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Adult Small & Toy Breed - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog's special needs
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Small & Toy Breed 4.9 5 65 65
My Yorkie likes Science Diet When I adopted my Yorkie his foster mom had just started him on Science Diet and he has been eating it for 2 1/2 years now. Tried changing to a different brand that advertises its got better ingredients but he didn't like it and started having difficulty "doing his business". Switched back to Science Diet Toy & Small dog dry plus Science Diet wet and he hasn't had "business" issues and he likes it. Science Diet seems to making ingredient changes which makes me feel better about feeding him their product. Plus they just made the kibble smaller which is easier for him to chew. There aren't a lot of products out their for toy breeds, and the ones I've seen are extremely expensive. My Yorkie does well on Science Diet, he's got lots of energy, maintains his correct weight and most importantly, he eats it. October 24, 2013
My dogs love this food I will continue to purchase this food for my small dogs. I had a hard time at first finding a food that they would actually eat. As soon I as I switched to this food, I have yet to have a problem with them not eating. For what you get, good quality reliable food, the price is good. I know that they are getting the appropriate nutrients that they need. I am very happy this this food! September 26, 2013
This product is a winner with my dogs My dogs love this food. I volunteer for a rescue group and even though they send me another brand of food to give to the dog the rescue dog always wants the science diet food that I give my dogs so I give it to the rescue dogs and they love it. We also love the dog treats! My dogs really love this food and I will continue to give them this food and even to my rescue dogs. August 26, 2012
My dogs, I have 2, are very shiny. I have 2 miniature dachshunds and they love the Science Diet for Small and Toy Breed. April 14, 2014
It's a little expensive, but I know it's worth it! It's a little expensive, but I know it's worth it! My Vet recommends it so I feel confident in the brand name. I feed Hill's Science Diet to our dogs AND cats :) They are healthy AND happy. There are never any issues related to their diets or appetites related to their pet food. April 11, 2014
Size of "bites", quality & nutritional value I have always had small dogs and want the best for them. Hill's Small Bites is just the right size for them and easily digested. Hill's has never had any problems with their quality of the product requiring recalls and this is of the utmost importance, as these pets are "my family" and want only the best quality & nutritional value for them. Thank you Hill's Science Diet!! April 3, 2014
Dog is healthier Thanks to Hills our dog, 9 pound toy poodle, is eating the smaller nuggets more easily and seems to enjoy the whole process better. The larger nuggets were fine too, but she eats more regularly and finishes. Her coat is a deeper black and she is more playful as well. She gets dental work done when needed so we are concerned about her getting enough nutrients. These smaller nuggets in the Small Breed and Toy bag of food have just been a godsend. Thank you to the Hills Science Diet team! March 3, 2014
From Puppy to Adult! Our Scottish Terrier loves Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed. As a puppy she ate Science Diet Puppy Small & Toy Breed, so this was the obvious next step. While she has just about stopped growing - her appetite has not! She licks her bowl clean both morning and night! We highly recommend Science Diet for their commitment to excellence and for putting out a product that all small dogs can enjoy! March 1, 2014
Perfect for Little Mouths I have four chihuahuas and an Azores Cattle Dog and all of them absolutely love Ideal Balance treats. The Oven Baked treats are perfect to keep their little teeth healthy and functional. And the taste is what keeps them coming back for more. All I have to do is crack open the bag, and five sets of paws come running my way. Thanks Hill's! February 4, 2014
healthy choice for my dog This brand was recommended by the shelter when we adopted our dog. He had done marvelously on this food and we like the value we receive. Quality food without the cost. Thank you for high quality and commitment to bringing our pets good nutrition. February 4, 2014
Great Product Our pomeranian has loved this food ever since she was a pup: and she especially loves the smaller kibble size. She always eats it eagerly and it has kept her healthy with bright eyes, good hair, and a lot of vitality. The new Velcro bag closure is very nice! January 7, 2014
Since we started using this diet my dogs health has increased. Before it was hard to get my German Pinscher to eat and now I have no problem. His health is better and his coat is much healthier. December 19, 2013
