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Adult Oral Care - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for dental and complete health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Oral Care 4.7 5 61 61
Helps keep teeth healthy My dog is small and needs her teeth cleaned yearly science diet oral helps keep her teeth cleaner and can go the whole year without problems November 10, 2013
Love the new Velcro closure! And the food too! The new Velcro closure does a great job sealing up the bag, I have a small dog with a small appetite and always had to transfer it to another container to keep it fresh! My dog loves this food and I think it does cut down on the tartar. I wasn't sure if she could handle the large kibble, but no problem she plays with each kernel and then crunches away on them! October 18, 2013
Loves it! Helps keep teeth clean with good nutrition too. I have been using the oral care since it first came out for all my dogs past and present. I can go much longer between teeth cleanings. It is a great product nutritionally with the bonus of cleaner teeth. A fine product from a name I trust for my dogs health. I even use it for a treat as my schnauzer loves it. Thanks Science Diet! June 29, 2013
Love this product! Both dogs eat it great, healthy hair coat, and great looking teeth. September 15, 2014
I have fed my dogs this for years and highly recommend it. It is convenient to use and the dogs like it a lot September 12, 2014
Double Duty Product/Great for mealtime AND treats! Because the kibble size is much larger than most, my three dogs enjoy the Hills Science Diet ORAL CARE dry dog food as a tasty, extra big crunch, mixed in with other dry food at mealtimes, and they eagerly gobble them up when I offer them up as treats. They thoroughly enjoy this product at any time at all ! Thanks for creating such a versatile dog food (AND treat) product ! September 8, 2014
My German Shepherd Loves Science Diet! My German Shepherd LOVES this food! It helps keep her teeth clean and healthy. I wish I could get the larger size bags since they are more economical, in stores, but can only find them online. August 28, 2014
My dogs love oral care- it is always gone when they eat I started mixing this in with their other food and they picked out the Oral Care as they love it. My only concern is it is quite expensive and rarely goes on sale at any pet store August 16, 2014
Nice dog food This is a very nice dog food, one our dog LOVES. The flavor obviously appeals to him and the price is ok. August 16, 2014
Good product Our dog loves this food and does very well with it, and the neighbor dog loves coming to our house, he can't wait to get a treat of our dogs dog food, so I gave her a coupon I had so she could get her dog to eat it from now on because he loves it and does very well with it too, so they are now off the store type. Good ending wouldn't you say? August 7, 2014
Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care My dog's love this dog food. I was concerned at first because my dogs had been on grain free, but so far no skin problems and I do believe it is helping with their Oral Care. August 7, 2014
Helps with Oral Care! My dogs love this food and I love how it helps take care of their teeth. I toss a few pieces of this in each of their bowls with each meal - combined with fairly regular teeth brushing, they have healthy teeth and less build-up. July 11, 2014
An excellent product! I use Hills Oral Care as treats for my dog. He loves them and they have reduced the tartar and plaque on his teeth significantly. July 5, 2014
Noticeably cleaner teeth! My dogs love the flavor, and beg for their oral care kibbles every day. I use these large size kibbles as treats for training and as rewards for doing their duties outside. I am already noticing how the food acts as a toothbrush and scrapes off any loose tarter from their teeth, and helps maintain a healthy and happy mouth! May 30, 2014
This is a great treat! This food makes a great treat for my dogs. It is a little large, so I think that they would get tired of chewing such large pieces if I gave it to them as their food. But for a treat; they think it is fantastic. I like the fact that it cleans the teeth unlike some other treats that they love and I like the fact it is made by a trusted source instead of a company I am unsure about. May 21, 2014
Adult Oral Care Since these pieces are larger and I have small dogs I am using these for treats. My dogs love them and they are getting their teeth cleaned at the same time. So many treats today are made in other countries and you can't trust what you are getting. Hill's is a name I can trust and my vet recommends. I feel confident giving them Oral Care and they think they are being rewarded for something. We both are happy! May 7, 2014
