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Adult Perfect Weight - Dry

Breakthrough nutrition formulated to achieve & maintain a healthy weight & improve quality of life
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight 4.9 5 57 57
Great results Our terrier mix lost ten pounds while eating this dog food. We tried SD Light and Advanced Fitness before, but Perfect Weight delivered results. Our dog is more playful and active. April 2, 2014
Worked great! My terrier is back to an Active Lifestyle! After trying many weight-loss products for my 4-year old Yorkshire Terrier without much success, I was eager to give Perfect Weight a try. In the past, he hasn't loved the taste of calorie-cutting diets and usually ends up begging for more food. However, he loves Science Diet Perfect Weight and always seems to be full. He's back to his old self and continues to slim and sustain his ideal weight. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective solution for weight-loss, without the worry of depriving your little one! March 1, 2014
He liked it! I have a very picky corgi, who also happens to be about 5 lbs overweight. Just enough that the vet gives me a hard time, and I haven't been able to keep it off. I've been trying Perfect Weight and so far he really loves the taste! A huge relief! Hopefully we'll see the pounds start dropping soon. January 21, 2014
Price too high This product is working very well for my dog but the price is too high and you only offer one coupon for one time only so I am forced to choose another dog food September 13, 2014
Perfect Food This is the perfect food for our dogs. They love it and they maintain a healthy weight with this food. I feel as though this is a high quality food that won't harm our babies. I am so happy that we have found the food that we will feed our dogs forever. September 11, 2014
Great product! My dog who eats anything that doesn't eat him, needed to lose weight. He has consistently lost while enjoying his food. September 6, 2014
Excellent Food to aid with Weight Loss My 5 year old labrador has lost 8lbs in 4 months with this great product! That's 2lbs a month, I feel like that is a safe and healthy weight loss. My 3 year old Aussie/Border Collie mix has also been on this food for the last 4 months and is within 3lbs of her goal weight now too! The dogs love the taste too! I do find it a bit costly, but has been worth it to get them to lose those unhealthy pounds! September 2, 2014
trying to get some weight off our Beagle. Wish there would be more coupons for the dog food,kitten food.Bigger bags would also nice example #10. Not everyone has a computer to print off coupons. August 21, 2014
this works My dog has only been on this for 2 weeks and already I see she is more energetic and her body has better definition. It will work and she will be at a better weight. I just need to watch the treats! August 16, 2014
Perfect Weight! My dog is at his ideal weight - thanks to Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight! He looks and feels great! I definitely would recommend this product for your dogs too! August 15, 2014
Our Missy loves to eat and thoroughly enjoys Perfect Weight. Our previous three dogs ate to live and Missy lives to eat! Consequently, at nearly two years old she is approximately ten pounds overweight. She is a rescue dog, a hound mix and muscular, however, she needs to lose the additional excess pounds. She goes for a morning stroll each day with her Dad and is losing weight at a slow pace with Hills Perfect Weight which we are confident is still providing her with all the nutrition that she requires to keep her healthy. We are so very satisfied and grateful that Hills has the exact dog food that we need for our beloved Missy. Thank you Hills, you are the GREATEST :) August 7, 2014
Murphy is now at a Perfect Weight My Mom's dog Murphy is only 4years old and becoming over weight. I suggested to my Mom to put him on Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight as it worked well on my 2 cats. Within 3 months he had lost 5lbs and he loves the taste!! He is now getting exercise as well to go with that new figure of his. I highly recommend this product. July 31, 2014
Overweight Lab Mix To help Jake into old age, I've added Healthy Mobility to his normal food then noticed he was panting more and moving less, so I changed to Healthy Weight and he's lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks. He's a (bit) more active for an almost 12 year old and panting less. He actually cut himself BACK on the food as recommended amount was 4 cups a day - he only eats 3 cups and seems satisfied : ) July 29, 2014
Feel good for all I feel good about giving my dogs a food i can trust and one they love to eat! July 28, 2014
Great Product! My pet was on the 10 week diet and so far has lost 8 pounds. I have been really impressed with the results so far. My pet did enjoy the wet food better, but would eat both. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get their pet healthy, and running out of options like myself. July 28, 2014
satisfies dogs appetite my dog has lost 10lbs on this food, my vet is very happy! the food keeps my dogs appetite satisfied, i was surprised to see that he wasnt hungry all the time. he enjoys his meals and likes the flavor. i will keep him on this food even after he is at his optimum weight excellent product! July 28, 2014
