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Adult Light Small Bites - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition in a smaller kibble for a light, healthy lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light Small Bites 4.9 5 88 88
this is the best dog food!! We have to dogs a pure bred mini dachshund and a dachsador(lab and dachshund) and they love their food and it helps them not get fat and keeps their coats nice. I think everyone should use this product. November 13, 2013
The Best ! When "Slinky" came to live with us he was eating a cheap brand of dog food. His stool was awful so I decided to use the same food as our other dog ate and of course it was Science Diet dry dog food. Slinky had his first bowl of Science Diet and he gobbled it up. I have no problems with him eating his breakfast or dinner and his stool has improved to what it should be. October 23, 2013
My dog is healthy for an old dog because of Science DIet Labs by nature are gluttons and many (most) are very overweight and underactive the older they get. Our yellow lab is over 13 and though she has been slowing down for a few years the only physical sign of her age is being white in the face. Her vet recommended Science Diet light when she was young and has been on it most of her life, never being overweight since. Just recently we switched her to small bites because its easier for her to chew. I'm certain that regular checkups and her diet is what has kept her with us this long and healthy too. October 20, 2013
Helps with weight loss My 2 bigger, older dogs love the light food and the choice of small bites is easier for them to eat. We like the choices of active or light so they get a change every now and then. And they don't have stomach issues with any of the Science Diet products. We had to put my big boy on the light and he lost 12 lbs and his weight is stable now. Which has helped his knees since he had 3 surgeries and is doing great. Thanks April 14, 2014
Great product Use this because my dog has diabetes, works great. April 13, 2014
Product keeps my Harley fit! Harley is a 13-pound Yorkshire Terrier who has been on Science Diet foods since we got him at 1 year old. He's 7 now and as fit and chipper as they day we got him. Although he gets regular treats, he still chows down on his regular food without ever giving us a fuss about it. April 9, 2014
It has been the best small kibbles for My Yorkies. My vet recommended Science Diet Light small kibbles for my 2 Yorkies 15 years ago. They lived a full life. Now my 4 year old loves it. Keep up the great tasting food and quality food for our pets. Thanks Sharon February 22, 2014
garbage in garbage out We started with science diet when our vet told us that our dog's food was the cause for him having frequent bowel movements. We was using a grocery store's store brand of dog food. so when we took dog for check up we said to to the vet that it seemed like this dog was having frequent bowel movements. The vet asked us what we was feeding the dog and we told the vet the brand we was using, then the vet said"garbage in garbage out" He said that science diet was a little bit more expensive, but that we would have to use less because the dog's body used most of the stuff in food that dog would be healthier and have less frequent bowel movements. So now happy dog and happy owners. January 4, 2014
dog loved it!! My domino devours his plate every time. Great product. December 25, 2013
Very happy pup My dog Starbuck loves Science Diet products. He won't eat any other brand! It is so cute that he is picky on food! Because dogs will eat anything! If puppy is happy then momma is happy! Thank you for providing the best for Starbuck! December 17, 2013
Wonderful food for my dog. My vet suggested Science Diet the first visit with my toy poodle. Eight years ago. He has done very well on this dog food. NEVER BOUGHT ANY OTHER BRAND. September 30, 2013
My Charlie is so picky! This is the only dry food he will eat. He loves the small pieces and is able to chew them much easier than other "small bites" brands. And the smaller pieces make it easier to not overfeed and help the bag last longer. September 29, 2013
my pets are healthier All of my pets are on HIlls Science Diet - 3 cats are on The C/D chicken , my one dog is on C/D and my other dog is on Adult Light small bites because that is the ONE food that my vet recommends if he is asked what to feed their pets. They love the food September 27, 2013
A dog that is thriving We feed our mid-size Shepherd mix (48 lbs.) the small bite adult food with 2/3 Light and 1/3 Regular. She was eating so fast and was choking that we found the smaller bites slowed her a bit and allowed for easier eating with no choking. She has thrived on this combination for 6 years and is holding her weight well. She has only been fed Science Diet from puppy onward as we found from experience that it is well tolerated and very healthy for her, according to our vet. I highly recommend this brand if you want a healthy and happy dog! September 26, 2013
