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Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin 4.8 5 79 79
Wonderful product! We feed the Sensitive stomach diet in our vet clinic's kennel for those dogs that are boarding when owners don't bring their food. It helps reduce diarrhea from food changes and stress. They seem to really enjoy it. I also feed this to my personal dogs and they are thriving on this diet, plus they gobble it down quickly. I think it provides a high quality, balanced diet and love that Hills does the research to validate its products too! December 19, 2013
Awesome for dogs with sensitive stomachs! My two dogs have always had problems with their dog food upsetting their digestion. Ever since we had been on this product they have had no problems. I recommend this food to everyone! December 19, 2013
Great food for intestinal issues My Husky had always had gastrointestinal issues . I switched over to Science Diet Sensitive stomach many years ago and we have never had problems since. December 19, 2013
my boxer my boxer had problems with orther foods since I started him on this one it has work wonderfull April 15, 2014
My dog loves this food My dog was having trouble with his first food as it was troubling his stomach. My vet suggested switching to this food several years ago and he has been fine ever since, April 10, 2014
My vet recommended this product and it does really work! My male Australian Shepard was having digestion problems and would throw up every night...Wonderful.... My vet recommended this product and it worked the very first time he ate. No more throw up...great product... Jackie April 10, 2014
Great for Sensitive Stomachs This product recently changed from strictly sensitive stomach to sensitive stomach AND skin. The new food seems as good for my dog with a very sensitive stomach as the older food. I like not having to buy a prescription, and the product has actually helped both of my dogs digestive habits as they eat the same food. It's even helped with the "end" result (if you know what I mean), with better regularity and less odor. Enough said. April 8, 2014
It works for sensitive stomachs While I appreciated that it kept my dog from vomiting it was also expensive. I have found an all natural alternative that keeps my dog from getting ill for almost half the price March 31, 2014
No longer a Science Diet customer My dog has sensitive skin NOT a sensitive stomach. It is unfortunate that Hills corporation feels the two are the same. Good bye Science Diet. March 25, 2014
Really helped my dog's stomach My dog constantly had problems with an upset stomach. She had plenty of energy & felt fine otherwise, just couldn't keep her food down. I started feeding her Hill's Sensitive Stomach (I haven't tried the Stomach/Skin combination yet), and her stomach issues have decreased significantly. She loves the taste -- she dives right into it, gobbles it up and licks the bowl trying to get every last molecule of food. March 19, 2014
sensitive bulldog I have been feeding this to our bulldog Mack for the past few months. He has improved 100%. Mack has both sensitive stomach issues and skin issues. He was a rescue dog and we have been working to improve his health. We will definitely continue feeding him this, I think it is helping him a lot-and he really enjoys the taste. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else that has a dog with sensitive stomach issues. March 18, 2014
Helped with Skin Problems This dog food helped my Cocker Spaniel's skin problem a few years ago, but the cost kept me from buying it for her regularly. I wish money was not an issue for me, I would have bought it consistently! March 17, 2014
Healthy for My pet My pet was having stomach problems and she was eating expensive dog food. After having to take her to the Vet he began to tell me she has a very sensitive stomach and even he was concerned changing dog food,concerned she may experience more problems. My husband and I decided to try Science Diet sensitive stomach, we bought it took it home and fed all three of our dogs. They didn't seem to mind but did notice it was different food. After a week of my little schnauzer girl eating this product she started playing again, she seemed energized and healthier. So the food not only didn't make her sick she was WILD like a pup again. She was feeling so much better I felt bad that I had not noticed how sick she had been. We are very thankful for this product because as Dog lovers we needed this for our fur baby:) thanks science diet for being concerned enough to make a sensitive stomach designed dog food! Love Two schnauzer's and a Shitzu March 13, 2014
Miraculous! Our 16 year old Shihtzu had been struggling with stomach issues for the past few years and had lost down to 7-1/2 pounds and we were having to feed her your RX canned food. We accidentally came across the Science Diet dry for sensitive stomach and soak the food in water. She has gained back all of her weight and more and also is even more spunky than ever! Thanks Science Diet! March 2, 2014
