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Adult Light Small Bites - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition in a smaller kibble for a light, healthy lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light Small Bites 4.9 5 112 112
this is the best dog food!! We have to dogs a pure bred mini dachshund and a dachsador(lab and dachshund) and they love their food and it helps them not get fat and keeps their coats nice. I think everyone should use this product. November 13, 2013
The Best ! When "Slinky" came to live with us he was eating a cheap brand of dog food. His stool was awful so I decided to use the same food as our other dog ate and of course it was Science Diet dry dog food. Slinky had his first bowl of Science Diet and he gobbled it up. I have no problems with him eating his breakfast or dinner and his stool has improved to what it should be. October 23, 2013
My dog is healthy for an old dog because of Science DIet Labs by nature are gluttons and many (most) are very overweight and underactive the older they get. Our yellow lab is over 13 and though she has been slowing down for a few years the only physical sign of her age is being white in the face. Her vet recommended Science Diet light when she was young and has been on it most of her life, never being overweight since. Just recently we switched her to small bites because its easier for her to chew. I'm certain that regular checkups and her diet is what has kept her with us this long and healthy too. October 20, 2013
good food for a good dog Our Little dog enjoys this food and that's what counts! August 14, 2014
weight loss I feed this to my dog and in 3 weeks he lost 10lb's and has more energy. August 13, 2014
Former picky eater Our papillon loves your Science Diet Light small bites dog food. We live in Hawaii and it took a trip to Arizona to try this food where samples were being given out at its baseball stadium. Our dog's a pretty picky eater but this is the first dog food that he looks forward to eating. We believe that this product also helped with his skin allergies. Our dog would scratch the bumps that appeared on his skin until they bled. He doesn't have this problem anymore and his coat is smooth and silky. He's a healthy and happy dog! Mahalo from Hawaii! July 13, 2014
Helped my dog lose and maintain weight My short-legged little rescue dog has food issues from being on the street. He gained weight quickly when he came to live with us and then we had to worry about him being overweight. The vet recommended Science Diet Light and he was able to lose the extra weight and has maintained a healthy weight by staying on this food for about seven years now. He loves it! July 12, 2014
This is the only food that one of our dogs will eat. We ended up inheriting my grandmother's dog. My grandmother thought she was doing right and spoiled her by feeding Taz table food. So, of course when we got her, that was all she wanted. Gradually she became used to the dry food. And after trying all different types and brands of dry food, all she will eat is Adult Light Small Bites. July 9, 2014
Ms My dog Eddie has been on Hill's Science Diet lite for years. It keeps him healthy and at a good weight. July 8, 2014
Dogs love the taste Good food for our dogs, they enjoy the taste and never go hungry July 4, 2014
My fur babies LOVE their Science Diet! Science Diet keeps all three of my dogs, including two Dachshunds and a fifteen-year-old Lhasa Apso in top form. Their coats are healthy and shiny and feeding them the appropriate amounts has kept them sleek and trim, which is especially important for senior dogs and Dachshunds with their "delicate backs." Science Diet is also great at keeping their "love offerings" manageable. Drier, well-formed stools are much easier to to collect when taking our three dogs out for daily their walks. I recommend Science Diet because I've seen the results and trust it. June 30, 2014
Healthy dog Science diet dog food Keeps our dog healthy. She eats well and stays lean. June 27, 2014
My dog loves this and the small bites are easy for her to chew. I love all the varieties of Science Diet products. That includes the wet, dry, and all the wonderful treats available. June 24, 2014
Science Diet Adult Lite Small Bites We have used this product for over 16 years, love it, please don't change a thing! June 23, 2014
This product has great features Very satisfied with the light small bites. My doogies love it!! Only wish is more coupons. Thank You! June 16, 2014
My little Boston Terrier loves his food As you know Boston Terriers tend to be overweight. I see them all the time in the animal hospital I work at. They tend to be at least 5 - 10 lbs overweight. Which we all know is not healthy. When I noticed my daughters Boston gaining I had an exam and found no medical reasons. I put him on the light small bite and he loves it. He has lost his extra weight and looks and feels great. Thanks Hills June 11, 2014
Very healthy food This food is very healthy. My dog inhales his food. It also keeps him trim. May 30, 2014
Good healthy dog food Your product has continually provided healthy choices for me to feed my dogs. They enjoy the taste and have no gastric issues with this dog food. May 28, 2014
Family tradition My daughter fed our "granddog" Science Diet products at the recommendation of her vet so when we got a puppy 5 years ago, we started her on Science Diet. We have been very happy with these products and she has had no problems. Would highly recommend Science Diet products - food and treats. May 25, 2014
Great balance for weight control! I have chosen Science Diet for over twenty years and have always had healthy beautiful dogs! Have used some of the Prescription for temporary conditions and for quite some time have used Canned R/D along with Light to help control my dogs weight. Works well for us! May 22, 2014
This is the only Brand of dog food I will feed my dogs. I have six dogs we've rescued from shelters. Every one of them had some type of skin or fur problem when we adopted them. We immediately started each one on the Science Diet Dog Food and within a couple of weeks there was very noticable improvement in their skin & fur. I have been using Science Diet for at least 15 years. My dogs are all very healthy and happy. I wouldn't give them any other food than Science Diet. May 21, 2014
Keeps my dogs from getting sick or causing gastritis, as some other brands. My dogs do good on any of the science diet dog food, I have recently started buying the light , since they have gained some weight over the winter months, and have 2 welsh corgis that have this issue of gaining weight easy anyways. May 19, 2014
this food is just the right size for my mini dashound I am trying to keep her weight under control and give her a food that she enjoys eating.This food seems to be working but BABY is turning 8 and i"m not sure if I shouldn't be putting her on a light small bite for older small/toy dogs. May 18, 2014
this product has excellent quality My dog loves it he is healthy as I have ever seen lots of energy May 6, 2014
Good value and our dog eats it quickly! We have experienced problems finding Science Diet Adult 1-6 in the small bites-which our Dog prefers. Not sure if this is a "supply" or "demand" issue. Other than that, we are very satisfied with the product. April 30, 2014
The only dog food we ever use. We've been feeding our dogs the Science Diet Adult Light Small Bites for as long as I can remember. My dogs love the tiny kibbles, & we love that it helps maintain a healthy weight for our doggies. We feel that Science Diet food is safe for our 4 legged fur babies. April 27, 2014
Helps with weight loss My 2 bigger, older dogs love the light food and the choice of small bites is easier for them to eat. We like the choices of active or light so they get a change every now and then. And they don't have stomach issues with any of the Science Diet products. We had to put my big boy on the light and he lost 12 lbs and his weight is stable now. Which has helped his knees since he had 3 surgeries and is doing great. Thanks April 14, 2014
Great product Use this because my dog has diabetes, works great. April 13, 2014
Product keeps my Harley fit! Harley is a 13-pound Yorkshire Terrier who has been on Science Diet foods since we got him at 1 year old. He's 7 now and as fit and chipper as they day we got him. Although he gets regular treats, he still chows down on his regular food without ever giving us a fuss about it. April 9, 2014
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