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Mature Adult Indoor - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition tailored for older cats with an indoor lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Indoor 4.9 5 72 72
No more turned up noses I have four cats, and two of them are in the mature range. With other foods, they would turn up their noses and head for the other cats' food, but then I discovered Science Diet Mature Indoor Dry Food and now I have to hide their food from the others. Even though this particular product is not for hairball treatment, I've noted their hairball episodes have ceased. Overall, I have found this food is excellent in every way. My cats and I are very satisfied. November 13, 2013
He doesn't need to eat much, but it does a lot. Years ago my vet, who was very committed to economy in pet care, told me to use Hill's Science Diet rather than any other product. Although Science Diet cost more than other pet food brands, she firmly believed it was worth it. My cat eats and thrives on Science Diet, and nobody believes he's eleven. He could easily be a year old, with soft, thick fur, bright eyes, lean muscles and perfect blood work. June 30, 2013
Great food for my pet You get what you pay for. Though Science Diet is more expensive than other foods, I'm giving my cat actual nutrition instead of filler that cheaper brands use. That's my preference. He's a healthy cat. April 15, 2014
Cats loves it Gracie loves this product and she has it twice a day mixed in with other Science Diet products April 10, 2014
Excellant product! We feed all kinds of Hills food to our dogs and cats. Every product gives us GREAT results. We currently use perscription c/d, m/d and kitten (y/d, r/d, and w/d in the past) as well as optimal care for mature adult cats. Our dogs eat small bites for 7+ years. EVERY SINGLE food, wet and dry has shown us a beautiful, healthy animal... a super soft coat... and lots of energy. I highly recommend Hill's Science diet no matter what your pet's specific need is. March 22, 2014
I feel this product is good for my cat over his lifetime, plus it is recommended by his vet. My cat likes the product and it seems to be good for him health wise. Your periodic $7 coupons help me budget wise . I have two cats (Himalayan and Siamese) that use two different types of Science Diet. March 13, 2014
Cats love the food We have been using Science diet dry food for our cats for a number of years and the cats love it and are very healthy and happy. We like the variety in selection for the different stages of life. March 2, 2014
Indoor Cat Equals Healthy Cat My kitties love this food. My three are 6, 11, and 16. Even though my youngest is not really a mature cat, she really likes the food. At their last vet visit, he raved about their condition and muscle tone. He said it must be do to their diet. He asked what they ate and we were glad to tell him. February 12, 2014
Great Vet Visit On our last visit to the vet, he raved about the general condition and muscle tone of our three cats, ages 6, 11 and 16. He asked what we fed them because he felt their great condition was due to diet. We were very happy to tell him, Science Diet. February 4, 2014
Good nutrition compromise for multiple indoor cat household Over a year ago, I decided to try Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Indoor cat food for my two rescue felines who are approximately 6 years old. They both like to eat the dry formula exclusively, and stay at a healthy weight range despite having a typically inactive indoor lifestyle. The large bag of dry food is a good value and it stays fresh in a pet food storage container. December 19, 2013
Healthy Satisified Cats We have used Science Diet dry food for our Lennie and Louie since we rescued them as 3 month old kittens (they are now 8-years-old). Through the years we progressed formulas to fit their years and needs. They have always loved their food and are not shy about telling us to fill their bowl when they gauge the level to be too low or not fresh enough. Sounds like they are pretty smart felines! Once we changed to a different brand and it was quickly evident that they would not tolerate that nonsense, so right back to Science Diet we marched. Again, darn smart cats! Keep doing what you are doing for our pets and we can expect to have these buddies for many years to come. December 17, 2013
My cats love the big kibbles All of my cats preferred the large kibbles to smaller ones when a friend bought over a different food fancy dry food as gift. Also I have to add their litter box is much easier and less unpleasant to clean up than with other food they have tried. November 18, 2013
My picky cats loves this food! I love to see my cats eat but best of all not seeing them throw up after they were done! I tried all kinds of cat food and hills was the only one that they couldn't get enough of and again' they didn't throw up after words! Thanks for a good product! November 6, 2013
I have 2 10 year old cats and they love it. They eat a lot of this but don't seem to gain weight. In fact, since the revision and went to no chicken by products and only using real chicken it has helped them. November 3, 2013
