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Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing puppies who prefer a smaller kibble.
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Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites 4.9 5 38 38
Good reliable product My puppy really loves this food--she is thriving on it. December 19, 2013
According to my Veternarian this is the supreme choice food for my dog Speedy. Speedy was a rescue pup. You would never have known it because of his lean healhty body & coat. He is very good looking & he was 1 of 6 pups in his litter. He was the smallest but is now the best in health & looks. He loves his Science diet small bite puppy chow either wet or dry. I was considering changing his food because there are other dog foods that claim to be all natural however; after talking things over with my dog's vet I understand that even though the other brands look healthier there is no scientific proof to back up their claims. Science Diet actually has proven data of the benefits that my puppy is getting through this diet. Thanks to Science Diet I know my puppy will be a healthy happy. December 16, 2013
Healthy Coat My puppies love this. I noticed the beautiful coat they are developing. They hear the bag and get excited. December 11, 2013
This food keeps my puppy healthy and happy! We have only had our rescue puppy for 5 weeks and had no problem introducing this puppy food into her diet. She has loved Science Diet small puppy bites and comes running when she hears me putting the food into her dish. The vet said she has good weight and is very healthy, and when he asked what we are feeding her, he said he feeds his own dogs Science Diet too. There is no better testimony than that! Thanks Hill's for a product I can trust! May 31, 2012
The small bites are great for my small dog. My new puppy had no problem adjusting to this food. April 11, 2014
Best Dog Food On The Market! My husband and I have fostered puppies that are waiting to be sent to their new homes for YEARS. Hill's Science Diet is the absolute best dog/puppy food available for several reasons: 1.) Perhaps it costs a little more, but because it is packed with the proper nutrients, the puppies eat less, so the value turns out to be much MORE than any other brand. 2.) It is gentle on the digestive tract; many breeds have sensitive tummies. I have NEVER had an issue with our puppies digesting Science Diet. And as a result of the gentle formula with excellent nutrition, the puppies' eliminations are fewer, smaller, and always solid, making clean up much simpler. 3.) Picky puppies still love the taste of Science Diet. With other brands, they eat a little, and leave the rest. Then they find sticks and bugs in the yard to eat in order to supplement themselves and reduce their hunger. With Science Diet, the bowl is empty before I know it. I don't have to worry about the puppies eating things that they shouldn't. (Example: My shoes.) Thank you Hill's Pet Nutrition! I will not ever go back to any other brand! And I always encourage new pet owners to go with Science Diet! April 8, 2014
I like the packaging plus quality ingredients and made in america , I adopted a rescue pet and want to give him the best food for a healthy long life good nutrition premium dog food for my beloved pet April 8, 2014
Hill's Science Diet Small Bites Adult and Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Small Bites My 9year old cockapoo has been on the small bites for 9 years, now with my 6 month old Cavapoo puppy I have her on the puppy food{as mentioned above}...I was recommended by my Vet for the older dog and found the puppy food and am giving that to the 6 month old puppy...They both love it. Sometimes I give the 6 month her's with a little water. If they like it then I like it. March 3, 2014
Pups favorite My pup was on another higher end dog food but she didn't like it and had to make numerous trips out door. Her vet suggested science diet for puppies and she loved it. She also was doing better on this food. It's a better quality food than some top brands but the same price. The first bag was free so there was no risk in trying and I have a happy pup. February 8, 2014
Excellent Product I think Science Diet is an excellent product and my babydogs love it. I feel confident I am feeding them the best food available. January 31, 2014
My Puppy Loves This Stuff At just 8 weeks old, my pitbull, Mason, was already a picky eater. It felt like I purchased every brand in the pet store and my dog would starve him self instead of eating. Fortunately I was able to score a sample bag and coupon at a local event called The Big E. This product was a match made in heaven for Mason! As a puppy the small bites were perfect and he would quickly chow down when it was time to eat. Now I tend to mix a small can of wet food with this dry food and he absolutely loves it! I personally love the ingredients and quality of this brand. I wouldn't recommend anything else! Thanks Science Diet! January 14, 2014
Our Go-To Puppy Food After much trial and error, this was the best puppy food we could find for our Boston Terrier. It was small enough for her, she enjoyed the taste, and we feel great about the quality. January 2, 2014
My first Chihuahua puppy I wanted to give my puppy a good start and tried a few different brands of dog food. I tried the Puppy Healthy Development small bites and he loves it. I want to make sure that he gets all the nutrients he needs to grow strong and healthy. So we will be sticking to this. Thanks so much for a wonderful product. Thumbs UP.... October 1, 2013
