for your pup, always coupons out there As a college student, I knew getting a dog would be a commitment of not only time, but also money. I can always find coupons from Hill's to save a little extra cash for the puppy fund to get him toys and treats. That's what I really love about getting him this food. Plus, it gives you a helpful chart on the side for what to feed your dog based on his/her weight, so you don't over or under feed your pup! Overall, I know I wouldn't be able to afford getting him Hill's and lot's of toys without all the coupons out there. Thanks for those Hill's! August 5, 2012
Puppy Love! I just brought home a Welsh Corgi puppy three weeks ago and have been feeding him this product from day one. He loves it! He's a little piggy in general, he'll scarf down just about anything he finds around him, and has a bottomless stomach, but he especially loves his puppy food. Although it was a "cold turkey" change from the dry food his breeder was feeding him to this Science Diet formula, his puppy digestive system didn't seem to skip a beat! He's never been sick off of it, he's very energetic and playful, and his fur is nice and shiny and healthy. We had our first vet appointment last week and the doctor gave him a full clean bill of health! July 23, 2012
Pug Puppy Loves it My pug has been eating this food for about 6 months now. She loves it. It has made her coat very soft and shiny, i also noticed she is always energetic and playful, and i think this food helps her to stay energized. May 18, 2012
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