Disappointed with new formula I am disappointed that you added barley to the new sensitive skin and stomach line. We originally used sensitive stomach and switched to the sensitive skin when you added barley to the stomach product. Very disappointed to see you now add barley to the combined product as well. Sadly, we will be leaving the Hills family. February 24, 2014
Great food!! My boxer has a sensitive stomach and sensitive skin. He either didn't like the taste of other foods or they would upset his stomach. This food has never upset his stomach and is great for his skin. If he's getting a little board of his dry food i will spice it up with a little Science Diet wet food and that makes him very happy. February 4, 2014
My dog enjoys the taste This food has greatly reduced the amount of waste production in my golden retriever. Less to pick up & remove December 19, 2013
Greyhounds have very sensitive stomachs Science Diet Sensitive Stomach seems to help everytime he has a problem. I include boiled chicken and a tablespoon of pumpkin to his dry food and he always eats everything. Highly recommend this product for dogs with sensitive stomachs. December 18, 2013
Great food Our chocolate lab has a very sensitive stomach & this product does the trick. The best we found. December 8, 2013
my pup loved it best food out there for dogs and my pups would not try anything else December 2, 2013
Dogs Love It One key feature to a dog food is how well and long my two dogs will eat it. Both seem to get tired with a food within a month. That is not the case for this food. Both love the food! IT does wonders for my one dog who has a very sensitive stomach. I would highly recommend this food to anyone who has picky eaters or ones with sensitive bellies. November 10, 2013
sensitive stomach food I have been feeding sensitive stomach to my Boston terrier for 8 yrs now. My dog is in good health and likes his food. The food has given him a shiny and soft coat of hair along with smaller bowel movements. Before feeding him the sensitive stomach, my dog had frequent loose stools and diarrhea. This all ended with science diet food. My dog is now 8 and I am thinking he may soon need to transfer to a senior diet. When I do make this change, it will be Science Diet food! November 8, 2013
We love it All I can say is that since we switched foods 2 years because my 9 year min was having stomach issues and my vet told me to switch him and my other one t Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach and let me tell there has never been a problem again after about two months being on it November 2, 2013
My lil guy loves his food day after day! My dog is a big part of my life, he's almost like a son to me. I've always wanted to make sure he was eating good food, with Hill's I can rest assured that he is. The food is pretty costly, but I don't mind because I know that he loves it, and it keeps him healthy <3 October 30, 2013
Difficult for me to evaluate this product It is difficult for me to evaluate this product because my pet is a puppy. This product was prescribed for my pet due to sensitive stomach and frequent diarrhea. It has helped at times and not at other times. October 4, 2013
This product has worked well for my pet. It works well due to my dogs sensitive stomach other products were not helpful in providing relief to his condition. I would recommend this product to anyone with similar issues. October 2, 2013
My Chihuahua loves this food! With all the different kinds of dog food available over the counter now its been a challenge trying to find the right food for my picky but sensitive 16 month old Chihuahua. After a few goes at some other foods we finally decided to go with our gut and stick with the brand we have all known and fed our other pets throughout the many years. We can remember Hill's being recommended by our family veterinarian for decades so we went with the Sensitive Stomach formula. Of course my Chihuahua loved it so she has been on it, problem free for over 4 months. The bag 4.5 pound bag lasts us a couple of months so it works well with our budget and even space in the pantry. Can't go wrong with a food that continues to keep my pet healthy and happy. September 26, 2013
This product does help my dog's tummy My dog is very fussy about what she eats and she loves this food. It has help her to keep her food down and so I'm a happy pet owner. The fact that it helps to absorb more nutrients to keep her healthy makes this food the best I can give my pet. September 11, 2013
Have used SD for many years I used Science Diet for 13 years for my small dog that is no longer with me. I am using it for a 4-year-old Siberian Husky that I recently adopted and she is doing well with the Sensitive Stomach formula. I will continue using this brand because it has served my pets well for so many years. August 6, 2013
really helps the stomach stay calm. for 4 years my Doc has had problemms with stomach upset, as he is a nervous dog all the time. he would vomit shortly after eating, and you could hear his stomach churning. tried many things to help with little results. since being on Sensitive Stomach, he has stopped vomiting and his stomach is quiet. he likes the taste too! still a nervous dog, but now he can enjoy eating again. July 19, 2013
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