Food I have had my pets on for years! Science Diet is a very reliable food product for my pets and my family and I have been giving to our pets for years. There are always great coupons available and I can rely on the food to be a safe product for my pets. When the problems of pet foods being made in China and having recalls first started happening, I got a little worries because science diet was mostl all I bought and I emailed them and the customer service was quick and very helpful to let me know that their products are definitely not manufactured in China. My dogs (and my cat) love Science Diet! September 26, 2013
My pug loves it! After trying several different light foods my pug hated, I tried him on Hill's Science Diet small bites. He loves the taste and devours his food, and it also helped him to lose 5 pounds! Definitely would recommend it. September 26, 2013
Great for maintaining weight My 6lb yorkie mix was beginning to get quite overweight, so I switched her from regular SD small bites to the Light small bites. She still loves the taste and gobbles it right down, but it has helped her lose a few pounds, which my vet said will extend her life by several years. I definitely recommend this product! September 25, 2013
my dog loves it our dogs name is bella.she is a dachshundand and she was a rescue dog .we have only given her hills dog food for the 5 years we have had her. September 25, 2013
This product is just what my dogs need. Having 2 dogs is a hassle. Finding a dog food that has everything they need is a breeze with Hills Science Diet. Thank you for your products. Not only are they good for the dogs, they are good for my budget. September 20, 2013
Great product that my two miniature dachshunds love this dog food! The only problem I have with this food, is that the price is a little high! Coupons sure help, but it is a long time between being allowed to print coupons! Even one dollar off coupon on a regular basis would help! September 12, 2013
Great quality Since we started using the Science Diet for our dogs; we were able to keep their weight the same. September 9, 2013
High quality product My dog loves the taste of the food and I am able to control her weight by using the "light" dry food. Easily tolerated. September 8, 2013
I have a chihuahua that had weight problems I own a chihuahua neutered male about 5 years old. With the other dog foods I was feeding him, he ended up overweight and constantly hungry. However, with Science Diet Lite, He is full, not hunting or starving and losing weight. I love how he looks now. He loves the taste. This is all I'll feed him. August 23, 2013
Been using this product for many years. I've been giving this product to all my Chihuahua's for many years. They love it and it is very easy to control amounts, travel with and easy for them to chew. We can even make a game of it... by rolling these across the floor! July 4, 2013
The only dog food my dog will eat I have been giving my dog Science Diet Adult Light Small Bites for over 8 years. I discovered it when trying to keep my dogs weight in check when she was younger. She also has trouble swallowing larger dog food and the small bites dog food was the smallest I have found. She has loved this dog food so much that as she has gotten older I have tried to switch her to a senior formula dog food but she won't eat it. She is a food snob and she loves her Science Diet Light Small Bites dog food. July 1, 2013
Great Weight Management The food has helped our dog lose weight without sacrificing his energy level. June 29, 2013
My Golden Retriever just loves the small bites because she has a hard time chewing any other dry dog food. Thank you!! Brandi is 10 years old and has had to have a couple of her teeth pulled over the years. The vet agrees that science diet is the BEST and had recommended the small bites for her. Well she just loves it! June 29, 2013
Great product I have 2 Yorkies that enjoys this product and always look forward to eating breakfast and dinner. June 29, 2013
Terrific Taste! I have three very picky dachshunds who HATE most dry dog food. At the pet store's suggestion, I tried this food. They absolutely love it! All of them! I've never found a food they would all enjoy until now. The size is just right for tiny teeth and it makes a nice gravy when you add warm water. I'm a die-hard fan. Thanks Science Diet! June 29, 2013
Our favorite My kids love this food. They enjoy it so much!! I want more small bits in other products. June 29, 2013
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