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Adult Healthy Mobility™ Large Breed - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition to improve mobility & joint health in large breed dogs
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Mobility™ Large Breed 4.7 5 39 39
Great product Really helping my lab with a cruciate tear! She has been getting around much better, and being more active December 20, 2013
Very Glad I Decided To Try Food A Little More Expensive It took about four weeks for my sweet eleven year old chocolate lab to show positive results in her increased mobility but the wait was worth it. She has to be in less pain and I am very happy I paid the extra for Hill's Science. October 30, 2013
Wonderful For Large Breeds My two year old Newfoundland was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age. Before she was two years old, she had torn her CCL and both of her menisci were shredded. Unfortunately, she had to have surgery and both of her menisci were removed along with a tight rope repair. Since starting healthy mobility her hips have improved as well as her knees. She is once again playful, and longing for her walks and romps. She used to struggle when trying to get up from a laying position; she struggles no more. Prior to using healthy mobility, she ate Science Diet Sensitive Skin due to allergies, her allergies have not flared up since starting Healthy Mobility over a year ago.I love the product, it is however a little on the pricey side, but is worth it to ensure healthy joints. June 29, 2013
My dogs and I love it. This product has improved my dogs' coats, mobility, smell and attitude. July 16, 2014
this product works! am feeding my lab jd dry food and have noticed a huge difference. he is able to get up and down much easier, plays a little more than he used to, and is not as uncomfortable as he was. I mix the dry food with some canned food (dry has a mediciny smell), and he eats it twice a day. I noticed a difference in him within a few days of beginning his feedings, and am very pleased with the results.his mobility has definitely improved, and we will continue with the jd. just wish we could get it somewhere other than our vet. I think other pet owners with mobility issues should give it a try. June 9, 2014
Keeps our dog healthy! Our Golden Retriever is 13 years old now and has been eating Hill's Science Diet for her whole life. We have been blessed to have her for this period of time and thank Hill's for keeping her healthy. May 3, 2014
very good product although pricey After our 3 years old rotty was diagnosed with severe arthritis in both hips, he was prescribed Hill's Science JD formula. Five years later he is still getting around well with no hip surgery! April 19, 2014
Has definite benefits There have been noticeable benefits for our lab since switching to this food! Much less shedding and less tarter on her teeth. March 29, 2014
Longer Heathier Life Our 14 year old Rottweiler, Timber, has been on Science Diet practically her entire life. We are convinced that is what has allowed her to remain happy and healthy. Our vet is amazed at the quality of her life. She is vibrant and active to this day. Thank you for helping her age so well. Kelly Schmidt March 24, 2014
Keeps the Old Guy Young! My 14 year old lab loves this food and is getting around better than ever. January 9, 2014
Perfect Dog Food for my German Shepherd Our German Shepherd has a sensitive stomach and is not able to eat too many of the dry dog food brands. Science Diet Dry for Large Breeds has been perfect for his digestion and overall health. At one point our vet switched us to a higher priced dry food specifically for GSDs and our shepherd could not tolerate the richer food. His stools were no longer firm and he seemed less active. We immediately switched back to SD and will never switch again. Our dog loves his dry food. He also had surgery for a hip problem when he was little and he remains as active as any other dog, i know he has more hip mobility due to his Science Diet regiment. November 19, 2013
It's Worth the Price! I've been feeding my dogs this food for about a year now. We mix it 2 cups/1 cup with other dog food (2 cups of Hill's, 1 cup of another brand). They like the taste, and we've noticed that they eat less with the Hill's because it's precisely measured out for them. Their bodies also seem to be retaining more of the good nutrients, and so there isn't as much waste on the ground. My dogs' vet said their body condition score was 'perfect', and I really attribute this to the fact that we are feeding Hill's as part of their daily diet. As a veterinary technician, I can definitely recommend any type of Hill's to clients. The cost may be a little higher than traditional brands, but in my mind you use up far less of the Hill's over time because your animals need less of it! November 10, 2013
Quality Ingredients This dog food has everything you could ever need in a dry dog food. It has high quality ingredients and the added joint supplements have helped my aging Labrador immensely. I have two Labs on this food. The 7 year old has been getting it for several years to help slow down the aging joints process. Thank you Hills Science Diet for making this awesome dog food. September 26, 2013
