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Adult Healthy Mobility™ - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition to improve mobility & joint health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Mobility™ 4.9 5 37 37
proven results I have a 1 yr old male great Pyrenees that already has hip dysplasia and bad knees. the vet recommended this formula along with some routine med treatment, I have seen a great improvement in mobility. I have a female Pyrenees that is healthy, she eats this as well. well worth the money to see my young dog be able to thrive and live a happy dog life. December 13, 2013
McCabe loves Science Diet I just rescued a new Cocker. He is 4 years old and Blind. When I gave him the Hill's Science Diet Mobility, it smelled sooo good, I didn't have to show him where the bowl was. He loves it and begs for more. July 18, 2013
Great food my three legged dog!! This has been the best food for my three legged dog. A few months ago I noticed she was limping more than usual and was more stiff after playing around. Instead of putting her on daily medication I decided to try Healthy Mobility. After about a month I saw a significant improvement in her stride. I have recommended this food to a few people and they have the same results! Way to go Science Diet!! May 16, 2012
Healthy in her golden years We adopted our Pru 9 years ago and we do not know what we ever did without her. We noticed though that at 11 she is not as mobile as she used to be and that concerned us. Pru loves to play Frisbee and take a dip in the lake on hot and humid days. Lately though, she just did not have the energy to do either. We took her to our Vet who suggested that this would be the perfect product for her health wise and energy wise. Now once again, she can play her favorite game and take those nice cool dips in the hot summer sun. September 10, 2014
good food for healthy dogs I have two active Border Collies. They both love the taste of Hill's Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility dry food. I love the fact that they are both receiving excellent nutrition along with the added benefit of healthy ingredients that increase joint health and mobility. Thanks for the great food options Science Diet! September 7, 2014
My dog loves this food My Dog only eats this food. I have tried other products, but this is the best one. September 2, 2014
This product is wonderful After trying a few different brands of dry food, we decided to give Science Diet a try with our great dane. This is the first brand she hasn't turned her nose up at. We recently switched from the original Science Diet to the Healthy Mobility, as our dane is now 6 years old and her needs have changed. I love that the food has added nutrients to help support her joints, which was a major concern of ours being that she is a large breed dog. She seems to like the Healthy Mobility even more than the Original, which is wonderful! I also feel like the price is well worth it for the quality of the product. July 25, 2014
My pet eats as treats! My pet needs to loose 4 pounds. She is a staffy bull who is a hunger monster & as of 2 weeks ago she loved the Perfect Weight formula as a treat! The kibble is a little bit bigger kibble which means feeding her less as a treat. We will keep you posted on her progress, Hill's Team! Thank you for the great product! April 14, 2014
My dog is thriving on this food and is very healthy My dog has been on this food for 1 1/2 years. he is healthy and his coat shines. March 26, 2014
This product has made a big difference in my dog's mobility My 10 year old mini schnauzer developed symptoms including lethargy, stomach upset and inability to jump up on the couch. I went online searching for answers and came across a review for Science Diet's Adult Healthy Mobility. It sounded like my dog was experiencing similar symptoms as the dogs in the reviews. I decided to purchase the Adult Healthy Mobility and hope for the best. After about two weeks I noticed a big difference in the way my dog was moving. He didn't seem to be in as much pain and was once again able to jump up on the couch. Every day he got better and he was back to his old self. I am so grateful that I found this food for him and would recommend it to anyone who's dog is having similar problems. March 15, 2014
Dry dog food It is convenient to get at my area vet clinic, plus they variety if I need to get to get something else. March 11, 2014
lifesaver for my cavalier King Charles, Rocky We started Rocky on JD when he began showing early signs of arthritis at 4 years old. After about a month of JD, he was a different dog. Running up stairs, jumping on the sofa. I know we have delayed the use of an NSAID thanks to JD- can't thank you enough! February 26, 2014
Happy Basset Hounds My wife and I have Basset Hound (we are on number 5, 6, and 7) and we always feed them Healthy Mobility at the recommendation of our vet. It really helps with their quality of life and their disposition. Eventually when they get older we then feed the the j/d prescription diet. Wonderful food helps wonderful dogs! February 13, 2014
