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Adult Oral Care - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for dental and complete health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Oral Care 4.7 5 40 40
Helps keep teeth healthy My dog is small and needs her teeth cleaned yearly science diet oral helps keep her teeth cleaner and can go the whole year without problems November 10, 2013
Love the new Velcro closure! And the food too! The new Velcro closure does a great job sealing up the bag, I have a small dog with a small appetite and always had to transfer it to another container to keep it fresh! My dog loves this food and I think it does cut down on the tartar. I wasn't sure if she could handle the large kibble, but no problem she plays with each kernel and then crunches away on them! October 18, 2013
Loves it! Helps keep teeth clean with good nutrition too. I have been using the oral care since it first came out for all my dogs past and present. I can go much longer between teeth cleanings. It is a great product nutritionally with the bonus of cleaner teeth. A fine product from a name I trust for my dogs health. I even use it for a treat as my schnauzer loves it. Thanks Science Diet! June 29, 2013
Good Food I feed this to my Papillon in addition to brushing her teeth in order to help keep her mouth plaque free! She enjoys the food, her teeth are all looking good, her coat is thick and soft, and she seems to be doing great overall so I'm happy with the product! April 8, 2014
great product we have fed this product to our bichon frise as a treat, over and above his regular diet, since he was a puppy. over his lifetime his teeth have always gotten good reports at the time of his annual check-ups. he is now 12 1/2 years old, has never had to have his teeth cleaned and has no tooth decay problems. we now have a 1 1/2 year old bichon/shih-Tzu, mix, she loves it too. this has been and hopefully will continue to be a great product for pets and there owners. sincerely, gene March 17, 2014
Recommended Great Product for Value. I have used several products and I am satisfied. December 28, 2013
My dog couldn't get enough of it! It's an excellent way to give my dog the nutrition I want with the taste he wants and has the bonus of helping with oral care. December 23, 2013
5 Start Product The product is very palatable and you can significantly notice a difference in breath. December 22, 2013
My Bichon LOVES this food! Was feeding my 3-yr old Bichon another brand of lamb, meal & rice dry dog food. Noticed a little discoloration on a couple of her teeth. Purchased the Adult Oral Care dry food, mixing it with her old food. She ate all of the Adult Oral Care food, leaving the old food behind. Did this everytime I tried to mix the food. She LOVES the Adult Oral Care. All she wants to eat. After the second bag, her teeth look GREAT! Wish it was sold in a bigger size bag! November 22, 2013
new velcro seal I have always fought with the resealable bag closures and invariably gave up and transferred the food to a plastic tote. The new velcro close bags are WONDERFUL!!!!! November 7, 2013
Great tasting food with additional health benefits I have a 7 pound dog with tiny features, but the only food she will eat is the oral care. Even though the chunks are large, she chomps away at it until it is gone. The vet has commented on her teeth. It really helps keep her mouth cleaner. October 21, 2013
My two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love Hills kibble Not only do our dogs like the Oral Care dry food but it does reduce the amount of plaque and tartare on their teeth which subsequently reduces dental treatments by our vet, and saves me money. September 30, 2013
Great for our dogs teeth & gums! I use the oral care for a treat with their regular food. They each get 2-oral cares with their food in the morning and also 2-oral cares with their evening meal. The oral care is great for the dogs teeth and gums and they all love them too!!!!!!!!!! September 29, 2013
Adult Oral Care I give these as treats for my GSD. He looks forward to it daily and enjoys the taste, crunch, and treat! September 28, 2013
Good for the Choppers Though my dog, Sally, is perfect in every way, her teeth are not. She has teeth without any enamel and, on the others, it's very thin. My vet recommended Oral Care after having her teeth cleaned 7 years ago and it really has helped over the years to minimize the tarter buildup. It must taste pretty darn good too because there's never any left after dinner time. September 28, 2013
does a good job the oral care formula does help cut down on the breath smell some but does not take it away completely. It does make cats breath more tolerable. September 26, 2013
Unbelieveable! We've been using Oral Care for our dogs since they were pups... We just brought our 13 year old dog to the vet for her annual check-up, and the vet was AMAZED at how clean her teeth were!! Attached is the pretty girl showing off her pearly whites :) September 26, 2013
Amazing food! I was once demonstrated this kibble's capabilities at a seminar. I was so amazed that I knew my dog needed this kibble. I've been feeding it for just over four months now. I hardly see any plaque build up when I brush my dog's teeth now. And his breath has greatly improved. Keep up the great work! September 22, 2013
My dogs love this ! I My dogs seem to enjoy this product. I do monitor their oral health and this product seems to help. Kudos for the velcro strip for opening and closing the bag! Thank you for putting on the bag! July 29, 2013
LOVE THIS!! I absolutley love this food for my dog and my dog loves the taste. I like that it helps her dental care and keeps her pearly whites shining! July 10, 2013
The Oral Care It's A Treat And Game I have 2 older miniature Dachshunds. My 15yr old takes one and throws it up in the air a few times then finally will eat, My 13yr old takes one and dares the other to take it away from him. It is a joyful sight to see them play and how much they love the oral care food they think its a real treat. June 29, 2013
Outstanding Product My dog absolutely LOVES Science Diet Oral Care and gobbles up every last morsel! Our veterinarian noticed an improvement in the health of my dog's teeth and I couldn't be happier with the product. I also LOVE the new Velcro seal. Nice addition! February 27, 2013
Heid loves it My 5 year old dog loves this stuff. I noticed her teeth are getting yucky and I have noticed they appear whiter since she has been eating this and her dog breath isn't as pungent. August 19, 2012
Bad breath I got this because my dog loves coming and panting right in my face. Let's just say his breath was pretty rancid. Since he has been eating the Oral Care I can't smell his breath anymore. His teeth are a very pretty white as well. My only complaint is that the food only comes in the really big bag or the really small bag. I wish they sold a medium sized bag. June 26, 2012
Oral - Treats! Orals are great at doing their job and they make great treats. June 4, 2012
Orals Orals make a great mid-day snack. They clean the teath and fill the belly! June 4, 2012
Oral Care is A-Okay Oral care made our "Gulper" slow down and enjoy her food. She has less stomach issues and cleaner teeth now. June 1, 2012
Oral - Treats! Our vet recommended Orals for our pup because she has bad teeth. They were a hit, but she wanted them all of the time. So to fix the problem, the Orals became her treats. She's happy! June 1, 2012
Orals Around our house, it's simply known as Orals. They are big and must big chewed. We use them as treats and they are highly droolable. June 1, 2012
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