Great overall product & value This dog food is the best. I mix it with the lamb & rice to give my dog the best of both worlds, she loves it ... Clean bowl every time ... August 21, 2012
Only product we use Our golden retriever had surgery for a torn ACL 2 years ago, and our vet recommended this after surgery. It has become the only food we give our dog. This is full of the supplements for joint health- Glucosamine, Omega 3's and Chondroitin's. Our dog is fully recovered from her surgery, and has no problems with arthritis or dysplasia. Highly recommended for larger dogs that are prone to these conditions. We won't feed our dog anything else! August 14, 2012
I'd never feed my dogs anything else. I've raised 3 large breed dogs on Science Diet and we've all enjoyed their great health, shiny coats and long lives! A Vet I worked for 25 years ago recommended and sold only S.D. and the Vet we go to now does the same. June 26, 2012
helped with his limp started feeding mobility shortly after it was first introduced. My senior dobie was limping. It really helped his limp. He is 13 yrs. old now and doing pretty good for an old fellow. June 11, 2012
Healthy hips Golden Retrievers are prone to hip problems so we feed ours Hill's Science Diet Healthy Mobility to give him the best diet we can with hip health in mind. May 21, 2012
Helps keep my older dog looking and acting younger! I've been feeding my German Shepherd Hills Science Diet since 2003 and now that he's 9 yrs. old, he's been eating healthy mobility for two years. No one can believe what great shape he's in; still acts like a puppy and is full of energy. No signs of arthritis and he's fit and trim. Science Diet is the only food I would feed any pet I may have in the future! May 21, 2012
This product is good for my pets I can tell a difference when my pets are on "Healthy Mobility". They are more active, energetic and playful. May 19, 2012
Newman is healthy and handsome I've been feeding my Newfoundland, Newman, now 3 years old, Hills diet for large breed dogs since I adopted him at 8 weeks old. His joints are great, his weight is perfect, he's alert and active, and his coat is gorgeous. I couldn't ask for more. May 18, 2012
More endurance and mobility for working dogs. I have 3 search and rescue dogs and been feeding Healthy Mobility for over 2 years. The dogs have shown more drive, endurance, and adaptable to the environment of the area their are searching. May 18, 2012
Great for athletic dogs We have a 75 pound Chocolate Lab who is very active and athletic. However, we were noticing a "clicking" sound in her joints and the vet recommended this product. Within a few weeks of starting Healthy Mobility, the clicking was greatly reduced. Definitely recommend for dogs with joint concerns. May 18, 2012
A Happy Lab Our 4 year old Black Lab, Trooper, absolutely Loves his Healthy Mobility. Every day he waits by the bag, tail waging, waiting for his dinner. His coat is so healthy and glossy. We feel good knowing it is so healthy and even better that he loves Science Diet, and it shows in everything he does. May 17, 2012
Helped my dog Ivan, our golden retriever was having hip problems so we tried science diet healthy mobility. He has been on it for over a year now and is no longer having hip problems!! May 17, 2012
watch out i have 3 large dogs. A rott, and 2 huskys.. only the male didnt loose wight to the point you could see ribs. they started acting like they were starving. i think this food is ok for some, but be ware that it is not for all! May 17, 2012
Great to show her how much you love her Our beloved Penny, age 5 developed cancer a year ago. She had surgery and is now doing great. Our vet suggested healthy mobility, since she was a very picky eater. No more picky eater. She is a Boxer/Pitt mix and really tall. We had to get a lock for the dog food container because she was sneaking midnight snacks. She loves the food and is thriving on it. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. Our vet said that it will keep her going and healthy for the longest time. May 17, 2012
No doubt it must be tasty My 4 year old lab has been on this food for over a year. We switched due to manufacturing problems with prior food. She took to it immediately and looks forward to each meal. Her energy level is not compromised and she continues to be healthy and happy. May 17, 2012
My dogs love it I have a 6 year old male and a 1 year old female labredor retriever. they both love this food, and it helps the older dog play and keep up with the younger dog. It is a great product. May 16, 2012
Great for joint health and great coat! I feed my black lab this and it has helped with his mobility and his coat is so shiny! He loves to eat it! Only down side is that my dog did gain a little weight when starting out on this diet, but we have it under control! May 16, 2012
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