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Adult Advanced Fitness Original - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for a visible difference
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Advanced Fitness Original 4.8 5 177 177
Great food, my dogs love My dogs are picky eaters and I have tried multiple kinds of foods, but this is the one they like best. The moment I put it in their dishes they run to eat. December 19, 2013
great dog food my two dogs have so much energy on this dog food. we fed our last dog another brand which was cheaper and I can see the difference. so much more energy on science diet. our vet said she fed her own dogs science diet so I thought lets give it a shot, now that is all I will buy. December 16, 2013
High quality, great results The Advanced Fitness dry food helped to improve the softness and shine of my dog's coat in just a week. She loves the taste and it is gentle on her stomach (no digestion problems and consistent bowel movements). So far, it's been a great product and I will continue to use it. December 16, 2013
Longer Life I started using Science Diet when I got my own dog as an adult. My female golden retriever lived to 16 and my male (20 lbs larger) 14. Their life... 2-4 years longer than expected. I now have 2 one year old dogs and have chosen to continue to use Science Diet... Hoping my new best friends live long, healthy lives! July 16, 2014
this is a great product ! my only complaint is not being able to print off coupons more coupons .I have printed off coupons once and this website will not let me print off any more June 28, 2014
I use Healthy Advantage but it was not listed I love healthy advantage dry food for my Chihuahuas. It has made a big difference on the care of their teeth. They stay a nice weight too. June 24, 2014
Love the resealable package My dog gets very excited when he sees me take out the dogfood bag! He finishes everytime and i use a few pieces to entice my other dog to finish his! June 21, 2014
This product is ok She didn't seem to like it as much as others she has tried.Maybe just too bland.She ate a little of it but not like she should.May be if I had tried to add some broth or something else to it it might have made a difference.She loves quina and other rice.Maybe I will try the rice combanation next time. June 2, 2014
Only the best for my dogs My dogs love science diet. One cocker is on advance fitness . She is four years old. The other cocker is on weight management . He is 8 years old. It's the only food they seem to like in dry. May 30, 2014
I've bee'n feeding my dogs Science Diet since the 1990's Every dog I have owned has been fed Science Diet dry. Every dog has enjoyed the taste and lived a long life. I recommend this to my friend and family pet owners and have made believers out of many. My only objection is the cost is getting too high. I feed large dogs and am retired, so I have to watch my money in this economy. Hopefully, Hills will work hard to lower the price and keep it from getting too expensive. My dogs are healthy and active in large part to the Hill's Science Diet food. Thanks Hill's. May 28, 2014
Excellent Good quality dog food, high protein content, my dog love the taste May 18, 2014
Annie Loves Science Diet Love your product. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. It would be awesome if you guys would send out coupons or have some sort of a repeat customer program. May 9, 2014
Dogs seem to love the taste. Dogs like the taste. A price I can afford. Fills them up and keeps them trim at the same time! May 6, 2014
dog food This is the only food my dog will eat, I sometimes buy a different brand and she won't touch them, till I take them out of her bowl and put in Science Diet.. May 4, 2014
Price per feeding is Pennies I have used and sold this food for twenty feed less a and stools are and coat looks good. I also like the fact that the food is designed for their age and their needs. April 27, 2014
Good size pieces My dogs love this food. They sometimes don't like the food I buy, but always clean their bowl when I buy Science Diet. April 18, 2014
My dogs love the taste and I enjoy the health benefits Great taste recommended by our veterinary My dogs like it a lot April 15, 2014
great food This is the only dog food my pug will eat he loves it and it keeps him healthy March 29, 2014
Most trustworthy dog food brand I only buy hills products for my dogs, because I believe it is superior to other brands. I have done research on different types of dry dog foods, and Science diet foods have never had a recall in their history in which any animal was harmed. They have only had one recall issued by Hills, because they didn't like the quality of a certain ingredient. Which I find this to be a very trustworthy company, If their ingredients are not up to their standards they will not put the product out. Where as there are many dry dog food brands that regularly have recalls due to animal deaths, and the companies do not really even care. I love my animals, and want to give them the best lives that I can. March 22, 2014
My dogs like it and good quality My dogs like the taste and they don't like the big kibble food.I trust hills food February 28, 2014
My dogs love it! I have used other diets in the past and have to say hands down in my opinion Science Diet is the best! My dogs love it! I do not have to feed as much as other diets, so cost per day is less. I also love that I have less puppy piles to scoop out side! It is nice to have all my dogs love the same diet and get so excited daily to eat! Happy dogs, happy me! February 27, 2014
My dogs love it. Science diet has amazing products. Both of my dogs love the food. February 27, 2014
pleasant surprise My dog loves this product!! He has been fussy about other products and this one seems to fit him well..Thank You February 26, 2014
This food has been great nutritionally for my dogs. Both of my dogs were adopted from a shelter. They came in as strays and were slightly underweight. I started feeding them Science Diet and they blossomed. They are now at a normal weight and their coat shines. They love the taste of the food and is a great nutritionally balanced food. February 23, 2014
dog food review I have my puppy rosco on science diet since last month I brought him sd advance fitness lamb/rice I see the change in his coat he loves the food best food for by son February 19, 2014
Great Product! My 3 year old Pit bull LOVES this food! Right before each meal he gets so excited to eat he runs to the garage (where his food is) and watches me put food into his bowl, then he runs back inside and starts barking until I put is food bowl down. He can't wait to eat! He loves the taste and I love the kibble size. I have noticed that his stool is much more solid than it was when he was on any other diet. I will only keep him on Science Diet products and the Advanced Fitness is working for him! Total believer in a good diet will keep your pet healthier/happier and they live longer! February 10, 2014
Good balanced diet I have 6 dogs 3 of which eat the advanced fitness and 3 that are on prescription diets (CD and RD) i only wish there were more coupons offered for all of these diets. I do however, go to the website and I'm able to download a coupon there occasionally, but they are far and few between. It would be nice to receive them on regular diets also. January 22, 2014
This product has great value I love the way my animals look while on Science Diet. The coat is soft. Less stools. January 7, 2014
Hill's food overall- great selection! I love the overall selections, however if the prices were a bit cheaper on the non-prescription diets, I'd be happier. My dog loves the food though! Thanks for all your hard work with research! January 1, 2014
SD produces quality products I like this product b/c SD does the research needed to ensure quality products and my pet likes it!! I feel more comfortable knowing that I know where my pets food is processed and where the ingredients come from. December 27, 2013
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