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Adult Healthy Mobility™ Small Bites - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition in a smaller kibble to improve mobility & joint health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Healthy Mobility™ Small Bites 4.8 5 52 52
Helped my dog walk normally! My chihuahua, Peanut, has an old leg injury that makes him limp in cold weather. Since I switched him to this food he's been walking better, playing, and even jumping around and chasing my other chihuahua! He lives the taste and does a funny little dance when I'm getting his food ready. Thanks, Science Diet! October 5, 2013
"it works" This product is awesome and truly works. My dog had joint problems with her back legs and she refused to take her supplemnts. I swithched from her previous Science Diet food to Healthy Mobility and within a few weeks I noticed a remarkable difference. She has yet to show signs of joint problems and she is acting like a pup all over again. It is also good for my heart. Buy, believe, and Be blown away! September 26, 2013
Renewed Vitality at 15 Years Ella, our 15 year old Dachshund, has been on Science Diet since she began eating at 6 weeks. When she developed joint issues several years ago we started her on "Healthy Mobility". There was 100% improvement in her movement and vitality immediately. She seemed to have a new lease on life. Ella hasn't eaten anything else since we started her on this several years ago. I've told everyone I know about the "Healthy Mobility" and what it has done for our pet. Ella says "Thank You!" July 21, 2013
Helps my dog with his walk Helps with dog with his walk Makes him more lively September 11, 2014
AMAZING Food for my DOMINO, he loves it! My dog begs for his food every single day. Sometimes he cries for more. August 31, 2014
Science Diet brands My dog will eat pretty much anything so I like to make sure that she gets only what is good for her... Science Diet offers many choices at reasonable prices (as long as you don't buy from the Vets office). July 18, 2014
Healthy Mobility Small Bites is a great product! My little dog is young but is already showing some issues with joint health. His vet recommended Hill's Science Diet Small Bites Healthy Mobility and my baby loves it! I even use it as his "treat" when rewarding positive behaviors...he will fetch, sit, and stay for a nibble of that stuff lol.... I've been very satisfied with this product overall and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a small dog. I like that the food's formula has glucosamine & chondroitin in it as opposed to me supplementing his diet with it. July 6, 2014
3 Schnauzer's I have 3 Schnauzer's at various ages and we have tried several different brands of dry dog food and they would not eat it very well...we always had to doctor it up so they would eat it. We decided to try Hill's brand and they all LOVE it...they eat it right a way and it has good things in it.....thanks May 21, 2014
Senior Dog acts like a puppy! We have a 14 year old dachshund who had been having problems with joint pain. She would not run around and play. We changed her food to Science Diet Healthy mobility and she acts like she did when she was a young dog! She loves the small bites healthy mobility food! April 28, 2014
older mini wiener dog I have been feeding this food to my wiener dog Oscar for the past few months. She is 11 years old and sometimes has trouble going up steps and getting around. Since I have been feeding this to her, she seems to have more energy and can climb steps like she use to. This is great. Oscar has been my best friend and I have had her since she was ready to be away from her mother. It was really hard for me to see her struggle. Thank you Hills, your pet food is awesome! March 18, 2014
my dogs love the product! I have 8 terrier of Yorkshire and all of them love their food. They have had no complications or any health issue because of it. I prefer to pay a little more to make sure I have all my babies healthy and happy. March 10, 2014
This product has glucosamine in it. Sadie had surgery for hip dipashia when she was a puppy, but every winter she would limp a bit. Not this year and she has to walk on cold tile and there has been much ice and snow. She just turned 7 and is doing better than any winter before! Love the Velcro sealing. What a great idea to keep the dry food fresh! Our vet suggested a supplement for her, but we tried this product first and it has improved her quality of life! It's not even all that she is fed as she starts each day with can food and eats the dry as she wants. A great value! February 4, 2014
This is Great food for my Dog I have been using and buying science Diet for over 30 yrs for my Cats and dogs of every kind too pure breed and Heinz 57. My cats and dogs have lived for many of good years because of the good food that your company makes for cats and dogs. They have all liked the food. Thanks for making the quality of food for my cats and dogs. :-) January 8, 2014