Effective I feel that Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight is an effective product and something that my dog will eat, but I wish the price wasn't as high. I think if the price was a bit lower, it would be easier to advocate for this particular product. That being said though, I do feel like Hill's® Science Diet® does a pretty good job at providing balanced nutrition that usually delivers the results it says it will...which is the one reason why my dog has been on Hill's® Science Diet® for the entirety of his life. July 28, 2014
A canine Miracle in a Bag! Our beagle mix is obese--about 30lbs overweight. She lost a few pounds on a prescription dog food (a Science Diet competitor), but then hit a plateau and stopped losing any additional weight. We put her on Perfect Weight and are amazed at the results! She is losing weight--there's a ton of loose skin around her neck and belly. She has so much more energy than she did on the other food. There's a bounce to her gait that wasn't there before. And her coat is so shiny and soft. We are very pleased with this breakthrough new food. July 27, 2014
Mandy loves Hill's Science Adult Perfect Weight food Mandy is a very picky eater for a 9 year old Beagle, but once she tried the Perfect weight food, she really loved it. It gave her more energy to play and run, her coat is nice and shiny and she has not begged for more food. She has lost 5 pounds and going on strong. I am happy that we decided to give her this food because I have tried all different dog food to help her loose weight and nothing has worked. Keep up the good work Hill's Science!!! Your friend Mandy Davis July 25, 2014
So happy we found this Our Corgi Churchill was getting HEAVY and at only 2 we were worried. I started her on the 10 week turn around and she did great!! Our local veterinarian also noticed the difference and featured Churchill and her results on their facebook page- (Pekin Animal Hospital) Her photo and story appeared June 27th. We are very very happy with her results and she is healthy and happy and still eating your food. Lisa Watkins July 25, 2014
Pearles big winter weight loss Our yellow lab gets lazy during the winter even though she is only 3, the vet said she packed on 20 pounds she was up to 65 pounds the same weight as our 5 year old black and tan coonhound Odie. She has been eat HSD once a day, dinner time. She has lost the 20 pounds and looks great. She is a big ball of energy in a mass of muscle. She and Odie both love the HSD. They see the big bag come in the house and their tails a waggin and they beg for a kibble. Thank you HSD for making a food I know my dogs love and keeps them healthy with #1 ingrediants. Pearle and Odies Mom. July 24, 2014
Hills Science is one of the best pet foods around. I like the fact I can feed my 2 dogs a food they like that can help control their weight. However, they are small dogs and the Healthy Weight food has the larger kibble. I only wish it came in a smaller kibble to make eating it a little easier. Thanks. July 22, 2014
#1 Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight is the best. It has helped my furbabies lose weight and stay healthy. Everyone should try this. My furbabies wolfed it down. Thank you Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight for making my furbabies healthy. #gethealthyhappy #sciencediet July 21, 2014
My dog lost 15 pounds My vet recommended this as a way for my overweight dog to lose weight. It worked, within 1 bag of food. July 18, 2014
Hills Science Diet is AMAZING! I love Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight!! Well, I should say my dogs love it but so do I. I love to give my dogs a good food that I know is healthy for them & they enjoy it. I decided to try this food to manage my dogs weight. It really did the trick!! My dogs are perfect weight now & they truly enjoy their Hills Science Diet!! July 14, 2014
It's working Mocha our black lab seems to be enjoying the taste of this diet food and seems full (not begging). She takes her time to munch thru the kibble so she takes a bit longer to eat and she seems to be slimming down. July 9, 2014
If the dog says yes, we buy it! If the dog says yes, we buy. :) Nice to give him something healthy that he enjoys. July 9, 2014
Love how it has helped my dog maintain a healthy weight! The ingredients in Hills Adult Perfect Weight has helped my dog reach and maintain a healthy weight. July 5, 2014
This product really works! After months of trying dogfoods, we have found a food that really works! One of our dogs has a weight problem, and the vet recomened a certain food. When this did not work we tryed numerous others. Then we came across "Perfect Weight"! After one month our dog lost pounds and she started to feel better. She now has more energy and is the dog we used to know before her weight problem. Thank you Hills Science Diet you have saved our little girl! Joy June 28, 2014
This food has been great for my schnauzers with sensitive stomachs! My schnauzers both love this food so much with the first ingredient being chicken, yummy! One of them is almost 12 years old was diagnosed with colitis last year and started him on this food about 2 months ago plus he's a finicky eater! He gobbles this down and wants more! Also this food keeps them at a Perfect Weight!!!! June 27, 2014
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