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Adult Light - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for a light, healthy lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light 4.9 5 66 66
Dog loves and owner approved I was recommended to put my dog, a 7-year-old male American Eskimo on Hill's Science Diet Light by my local veterinarian as a low calorie diet. We switched him immediately from a big name dog food brand from the grocery store to Hill's Science Diet and I'll never go back! At almost 11 years old, my "Biscuit" is still going strong on his Hill's Science Diet Light! Thank you!!! December 8, 2013
I am happy and my pets are healthy It seems like my yellow lab looks at food and gains a pound. I put him on science Diet Adult light and without having to change the amount I was giving his vet said he was down to his ideal weight after about three months. He's continued on that food and has maintained his ideal weight beautifully. I also have a cat who is on Hill's prescription diet for joint health and I'm so happy that he loves it considering he refuses to take any other kinds of joint support meds and he has gone through hip surgery. Overall, I'm very pleased with Hill's products. November 4, 2013
Keeping them fit and trim I have two senior dogs. A lab and a beagle mix. Both dogs have tendencies to be overweight. I know it is not good for there bones so...I feed them SD light. They are both a normal weight,healthy and act like puppies. September 27, 2013
Great diet dog food Sophie is a cocker spaniel that weighed 35 lbs a year ago. We started Hill's Science Diet Light and she is back to 24 pounds within a year! April 7, 2014
Best for my Boxer We have tried many different kinds of food to keep our 2 year old Boxer from getting too hungry or gaining weight. She also had abnormal bowel movements with every food except for Hill's Science Diet. I picked this one originally because of the Boxer on the bag and it was a great decision. February 5, 2014
My little dog loves Science Diet Light Boo has been eating Science Diet since he was a puppy. We switched to the Light recipe when he began to put on a bit too much weight. He certainly does love to eat - it's a constant battle with the scale. He gobbles up every bit of food that goes in his dish so that must be a vote of confidence. December 31, 2013
Excellent Product! My 12 year old shepard mix had gained some extra weight that was making her arthritis worse so I switched her to adult light and was able to get her to lose 16 pounds and return to a healthy weight. I recommend this product to anyone with an overweight pet. December 20, 2013
Would recommend My 2 furry girls really enjoy this food. Just took them in for their yearly check up and both received a thumps up. November 30, 2013
Great health benefits My dogs love this food and it helps keep them in shape. I like that they are still getting the nutrition they need, without gaining or losing any weight. It's perfect! Every time my vet asks what food I'm feeding them, she says "perfect" when I tell her its science diet. I must be doing something right :) November 1, 2013
excellent product I started giving Science Diet Light to my dog and she loves it. I used to give her store brand food, but she would never finish it and when I switched I noticed the difference. I will never switch back to store brand food again. She has also seem to have more energy. October 21, 2013
seems to fit well after much research I found this to be the best available product for the money. " Barney seems to like it & he feels good. previous food gave him runny stools frequently. not so with hills. October 2, 2013
This product has been our choice for 3 years Our Sunny is a 41/2 year old yellow lab. She has always had weight problem. This Adult Light food has been the best we have used to help her with her weight. Thanks for the great dog food September 26, 2013
Great taste my best friend enjoys My best friend, Coco, is big for a yellow lab, 95 lbs. Vet recommended him two type of diets, Adult lights, and the other Metabolic diet. They're both excellent. I have not been using anything but Hill's Science Diet over the years. Thank you for making a wide range of selections so that my best friend can enjoy them. Daniel September 14, 2013
Happy dog, happy mom My dog likes this dog food. She needs healthy dog food to stay in good shape. It fills her up also. September 11, 2013
This product has help keep the love of my life my best friend healthy! My best friend is a pitbull mix, she is white and brindle and the best dog on earth! She just turned 7 years old this past Tuesday. Since bringing her home through rescue at 6 weeks we have kept her on Science Diet food. She has remained healthy and happy that shows from the inside out. Recently I lost my job due to the economy and was forced to purchase a less expensive food. Right away we began to see a difference in her activity and in her coat and apprence. She developed allergies and other problems as well. I made the choice to sacrifice my own food quality to better hers. I began to feed her science diet again. In less than a month her allergies were begging to clear and she was quickly back on the road to herself. I can't ask more of the quality of life Hills has given my family. Thank you. September 9, 2013
