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Adult Perfect Weight - Dry

Breakthrough nutrition formulated to achieve & maintain a healthy weight & improve quality of life
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight 4.9 5 40 40
Great results Our terrier mix lost ten pounds while eating this dog food. We tried SD Light and Advanced Fitness before, but Perfect Weight delivered results. Our dog is more playful and active. April 2, 2014
Worked great! My terrier is back to an Active Lifestyle! After trying many weight-loss products for my 4-year old Yorkshire Terrier without much success, I was eager to give Perfect Weight a try. In the past, he hasn't loved the taste of calorie-cutting diets and usually ends up begging for more food. However, he loves Science Diet Perfect Weight and always seems to be full. He's back to his old self and continues to slim and sustain his ideal weight. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective solution for weight-loss, without the worry of depriving your little one! March 1, 2014
He liked it! I have a very picky corgi, who also happens to be about 5 lbs overweight. Just enough that the vet gives me a hard time, and I haven't been able to keep it off. I've been trying Perfect Weight and so far he really loves the taste! A huge relief! Hopefully we'll see the pounds start dropping soon. January 21, 2014
Hills Science is one of the best pet foods around. I like the fact I can feed my 2 dogs a food they like that can help control their weight. However, they are small dogs and the Healthy Weight food has the larger kibble. I only wish it came in a smaller kibble to make eating it a little easier. Thanks. July 22, 2014
#1 Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight is the best. It has helped my furbabies lose weight and stay healthy. Everyone should try this. My furbabies wolfed it down. Thank you Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight for making my furbabies healthy. #gethealthyhappy #sciencediet July 21, 2014
My dog lost 15 pounds My vet recommended this as a way for my overweight dog to lose weight. It worked, within 1 bag of food. July 18, 2014
Hills Science Diet is AMAZING! I love Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight!! Well, I should say my dogs love it but so do I. I love to give my dogs a good food that I know is healthy for them & they enjoy it. I decided to try this food to manage my dogs weight. It really did the trick!! My dogs are perfect weight now & they truly enjoy their Hills Science Diet!! July 14, 2014
It's working Mocha our black lab seems to be enjoying the taste of this diet food and seems full (not begging). She takes her time to munch thru the kibble so she takes a bit longer to eat and she seems to be slimming down. July 9, 2014
If the dog says yes, we buy it! If the dog says yes, we buy. :) Nice to give him something healthy that he enjoys. July 9, 2014
Love how it has helped my dog maintain a healthy weight! The ingredients in Hills Adult Perfect Weight has helped my dog reach and maintain a healthy weight. July 5, 2014
This product really works! After months of trying dogfoods, we have found a food that really works! One of our dogs has a weight problem, and the vet recomened a certain food. When this did not work we tryed numerous others. Then we came across "Perfect Weight"! After one month our dog lost pounds and she started to feel better. She now has more energy and is the dog we used to know before her weight problem. Thank you Hills Science Diet you have saved our little girl! Joy June 28, 2014
This food has been great for my schnauzers with sensitive stomachs! My schnauzers both love this food so much with the first ingredient being chicken, yummy! One of them is almost 12 years old was diagnosed with colitis last year and started him on this food about 2 months ago plus he's a finicky eater! He gobbles this down and wants more! Also this food keeps them at a Perfect Weight!!!! June 27, 2014
My dogs really enjoy the taste! I have 2 dogs on this food right now, one, (Chloe), who is about 30 lbs over weight. We are in the 2nd week with this food and really hope it helps her get some of the weight off. She has bad hips and we are doing everything possible to avoid surgery. Everyone keep cheering Chloe on and we'll keep feeding her the Perfect Weight and hopefully it works!! June 25, 2014
A great weight management food We have been giving this to our younger dog for a few weeks. She is totally on it and her weight is doing better, she was starting to gain. She loves the taste and has had no stomach issues, she is losing some weight but at a healthy rate. She wasn't over weight but was starting to gain and we didn't want her to have to diet. So by starting on this now it is keeping her at a healthy weight. Great value and she loves it, not having to limit her food makes her happy too. Great product. May 27, 2014
very good weight control food my dog likes this food very much. we feed here twice a day' May 25, 2014
Our Lab Loves It Our yellow lab absolutely LOVES this new formula! She's usually very hesitant about any "weight control" foods - my guess is they don't smell and taste meaty enough for her. "Perfect Weight" is the exception, she actually hops up and down when I'm scooping it into her bowl. I won't have to switch her back to a regular formula after she loses a couple more pounds either. Since she likes it so much, I can slightly increase the amount and keep things simple. May 23, 2014
Dogs Love This Food I am pleased with this product. My dogs were previously on a prescription food to lose weight. Now that they have achieved the weight goal set by their vet, our focus was directed to maintaining their weight. Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight has helped us achieve that. My dogs had no problem transitioning over to the new food and neither has gained any weight which has made their vet and myself very happy. I will continue to feed my dogs this product. May 18, 2014
Great Product - As Always! Never disappointing; my dog LOVED the dog food. Never a problem with transitioning food types with Science Diet. He also enjoys rummaging through the bag for a few kibbles after I store the food in a air-tight container. :) May 16, 2014
My dogs always love to eat Hills' products I had to cut back on the portions of this food because my dog seemed to be gaining weight on it. May 11, 2014
Cricket preferred Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight over Bil Jac Sr and reduced I put three bowls down for Cricket: SD Adult Perfect Weight BilJac Sr BilJac Reduced She ate SD Adult Perfect Weight first then BilJac Sr. didn't eat any BilJac Reduced May 10, 2014
It works for my overweight dog! I have a female black lab/cattle dog mix rescued dog. She has had a little trouble with her weight lately which has attributed to her recent hip problems. (We think she is about 3-4 years old so we think the weight is to blame mostly.) She was 61 lbs and needed to weigh about 55lbs. After about 3 weeks on this product, she lost about 2 lbs. She continues to shed the pounds. I have been feeding her the recommended for the weight she needs to be. I am confident this food will keep her trim and in perfect shape for the long haul! May 9, 2014
Smokey is eating it just fine!! Smokey is eating it just fine!! He is eating it, so it must be good!! Send some more!! May 6, 2014
Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight Our dog just refuses to eat this dog food. We were hoping she would like it. Not sure why, we have tried everything and she still will not touch it. May 6, 2014
Dogs are losing weight! I've purchased a bag of this and also received a free bag as a Hill's Pet Parent - I will continue to purchase this specific formula for my dogs. I have 4 of them, 2 who struggle with losing weight. They have slowly and safely lost the weight they needed with this food - without "missing" out on anything. They love the taste and I love that it will now help them maintain a healthy weight, which will hopefully help them live longer lives. I'm very impressed with the Perfect Weight! May 6, 2014
Nice choice for our dog This food seems to be a nice choice for our lab. For awhile we were buying prescription R&D food from our vet. This is less expensive and still high quality with a good outcome. May 5, 2014
the product works My dog seems to like the weight management food. Its beginning to help him lose weight. We also buy science diet advance cause my other dog loves that one. May 4, 2014
My dogs love perfect weight! I just started using the Perfect Weight dog food because I wanted to mix it in gradually so my dogs could get use to it. The first time I fed it mixed with their old food, they picked out the Perfect Weight and left the rest. They loved it! If the weight loss results are as good as the taste, this will definitely be a hit at my house. April 30, 2014
My fussy huskies love it! I have three huskies, and that breed is notorious for being more finicky than cats. Mine are no exception, so it's tough to find quality food they'll eat and enjoy. I'm happy to report that they ate AND enjoyed this food! April 30, 2014
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