Great Product My dogs love the small bites. It is easy for them to chew and easy on their stomachs. Love to get more coupons! December 18, 2013
recommended by vet and animal shelter dog enjoys it dry but also likes wet added to it once a day December 16, 2013
Wouldn't change my dogs' food if I could This has been the best food I could give my dogs. Their coats are soft and glossy, eyes are bright, they're in perfect shape, and they seem to love the taste. We also use the wet food for their morning feeding and it has never upset their stomach. I also appreciate the small bites version of all of the foods you offer! A dog I had prior to the ones I have now had horrible allergies that would result in very itchy skin. I regret not feeding him Hill's. I did feed him the Prescription Diet and it helped so much but after the vet took him off of it, I never fed him another version of Hill's and I'm sure if I did, he would've felt better. I'm so happy and pleased with the results of this food with my current dogs! These dogs are family to us and I don't want to feed them "just anything". They deserve the best so that they can live a long and healthy life! With this food, I believe we'll achieve that. Two paws up!!! November 11, 2013
This food suits my pup! Great small bites and taste for my dog. Package is great and easily resealable! November 3, 2013
Highly recommend As a veterinarian, I always recommend Hill's Science Diet and Prescription Diet products, but this Adult Small and Toy Breed is one of my favorites. It provides the best nutrition for the little ones. I use it myself for my two dogs. October 20, 2013
Thinking of Changing I have had to incorporate pumpkin and fiber to my dogs diet to ensure easy bowl movements. I called to ask about the problem and they could not advise me. Vet advised to add the above products to dogs diet. If it was just one dog, I could understand it, but it is both my dogs. I am thinking about trying another brand and will consult my vet for recommendations. September 8, 2013
great dog food i love this dog food my dogs coat are shiny they have alot of energy and are just so happy and healthy i really recomend this food September 7, 2013
Excellent food My Lhasa Apso has been doing great since he started on this food. We've fed him other premium brands and he been at his best with Science Diet. I getting ready to adopt a Dachshund and will immediately put her on this same diet. I wouldn't give my dog(s) anything else. September 2, 2013
My dogs eat Hill's in Brazil and in USA I'm brazilian, but I live in USA. Sometimes my 2 schnauzers need to travel with me, they only eat Hill's in Brazil and in USA. They're strong and have healthy and beautiful teeth, skin and coat. July 30, 2013
My picky dog loves this food. I have a Chihuahua Mix and he is veeerry picky. I have tried lots of different foods. He loves this food. The size of the kibble is perfect for him. I feel like I get a great value. He eats it all, it is a healthy choice for him, and I also can tell he feels great because of this. His mood and energy are much better since he's consistently eating now. I guess when your hungry your a grumpy dog. July 18, 2013
Finicky Dog My mother 13 small mix dog, is very finicky and has to be convinced to try new foods. He didn't take much convincing with this one though. July 3, 2013
Great food and great price My 4 dogs are picky eaters but they love this food. The price is affordable which makes it even better. July 3, 2013
Excellent taste for small teacup dogs. My teacup poodle, Bonnie, loves the Small Bites. I recently changed to the Advanced Formula for Small Dogs. She likes it even better. She has done really great on this food. She was rescued from a puppy mill in Tennessee and we have never fed her anything buy Science Diet Small Bites. I am considering changing to Oral Care because her teeth are bad, She developed 2 sets of teeth before we got her, due to the poor diet she was fed. We had one set pulled, but now she has poor teeth. She only weighs 3 lbs and is the light of our life. Science Diet made her healthy. July 3, 2013
Best dog food on the market for my dogs. I have 2 dogs ages 2 & 3. They love this dog food. I feel this is the best dog food for my dogs because of all the vitamins in it. July 3, 2013
the best food ever for my dogs This is the best food ever for our dogs, we have 2 small dogs, they are 4 years old and this food is the healthiest of all the dog foods out there. June 29, 2013
Awesome product! I own 5 dogs, 4 adults and 1 pup who sneaks the food as much as she can. :) They weigh between 20 and 5 pounds. They all love, love, love this food. Cant keep it in their dishes long enough. :) They look great, eyes shine and they have a ton of energy. Thank You Hill's for such a great product! Keep up the good work. April 2, 2013
product is great! my pug loves this dog food! he jumps up and down when i get the bag out. he never did this with the other food i've gotten. he is much more energetic and his coat is shinier! September 1, 2012
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