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Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin 4.7 5 104 104
Wonderful product! We feed the Sensitive stomach diet in our vet clinic's kennel for those dogs that are boarding when owners don't bring their food. It helps reduce diarrhea from food changes and stress. They seem to really enjoy it. I also feed this to my personal dogs and they are thriving on this diet, plus they gobble it down quickly. I think it provides a high quality, balanced diet and love that Hills does the research to validate its products too! December 19, 2013
Awesome for dogs with sensitive stomachs! My two dogs have always had problems with their dog food upsetting their digestion. Ever since we had been on this product they have had no problems. I recommend this food to everyone! December 19, 2013
Great food for intestinal issues My Husky had always had gastrointestinal issues . I switched over to Science Diet Sensitive stomach many years ago and we have never had problems since. December 19, 2013
Perfect for my boys So impressed with this food. I have two boxers, one of them was taking Zyrtec once a day for his skin allergies and no longer has too. They will for sure be on this food for a long time. July 20, 2014
need smaller kibble for small dogs My 6.5 lb papillon 6 years old is on your Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula. The mother dog is on Ideal Balance Mature. I have to crush the Sensitive Stomach food in order to get my little one to eat it and have to add RX canned to it. She likes the Ideal Balance due to the small size. She will eat hers, but will head for her mothers food every chance she gets. Please make smaller kibble for the little dogs. Thanks July 15, 2014
Not convinced it's as good with the combination My dog has been eating the sensitive stomach formula for 10.5 years and with the combining the sensitive skin formula, he eats less and and seems to like it less. He does not have sensitive skin but does have a sensitive stomach so why should I feed him both formulas? I am not convinced it's a good idea and will be looking for a different brand for his sensitive stomach. The other reviews on this page are from before the combination of both formulas. July 8, 2014
Great product! I have been through several "top" brands of dog has a very sensitive stomach and seemed to get bored with food after less than a year. She would just stop eating. This food has done wonders on her GI tract and it's going on 2 years now! July 6, 2014
Excellent product. I have two senior dogs and one has a very sensitive stomach. This food totally works for her. July 3, 2014
What my dog needed My dog has had issues with a sensitive skin and stomach. He seems to be doing very well with this brand. July 1, 2014
Not happy with new formula Our dog used to have gastrointestinal disorders years ago until our vet suggested the sensitive stomach formula. Worked wonders UNTIL the sensitive stomach formula was combined with the sensitive skin formula. Now the vomiting is back. We've had all different tests performed and both said it's probably the new formula. It's all any of us can think of, so if new formula works for you, great, but not for us. June 23, 2014
My dogs liked "Sensitive Stomach" They wouldn't eat the "Sensitive Stomach and Skin" June 23, 2014
Mutiple Dog Household We have 2 dogs in our home. One has moderate allergy problems with skin and ears. The other has a mildly sensitive stomach. This brings the best of both worlds for our canine companions without being too costly. June 22, 2014
Excellent quality , smells fresh.. We have 3 dogs eating SD Sensitive Stomach & Skin. They are doing great on this formula . They have various issues . Overall , no more tummy rumbling , gas , soft stool . They love the kibble . I love the quality and safety of Science Diet products .. This is an excellent formula for dogs with sensitive tummies . June 17, 2014
3 Dogs 3 dogs, all using different Hills dry dog food. Weight loss, sensitive stomach, and small breed adult. The weight loss and reduction of dog treats took my lab from 60#'s to 42#. As my vet told me when it comes to treats, size does not matter so I cut a full bone into 3 pieces and with the RD weight loss dry food, it was a miracle for her to drop the 20#'s. Her weight gain cost her a cruiciate injury in her rear leg and operations are not inexpensive. Better to feed animals correct foods and limited treats along with love. June 12, 2014
Great Product!! All 3 of my dogs, 1 being a 60 lb mixed breed and the others are Yorkies, one is 3lbs and 1 is 10...they all eat and enjoy the Science Diet Sensitive Stomach...I would recommend it to anyone June 11, 2014
awesome product my dachshund was having some serious stomach issues, so my vet decided to put him on the sensitive diet food. the change was almost immediate. May 31, 2014
Great for pets with skin AND stomach issues My 6 year old pit bull has always had skin allergies and occasional upset stomach. Sensative Stomach & Skin food has really helped her with both of these issues. I'm so glad they were combined into one diet. She's a very happy dog! May 29, 2014
My dog does not like the new sensitive stomach & skin My dog loved this since we got him 2 years ago but I got the new bag Sunday and he hasn't eaten any of the new bag. So I guess it doesn't taste the same. Gonna give him a day or so more but may be leaving science diet. May 14, 2014
This product literally saved our dog This is the only product tha our dog has eaten and not had any side efeecys from like upset stomach throwing up or diaherra. This literally saved our dog after we had her on another brand and had to give her Iv fkuid at vet. I wish we couod get more coupons she has actually put on a few pouds she was always so skinny because of her breed she is on the hyper side but this has helped her so much. thank you! May 12, 2014
Recommended By Our Vet We have fed our dogs Science Diet for years and years. It was recommended by our Vet so we felt safe in using it. We have no issues with it. Our current dog, Alexa, got some Sensitive Stomach when we bought it by mistake. After that she did not like the regular Science Diet, we had to get the Sensitive Stomach for her. We are not sure if it was the taste or actually felt better on her stomach. May 10, 2014
This makes for a healthy dog! My border collie mix has been on Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for 14 years. He used to throw up frequently until switching to this food. It seems to agree with his stomach. When Science Diet combined the Sensitive Skin with the Sensitive Stomach, I noticed that he no longer was chewing his paws after being outside. His coat is healthy and shiny. Over all for a mature dog, he's extremely healthy and I believe that Science Diet has been the catalyst to his good health! May 6, 2014
5 star very happy with the skin results we have now switch our other pets to this food May 4, 2014
This dog food product is the best! Our Dalmatian has had a sensitive stomach ever since she was 5 months old and decided the green tomatoes and eggplants in our garden looked too good to resist. After getting her stomach to settle, our vet put her on the sensitive stomach food. All has been well and soon will be weaning her over to the weight control Science a Diet. May 3, 2014
Awesome! This is a new formula as sensitive skin used to be a separate bag. My dog still loves it just as much now that it's mixed with sensitive stomach. May 2, 2014
Bulldog Approved My bulldog has had many allergies in to food in the past. I searched for a brand that didn't cause him to have soars on his body- I found it with PS Sensitive stomach/skin. April 28, 2014
Great food! I have 3 dogs of various breeds and sizes. They all love this food and I have had no problems with allergies. April 27, 2014
Works great! I switched 2 of my dogs to this formula because one was having occasional vomiting and the other had soft stools fairly consistently. My vet recommended switching to this food for both of them, and it's made a world of difference. They both love it and their coats look great. The dog with occasional vomiting has not been sick on this food, and the younger one with soft stool now has formed, solid stool and there seems to be less of it as well, which is a bonus. This food is wonderful, and I'm wondering now why I didn't switch to it sooner! April 23, 2014
Helps with gas Helps my dog with gas problems, but they keep changing it, now its sensitive stomach and skin. He has a sensitive stomach and cannot handle change. This is the second time this year there has been a change. Not good...Also, this food is NEVER on sale, so it is very expensive. He loved the original bag, not as much since it has changed. April 21, 2014
my boxer my boxer had problems with orther foods since I started him on this one it has work wonderfull April 15, 2014
My dog loves this food My dog was having trouble with his first food as it was troubling his stomach. My vet suggested switching to this food several years ago and he has been fine ever since, April 10, 2014
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