Good alternative to T/D I really liked this food. It's less messy (fewer crumbs) than the T/D diet, which I liked. My dogs enjoyed the food, and I gave it to them as a treat as well. The only downside I've found is the feeding guide. I really like that the T/D diet tells you how many kibbles are in a cup to make it easier to feed a small dog. The Oral Care does not, and the kibbles are large enough that measuring out my small dog's portion was difficult. I wish the feeding guide gave the number of kibbles per cup like T/D does. Otherwise, great food! May 5, 2014
Great food, dog loves it. The kibbles looked pretty large at first, but they are supposed to bite into it and crunch it up, which my dog does with gusto! It seems to be basted in something that my dog really likes and he took to it right away. He likes it a bit too much maybe because some of the time he just swallows them whole (what a pig!). However, I feel when he does bite into it is is scraping his teeth, thus "brushing" them in a way. I feel good feeding him this as it has all the quality I have come to expect in a Science Diet product. May 2, 2014
Dogs loved it Both of my dogs loved this food. I was surprised because they usually prefer small chunks. They pushed all other food out of the way so they could just eat the Oral Care food. April 30, 2014
It really works and my dogs really love it! It's hard to find one dog food that both my dogs will eat, but they both really like this. And I noticed an improvement in their breath immediately. I am really happy with this food because it actually does what it's supposed to do AND they like it! April 29, 2014
Oral care - I use these as treats I feed my dogs these as treats. The smaller velcro bag is awesome! They are great especially if you have a dog that mainly eats canned food - these add a bit of crunch to help clean their teeth instead of a "milk bone" type treat. These are much healthier and my dogs love them. The only complaint I have is that they should also come in a smaller size for really small dogs. I have to cut them in half for a few of my dogs that cannot get their mouths around a whole one. I definitely recommend them! April 26, 2014
Several improvements have been noted with this product We went to a nutritionist at our veterinary clinic. Our goldens feces were often very soft and very foul-smelling. I hate to say it but it times he would put it in his mouth. When we switched to oral plus his stool became more solid with significantly less odor. Presumably some of this is because of the increased fiber in the oral plus. He loves the food and all problems have been resolved. April 25, 2014
Please bring back the old recipe!! We've used Oral Care for years and our dogs love it. It definitely helps their teeth and breath. The dogs don't like the new recipe - please bring back the old one!! April 23, 2014
Best Dog Food First of all this was recommended by my Vet. We've had small breeds in the past, usually Cocker Spaniels. This time we have 2 Maltese. Our dogs not only love this food, but have EXCELLENT Teeth! Look at the ingredients... the first mentioned is "Chicken".... not "Chicken Meal" etc. like most dog foods. Chicken Meal is skin, flesh and bone of chickens etc..... its the "etc." part that bothers me. I highly recommend this dog food for your dog. It's a little pricy, but you get what you pay for. April 22, 2014
Good Food I feed this to my Papillon in addition to brushing her teeth in order to help keep her mouth plaque free! She enjoys the food, her teeth are all looking good, her coat is thick and soft, and she seems to be doing great overall so I'm happy with the product! April 8, 2014
great product we have fed this product to our bichon frise as a treat, over and above his regular diet, since he was a puppy. over his lifetime his teeth have always gotten good reports at the time of his annual check-ups. he is now 12 1/2 years old, has never had to have his teeth cleaned and has no tooth decay problems. we now have a 1 1/2 year old bichon/shih-Tzu, mix, she loves it too. this has been and hopefully will continue to be a great product for pets and there owners. sincerely, gene March 17, 2014
Recommended Great Product for Value. I have used several products and I am satisfied. December 28, 2013
My dog couldn't get enough of it! It's an excellent way to give my dog the nutrition I want with the taste he wants and has the bonus of helping with oral care. December 23, 2013
5 Start Product The product is very palatable and you can significantly notice a difference in breath. December 22, 2013
My Bichon LOVES this food! Was feeding my 3-yr old Bichon another brand of lamb, meal & rice dry dog food. Noticed a little discoloration on a couple of her teeth. Purchased the Adult Oral Care dry food, mixing it with her old food. She ate all of the Adult Oral Care food, leaving the old food behind. Did this everytime I tried to mix the food. She LOVES the Adult Oral Care. All she wants to eat. After the second bag, her teeth look GREAT! Wish it was sold in a bigger size bag! November 22, 2013
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