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Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin 4.7 5 125 125
Wonderful product! We feed the Sensitive stomach diet in our vet clinic's kennel for those dogs that are boarding when owners don't bring their food. It helps reduce diarrhea from food changes and stress. They seem to really enjoy it. I also feed this to my personal dogs and they are thriving on this diet, plus they gobble it down quickly. I think it provides a high quality, balanced diet and love that Hills does the research to validate its products too! December 19, 2013
Awesome for dogs with sensitive stomachs! My two dogs have always had problems with their dog food upsetting their digestion. Ever since we had been on this product they have had no problems. I recommend this food to everyone! December 19, 2013
Great food for intestinal issues My Husky had always had gastrointestinal issues . I switched over to Science Diet Sensitive stomach many years ago and we have never had problems since. December 19, 2013
too expensive for the amount you get This food is good...but way too expensive to stay on long term. October 20, 2014
Healthy Scotties As a pet parent of dogs with sensitive skin and stomachs, I was happy hen Science Diet came out with a product to take car of both of these troublesome issues... October 19, 2014
This food has really helped my dogs stomach issues We started giving this food to our 9 year old maltese/yorkie on recommendation from our veterinarian because she was throwing up bile once or twice a day. She began eating this food on the 26th of August and has not thrown up once since then. My only complaint is the "kibble" is so large and for an adult/small dog it is hard for her to eat it. We put warm water on it which helps somewhat but would love to see this food come in smaller bites. September 30, 2014
Glad to finaly find a dog food that helps my dog My dog has a sensitive stomach and your dog food helps with the problems. Thank you and please send more coupons. September 27, 2014
dog food Thank you, My dog really loves the dog food.,,,,,, September 22, 2014
This product seems to work well for my dog's skin. I like the results of this product. My dog's dry skin seemed to have improved, however, the price is much too high. I try and get coupons, but am never successful. Your website does not allow printing of the seems to always have technical difficulties. September 13, 2014
My gal Trixie Loves This Food Trixie has a sensitive stomach and I found with most other brands they are fish based Trixie doesn't like the smell or taste of them. She does however love this food and she no longer throws up. Thank you. September 8, 2014
LIlly loves it vet recomended dog loves it .she runs to her food bowl when she hears it being poured! September 4, 2014
Helps my pits skin irritations!! The dog stomach/skin dry dog food by science diet works great! I noticed a difference with his itching/skin irritation with in a week of being on science diet! Now after using this dog food for about 6 months he has no issues with his skin other than the normal dog scratch! I recommened it to every dog owner thats having skin issues! August 27, 2014
Great for my dog's stomach My dog has a very sensitive stomach and this food is perfect for him. August 26, 2014
Sensitive dogs My dog has a very sensitive stomach and dry skin. Our vet recommended Science Diet and ever since the change, our dog doesn't get as much as diarrhea like it used to, and the hot spots subsided. August 25, 2014
Quite pricey. Seems to help with skin allergies but not a lot. Still looking for another type that doesn't cost so much. August 25, 2014
excellent she loves it and keeps her from getting sick very good nutrition August 24, 2014
The cure for a sensitive stomach We have had an issue with our Labordoddle stomach with many other foods and found this product fixes the issue of throwing up. Like that is is available at many location. Tks SD!!! August 23, 2014
It works, which is all I want My Australian Shepherd mix is super sensitive with her skin and stomach. We have tried the limited ingredient foods and it has been awful for her. Either she gets a runny stomach or she smells so bad we can't stand it. We transitioned to this food about 3 weeks ago and so far I can't see any downside. The price is above the premium Pet Store food we were feeding her but in the end we were taking her to the vet due to her skin and stomach so much I am sure we will end up on the plus side. August 11, 2014
This product has kept my dog's skin and coat beautiful. It is pricey but keeps my lab mix free of skin conditions, i.e., itching, biting, etc. August 7, 2014
This product is resposible,in my opinion,for saving the life of our dog Gracie. Gracie,our beagle, was at death's door when her vet saved her and we started feeding Gracie Science Diet . We feel very strongly that she is alive today because of the excellent quality of food she is eating. Thank you Science Diet. Victoria August 3, 2014
Used to be good I have a Black Lab that has skin issues. The Science Diet Sensitive skin was what worked best for her. Then suddenly I could not find it at the local pet store or online or at the vet. They now have this sensitive stomach / skin blend. It's it a smaller kibble and it is not working for my pet's skin any more. I'll have to try another brand. I've tried numerous Science diet products and none are up to what they used to have available. Very frustrating. August 1, 2014
This product is perfect for a dog or cat I would recommend this products. It is the perfect size for chewing and he loves it. I sometimes use as a treat July 31, 2014
Blessing Our dog had become very ill and had lost so much weight you could count her ribs. She was unable to keep any food in her. Then after a seeing a ad on TV I thought I would try your dog food when I got to the store I saw you even had for sensitive stomachs. Anyhow a year later we have a plump and happy dog. We are forever grateful for such a great dog food that it has saved our beloved dog (Sasha). She goes everywhere with us and people want to know how she became so well again and of course we say Science Diet. I tell everyone this is the only food your beloved family member should eat. Be honest they are our family and deserve the best. July 28, 2014
Science diet for sensitive stomach and skin We have two pure breed GSDs, one with a very sensitive stomach and both with dry, sensitive skin. Both dogs enjoy the their food and gobble it up with nothing added to it. They have been on this food for approximately 2 1/2 months, and we are starting to notice that their skin and coat are improving, with less scratching or itching seen. We have always fed Science Diet off and on since they were puppies and now one of them is almost 14 years of age..............quite old for a GSD. July 27, 2014
Perfect for my dog My dog has both skin and stomach issues and this dog food addresses them both, His food says down and his skin is healthier. A brand I can depend on. I would never give him anything else. July 24, 2014
need smaller kibble for small dogs My 6.5 lb papillon 6 years old is on your Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula. The mother dog is on Ideal Balance Mature. I have to crush the Sensitive Stomach food in order to get my little one to eat it and have to add RX canned to it. She likes the Ideal Balance due to the small size. She will eat hers, but will head for her mothers food every chance she gets. Please make smaller kibble for the little dogs. Thanks July 15, 2014
Not convinced it's as good with the combination My dog has been eating the sensitive stomach formula for 10.5 years and with the combining the sensitive skin formula, he eats less and and seems to like it less. He does not have sensitive skin but does have a sensitive stomach so why should I feed him both formulas? I am not convinced it's a good idea and will be looking for a different brand for his sensitive stomach. The other reviews on this page are from before the combination of both formulas. July 8, 2014
Great product! I have been through several "top" brands of dog has a very sensitive stomach and seemed to get bored with food after less than a year. She would just stop eating. This food has done wonders on her GI tract and it's going on 2 years now! July 6, 2014
Excellent product. I have two senior dogs and one has a very sensitive stomach. This food totally works for her. July 3, 2014
What my dog needed My dog has had issues with a sensitive skin and stomach. He seems to be doing very well with this brand. July 1, 2014
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