Wonderful Product! A few months ago, we switched our small Papillon mix to Healthy Mobility from regular adult because we found out he has some knee issues. Since being on this food, he has far fewer instances of limping & seems much more comfortable. My vet has told me that this food is just a stepping stone for my dog, & that he will have to be on J/D later in life, but in the meantime this is a much more budget-friendly food that is still benefiting him & giving a better quality of life. It's a wonderful product which is worth every penny. December 12, 2013
Requested summary I feel safe feeding your product to my dogs as it is made of good quality. The only complaint I have (not really a complaint) is that it is very hard to get a coupon from the Hill's website once you have obtained one. I think the coupons should be available more frequently. We are paying a lot for your dog food and I feel once a month or so isn't too much to ask for a minimal discount. December 10, 2013
It is OK. Our little dog is very finicky, but does finally eat the food in small quantities. December 10, 2013
my dog tears it up! best product for my pups wish there were more coupons.. food is expensive but healthy and worth every penny! I know. i just complaint about December 2, 2013
My dogs love this food My dogs love the small size and taste of this food. I find that if I try a different dry dog food the dogs tend to leave it in their bowls. October 21, 2013
Great for my pets! The healthy mobility has given my pets more energy and it helps with their digestion. I really love the product! :-) October 5, 2013
Highly recommend All three older dogs do very well on this formula, and they all love it. I am able to keep their weight down, their joints moving, skin and fur healthy AND they don't get gas from it! For this I am very thankful as they sleep with me. :) Thanks Science Diet! September 30, 2013
Forever Faithful! I am a veterinary professional and have been purchasing your dog food for the last 10 years. I am a firm believer in your product and recommend it to all my clients. I have seen the health benefits in my 2 dogs from puppy to senior. The coat on my dog always is shining and smooth. The output is always minimal and formed. My dogs eat it up immediately. Thank you for providing such a reliable product and I will always be a faithful consumer! September 26, 2013
This product has kept our small dog very healthy. Our miniature dachshund is 9 years old and runs around our house like a 2 to 3 year old. Very lively and healthy. September 17, 2013
Dogs love it My dogs love this product. Started using this because both of my dogs have hip problems. They both seem to have better movement since I switched them to healthy mobility. Bill September 16, 2013
small bite mobility dogs enjoy the food which is half the battle. the other half is does it do what it says..hard to quantify but they seem to be farily brisk when walked since eating it. my dogs are shi tzus and have bad "ankles" they do seem to be moving easier since we started feeding them this on Vets recomendation. would be nice if more vouchers or coupons were available September 13, 2013
My dogs love it. My dogs love this food the best. They also seem have a little less waste than eating cheap dog food. September 9, 2013
My dog loves Hill's Science. My chihuahua loves this brand. I have thought maybe a switch would be liked for change--but it never works, my dog is unhappy as she gives me that disgusted look when she eats it. She does not like change. So now I just keep buying her the same food and she is happy. July 4, 2013
Pomeranian with kidney problems loves this food My Pomeranian has dietary restrictions on protein and phosphorous so we switched to the Hill's Science Diet Small Breed food about 8 months ago because the ingredients comply to his diet. He loves that one, so I thought I'd try this one too. He ate his whole bowl as soon as I poured it and had no adjustment problems switching directly from the other Hill's Small Breed to this Healthy Mobility Small Bites. He's a picky eater so Hill's must be doing something right to make the dry food appetizing. I think the tasty powder on the outside helps because its not just crunchy dry bits. I will probably never buy another brand again. Thank you Hill's for making something that can help mitigate his condition..and thanks also for making it in the USA. May 31, 2013
Great packaging and great product! Velcro closings, finally an easy closing that you know is closed! So much easier and you know the bag of food is going to stay fresh. I also know that I can trust Science Diet products made in the USA. May 22, 2013
I am sure it is great but.... I have a very picky little pooch. When the change in formulation was made she refused to eat it. I had been glad to finally find a dry food that she would eat. But with the change we are in search of another quality food that she will eat. Sometimes change is not good. I'm sure the product is still a quality, nutritious dog food, but we will not be using it. February 26, 2013
Miracle Food It has been a year now and my we have had great results. Life came back to my dogs joints and personality. August 21, 2012
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