Consistency and availability. My 2 dogs have had nothing but Science Diet, 14 and 9 years each. They prefer the original flavor, regular bite. Seems that the small bites has a different color and flavor than reg bites. I feel they need consistency in their diet and they thrive on Hills Science Diet. We are very satisfied with the product. If one of dogs has a skin/digestive problem, there is a product for that too. September 9, 2013
Great for maintaining weight My senior dachshund is currently eating this food as has enjoyed it for over a year now. He became very overweight and was put on Hill's r/d in order to lose the excess weight safely, and once he reached his goal weight he has been eating this to maintain and has done very well. His coat looks great, he has a great amount of energy for his age, and he LOVES eating it. I really enjoy feeding my dogs a food that has the research behind it by using Hills/ScienceDiet/Ideal Balance products. September 7, 2013
Great product for the price My dog loves it. She is a chocolate lab and with all labs they have a weight problem, so this food keeps it under control. She does get a lot of exercise, but tends to gain weight easily and this food keeps her trim. August 20, 2013
My shelter dog loves this food I have fed my dog, Annie, Science Diet light for 4 years and she has thrived on it. Loves it. Always cleans her bowl. My Veterinarian sells your products. She also loves the SD apple treats. August 17, 2013
Great Food My Australian Shepherd has been overweight since he got neutered. We switched him from advanced fitness to the light formula after talking to a hill's representative. He will eat just about anything, but he really likes this food. My other Aussie even tries to sneak and get some of it! I think it is worth the money over grocery brands. The biggest bag usually lasts him longer than a month. I have seen conversion of fat to muscle, and he seems to be enjoying himself more. Would definitely recommend this food to other overweight or prone-to dogs. July 17, 2013
Great Food! I have recently switched my dog to this food and she loves it and it helps keep her lean body fit head to toe! I love it if she loves it. Great job Hills! July 10, 2013
She's loosing weight! After being on steroids for 9 months for an autoimmune disorder, our Italian Greyhound had gained 8 lbs. She needed to loose weight since her skinny legs couldn't handle the excess weight. In the month since being on the light food, she has lost 1.5 lbs! We are pleased with her progress. July 5, 2013
Fantastic. I adopted a dachshund puppy at the pound. He was never an active puppy, and ended up gaining weight really fast. So I took him off of puppy food and started him on an adult diet; he continued to gain the weight. I tried several different brands of "light" dog foods and walking him on a regular basis, to try to avoid having a fat puppy. It has been roughly six months since he has been on Science Diet, and he reached his ideal weight about two months ago; weighing in at 18 pounds, starting at 27 pounds (at his worst), my puppy is full grown and healthy and active. I love this food for several reasons: Hill Pet has amazing promos to make this food very cost effective, my dog loves it, his coat is shinier than ever and very active, which is a nice change from his usual docile attitude. June 30, 2013
My dog is 10 years old, i am feeding her this food and she has lost 10 pounds. She likes this food and iam happy to see she can walk much better. I really like hills science. My dog love it and she has lost 10 pounds. She can walk much better and now we can enjoy to go for a walk everyday. I recomend this food if you need your dog to lose some pounds. June 30, 2013
great to help with weight loss! We have 3 dogs and two had a weight issue. At the vets recommendation, she gave us 3 "light" dry foods to choose from and we chose to try the Science Diet Light and the dogs love it, we give it to all 3, and the best part of all is the two "chunky" girls dropped significant weight to be in the right weight and have maintained that for about a year now! I wish they had something like this for me! Highly recommend this for weight loss in your beloved companions! June 29, 2013
Helped my dog lose weight This dog food helped my overweight dog go from 46 lbs to 38.7 lbs. (less than the veterinarian's recommended weight of 40lbs). My dog loves it! June 29, 2013
this product is very good This product is very good and healthy for my dog and she loves it. April 2, 2013
Nothing less than the best! I refuse to buy any other dog food. My dogs love this food and I love that it is so good for them! August 20, 2012
She can't get enough! I recently switched my dog to this and she loves it! Its the first "diet" food that she is excited to eat and finishes the bowl immediately. She has never been a good eater and with this I feed her and she eats it everytime. She also seems to have more energy. July 8, 2012
Keeps my dogs healthy & easy to groom. I have been using this product for 14 years and I can not believe the gorgious coats on all my dogs. I get asked all the time how I keep them so well groomed, it's easy when their coats are so manageable. The shine to them is my favorite part. They are very active, healthy & maintain a consistant wieght. I just lost my oldest Golden Retriever at the age of 14 1/2 years, I contribute alot of his long life to good food and that is why I will continue to feed my other 2 Goldens this product. Thanks Hills! June 14, 2012
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