LUV it!! Sassy is 15 years old and I have been giving her the Science Diet for 11+, but received a free bag of the Mature Adult 7+ Indoor from one of your giveaways. She has gone bonkers for this food. I thought the 11+ would be better and easier for her to eat since the kibble is really small. She has been doing good on the 11+, but this has it beat, paws down. The kibble is a little bigger, but softer. It's not too soft though that it gets stuck to her teeth. She is a small cat and I worry about her weight sometimes. I won't have to worry anymore. Thanks for a wonderful product and for helping me keep her healthy and happy. November 1, 2013
Cat loved it My outside cat Sam loved this food. Seeing him eat it and enjoy it was great!! It seemed to really do good on his stomach and his digestive tract. He looks forward to his meals every day! Thank you! October 16, 2013
They come running Love that my cats seem to enjoy what they eat. Each morning when I open their food bag they start heading my way and eating as soon as I fill their bowls. And I know that they are getting all the nutrition they need. This is a product I believe and trust in and would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Hill's Science Diet for taking care of my babies. October 10, 2013
Purring Kitty. My cat just loves this product I have to keep getting more for the kitty. October 4, 2013
All of our cats love this fooed. It's reassuring to have a healthy cat food that our family of cats enjoys! They're in this age range - and can be picky eaters. But there was no problem with Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Indoor! They loved it! September 29, 2013
Happy cat I have an extremely happy cat since I have started feeding her Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Indoor cat food! She has a healthier coat, and more energy to play with all members of my family! She also enjoys meal time more, and takes more time to enjoy her food! September 28, 2013
Excellent This is the only brand we fee our cat because we know it is healthy for her. She love the Mature Adult Indoor. September 27, 2013
Well fed cats I recently switched over from an indoor formula and will admit having difficulty getting my 2 cats to eat. I mixed 3/4 old food with a 1/4 SD. It has been a week and they seem to be enjoying the taste now. I am feeding them the mature 7+ indoor formula I also switched my dog over to SD and he had no problem with the flavor. I would recommend this product September 17, 2013
My cat's were raised with this product line This product seems to offer my cats the nutrition they need without helping to add to their waistline. It seems to keep there coats nice and shiny as well. Only thing I wished it would help with is tartar and overall dental hygiene but that's just because the cats are not fond of teeth brushing September 5, 2013
Tweak the formula Our cat, Alice has transitioned from the old formula to the new. We did it even more slowly than recommended. She has always been an enthusiastic eater and had her first meal gone by the time for the second meal. With this new formula, she always leaves at least a third of her food in her bowl. She is only eating it because she is truly hungry. I think you need to re-evaluate the formula and make it taste more like the old one. July 27, 2013
Vet Recommends What We Feed Our Cats When our three kitties ( Gaius Marius age 16, Tiberius age 11 and Cornelia age 6) had their yearly vet visit, he raved about their health and condition. He said this is very often because of diet. He asked what we fed them. Of course, we said Science Diet. He was very impressed. July 12, 2013
My cat loves it and that's what counts. My cat eats only this and is healthy and happy at age 10+. She has a self feeding dish and is not over or underweight. She is just a beautiful cat who has eaten nothing but Hills since my veterinarian recommended it. I feel she is getting the best and she loves it. July 7, 2013
Science Diet is my kitty's choice. Your products were recommended to us over 10 years ago. Our mature kitty can't wait for mealtimes. This variety is more enjoyable to him than the former Science Diet kibble he has had. Seeing him happy and healthy is a great reward for us. We will continue to use your products for the rest of our kitty's life. July 2, 2013
Great product My cat and I love this food. She was on a different type of Science Diet food but I decided to switch her as she is getting older. She loves the food and it definitely keeps her full much longer than before. No more waking me up at 3:30am to get fed. She actually remains in bed in the morning when I go to feed her when before she would always be waiting at the bowl for me. Love it! And her coat is so soft and shiny too. I just wish I had started her on it sooner!! January 9, 2013
My cats love it! Both of my cats love this food. I switched to Hill's on the recommendation of my vet after one of my cats suffered an infection of the colon. The food has plenty of oils (good for kidney health) and keeps hairballs at bay as well. My cats just love it. Plus I know it keeps them functioning at a healthy level. September 10, 2012
My cat loves it. I have a very hyper (hungry) indoor cat. Usually with other brands he is constantly wanting to be fed, but with this, he seems much more satisfied and not as hungry all of the time. It really seems more filling and stays with him longer than most brands. August 14, 2012
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