The dogs dig right in to this food. Both dogs are cockers. And they tend to be picky eaters. They have been on Science Diet since we adopted then. They do not like some of the new versions but they eat this usually immediately. We mix their food with the dental version and we are happy with their weight and overall health. August 6, 2013
My puppies love this!! I have two puppies and they love this food. They are so strong and healthy and being chihuahua's, they have sensitive skin, I have had no problems with that and their skin looks great. Funny thing is, even though I lay out two bowls, they take turns grabbing a mouthful out of the same bowl but never fight over it. Gotta love em!! July 15, 2013
Great product This is the only dog food my puppy will eat, it's a great product; I just wish the small bites were offered in all of the Hills Science Diet foods. June 30, 2013
Husky Approved! My 9 week old puppy loves this stuff. She was on another brand when I got her from the breeder but wanted to feed her a quality product. My vet has always recommended this brand and I do trust him. She looks forward to eating and I am happy I found a brand that she enjoys. June 8, 2013
Great value and nutritional benefits! My miniature dachshund puppy absolutely loves the puppy small bites dry food!! She cries when I'm preparing it for her and quickly gobbles it up once I give it to her! It's the perfect size for her small teeth and the price for this high quality food is exceptional! July 31, 2012
The best food for my puppy Science Diet small puppy bites is the best puppy food for my little Yorkie. Because she is a small dog, the smaller pieces are perfect for her! June 27, 2012
Dog eats the food, and cat no longer vomiting. We have a 6 month old puppy. Until May we have tried several types of dog food. Beau would only eat when he was really hungry. Some time the food would be in his bowl for days. I went on line and got coupons from your company. He has been eating the food daily. His bowel is always empty, and we have now had to limit the amount of food we put into his bowl. June 10, 2012
Gentle on the stomach Although the price doesn't seem great, the value is invaluable. My puppy has a very sensitive stomach, but he loves this food so much he doesn't even chew it half of the time! I would definately reccommend this to others. :) June 5, 2012
Science Diet Puppy Small Bites Dry Dog Food I chose Science Diet Puppy food because my rescue puppy deserve the best. Science Diet is rich in fish oil and nourishing fatty acids and Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Small Bites dog food provides balanced nutrition to build immunity and digestive health for puppies who prefer a smaller kibble. Since my dog "Charlie" was found wandering the streets, I knew he needed extra care and love. He also needs to best nutrition to build up his immune system. He loves the food and we love him! June 1, 2012
Healthy happy puppies My puppies were weaned with Small Bites puppy. They are very small and had no problem learning to eat these little nuggets. They really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone with tiny dogs. May 30, 2012
My puppy has eaten nothing but Science Diet food since birth Dyna loves Science Diet dry food. She has tried Ideal Balance for puppies as well and enjoys it for a change of taste/pace. Our vet originally recommended Science Diet and two other high-end manufacturers but we chose Science Diet and stayed with it because Dyna enjoys it and it is good for her development in early stages of her life. One benefit that I noticed is that when she passes wind, it does not smell that much compared to her brother (who has a different owner that feeds him something other than SD). May 21, 2012
Great Product worth the price I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Lucy. She has difficulity swallowing large bites. If she does swallow something large she will cough and hack violently. This product is just the right size for her. May 18, 2012
This is a great product! This is our second dog that we are raising on Science Diet Dog Food. Our first dog lived a long healthy life just eating all Science Diet Dry Food and Treats. We started our new puppy from 6 weeks old on Science Diet Puppy small Bites. We love it for our puppy and so does our puppy. We know she gets a well balanced meal and will live a long healthy life. Thank You Science Diet!!!! May 17, 2012
My puppy loves it! I adopted my puppy from a shelter that uses Hill's Science Diet--they sent me home with a bag, and that's been his brand ever since. I was glad to find the Small Bites version of the puppy food because he is a small dog and the larger kibble was hard for him to chew, especially when he started losing his baby teeth. All in all, the dog and I are both happy with this food! (The vet also thought that it was a good choice.) May 16, 2012
Puppy loves it My 10 month old cairn terrier has a bit of tummy issues, We tried about 5 different puppy food including the brand the breeder was feeding him prior to us getting him. Tried this product and he actually eat's it (after his food gets placed with) and this does not upset his tummy. May 16, 2012
My puppy Ali loves her Science Diet® Puppy Small Bites Ali eats every bite of her food twice a day and really seems to enjoy it. May 16, 2012
This product is worth the money I spent on it. My new born pup and nursing mother just LOVED this product!!! I have recomended this food to all the owners that will be taking home these pups. May 16, 2012
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