Great features I like the idea of having an over the counter food that contains lots of Omega 3 fatty acids, and that is cost efficient. December 23, 2013
like the joint supplements added Good product but bag size is smaller than mist of your other products. 30 pounds vs 35 to 40 pound bags. December 15, 2013
Amazing Difference My boxer has arthritis in one leg. She was limping and tapping her foot until about week 2 on the Joint Diet. She is now running and jumping and back to her old self again! Switching her to the Joint Diet was the best decision I could have made for my sweet boxer girl. October 22, 2013
Tasty and great for my FHO dog! My dog has been on science diet since I got him, but has always been a picky eater. He just isn't food driven. But he actually LIKES this food! It is a little less dry than the others because of the fish oil and he loves it! It is really important for I'm to have this kind because of the natural anti- inflammatory from the fish oil added in correct amounts since he is at risk for arthritis due to his FHO he had to have when I got him. Please keep up this quality food! And keep it tasty so my boy will eat it! October 10, 2013
Seems to help with weight and mobility, but very expensive. Our Border Collie has pain in his hip joint and this dog food has seemed to help some. He has also lost quite a bit of weight with the food. However, it is very expensive and the coupons offered can only be gotten on-line a certain number of times. I think the price is outrageous. September 9, 2013
Helps my Rott with her mobility My Rottweiler is 11 1/2 years old and I have been feeding her the mobility Science Diet non prescription dry dog food for 3 years and I would not feed her anything else. Just wish they would issue coupons periodically, it is an expensive dog food when you have a large dog!! September 8, 2013
Wonderful Food I received a bag of Science Diet Mobility food I won in a contest. My dog Niko really enjoyed the taste. She seemed to be more mobile and playful when she was eating Science Diet Mobility food. May 22, 2013
Healthy Mobility is an excellent food for my Chewy! :) My chocolate lab Chewy had knee surgery 2 years ago to correct Patellar Luxation, and he needs to take glucosamine and chondrition to keep the repair healthy. SD Healthy Mobility is awesome!! Chewy LOVES it (he wolfs it down), is a quality product, and I really believe it contributed to his full recovery. He's doing great! It is an expensive food, so I try to buy it on sale with a coupon, but other than that I am very happy with this product! May 9, 2013
My dalamtion loves it!! Amber, our Dalmatian loves this food!! She is kind of fussy eater. Believe it or not, she loves fruits and raw vegetables but she is very picky about the dog food. I think she loves the fish oil smell of this product, so it gets gobbled down quickly :) August 21, 2012
Great Toby loves this stuff Good for him he cant wait till it gets in his bowl August 19, 2012
Great product. I have an 11 month old Shepherd mix who absolutely LOVES this food. She eats the whole bowl in minutes and is always wanting more!! I decided to start feeding her this because she only has three legs, and the extra supplements help with the fact that she has one less leg to support all her weight. July 13, 2012
Will not switch to any other brand Our Boxer is 3 years old. She loves the taste and size. This food leaves her coat so silky smooth and she loves to get out and run. Would recommend this product for all dog owners. We buy a different type of ScienceDiet for our 10 year old pug and she she moves like she is 3 with a healthy coat of hair. Love the products ScienceDiet!! June 26, 2012
Great My dog has more flexabitlity and just loves the taste! May 25, 2012
My 3-legged Dog Loves Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility! I feed my dog, Champ Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility. I adopted Champ 5 years ago from the SPCA, one week after the SPCA doctor removed a hind leg that was injured when a car hit him. My vet recommended that I start Champ on Glucosamine the minute I brought him home, to minimize the effects of arthritis in later years. Since I fed my previous dogs Hill's Science Diet formula, I was excited to learn that Hill's offered a "healthy mobility" formula that would be perfect for Champ. He has been eating Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility since his first birthday and 5 years later, Champ is a healthy, thriving, rambunctious 3-legged dog that can run as well as or better than any 4-legged dog. I am convinced that Science Diet Adult Healthy Mobility is the reason for that! May 22, 2012
This dogfood is excellent This dogfood is excellent,and I also give both my dogs as treats in between meals. Highly recommend May 17, 2012
My dogs love mealtime with science diet Having two cocker spaniels that are more like kids than pets, I only want to feed them the best. With science diet healthy mobility, I know that is what they are receiving. May 16, 2012
The right size bites and texture to satisfy my dog My Lab has been very satisfied and happy with this food. He loves the size, texture and taste of his food. May 16, 2012
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