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Mature Adult Hairball Control - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition to help avoid hairball formation in older cats
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Hill's® Science Diet® Mature Adult Hairball Control 4.7 5 77 77
I just wish I could find more coupons. My vet has my cat on RX food and its very expensive. I have a very healthy cat. He will only eat science diet. Has very long hair and almost never gets a hair ball. Has healthy coat, teeth and skin. And he loves his Science Diet food. November 24, 2013
Science Diet I have a long haired pure bred cat that has loved this Hairball control diet. It really does help with episodes in the fall and spring when they clean themselves more. This has been the only food that has helped us and we have tried them all!! October 25, 2013
Can't eat anything else!! I have 2 adult house cats. I have tried to switch them a few times from the hairball control food to a "cheaper" brand or even to a regular science diet brand. But, everytime I do, I regret it and end up getting the hairball science diet right away. They leave me "presents" all over the house (puked hairballs/undigested foods) or they get very loose stools from the other store brand hairball foods. Thier coats even start to look dull with increased shedding. I will never try to feed them anything else!! They will also pick out and eat only the hairball science diet if I mix it with another brand!! July 23, 2012
My Cat Loves it! Granted my Mimi is food motivated but she really likes this! I just met a Rep in a store and she convinced me that the food I was feeding my cat was far from "good." She explained the benefits and researched that comes with Science Diet and it just made sense to switch. The transition has been very easy. I am blending this with her old food but she is only eating the new pieces. I also give her the Ideal Balance wet food in the morning and she goes crazy. I would prefer her on an Ideal Balance dry food but that does not come in a Mature Hairball formula. This is the next best thing. I feel better knowing this is ALOT better than what I was feeding her. Mimi is my baby so it is worth spending a couple extra bucks on doing anything I can to keep her around as long as possible. This is slightly more expensive than what I was buying but far outweighs the benefits! April 2, 2014
Great Product My cats really eat this well. No more digestive issues. March 14, 2014
No more stinky hair balls! My 9 year old cat was very prone to hairballs. Yet once we started her on this hairball controlling diet, they disappeared! I'm happy she's happy and there's no more stinky hair balls! February 27, 2014
Excellent my cat is really picky and when i switch him over i cant keep enough in his dish ..he wants more great product .. February 21, 2014
This product has worked very well. I have 3 mature cats, all over the age of 10. They all love the taste of this food, and eat it heartily.Thankfully it prevents their suffering from hairballs.Thank you Science Diet for providing help for every condition, especially for our more mature cats. February 20, 2014
My cats love it! My cats love Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult Hairball Control! February 5, 2014
Recommended by our vet---and believe it does help with out domestic longhair. Our domestic longhair has had some hairball issues in the past and even surgery. Since going to the hairball formula and using a hairball supplement we have noticed a significant drop in hairball problems! January 21, 2014
Best Dry Food for Hairball Control As my cat has gotten older, she has started to get hairballs. I tried several dry foods for hairball control, but none seemed to work very well. I then tried Hills Science Diet Mature Adult Hairball Control, and it works wonderfully! She loves the taste, and I like how the food was developed for the mature cat. She will be 11 soon, and looks great! Thanks, Hills! January 17, 2014
Seems to help This product seems to help my cat have less hairballs and I like that it is formulated for his age. January 3, 2014
changed from the regular indoor I changed formulas for my indoor cat just recently. she never had a hairball problem before. now it appears she does.. so I purchased the hairball remedy formula and... poof... back to normal. as usual,your food does as it promises to do. thanks so much. January 1, 2014
Hairball control really works. Figaro is now nine years old and Science Diet has always been the only food he'll eat willingly. If I bring home another brand the food will sit in his bowl until he's starving. I have tried several more expense brands that he ate and he got sick on every one. He's my baby so I want to give him the best. I read the ingredients on the products I buy and do my research and Science Diet Hairball is what's best for him. It's a brand that is easy to find and if they don't have my exact food in stock, I just get the adult or the indoor and he does fine. December 27, 2013
Palatable This product seems to be very palatable and average on cost. December 23, 2013
This product work great for hairball control My cat "Bandit' is getting older and has started to groom more often, thus hairballs! Started giving the Hairball control and not only did the hairball control get better, he is not doing as much grooming. December 19, 2013
This is the only brand of cat food I have fed my cats. Hills was recommended by my vet more than 30 years ago. He said that was the safest for my neutered and spayed cats. I have never given them anything but Hill's since then. I have had cats that were healthy and long-lived, So I will not take a chance on any kind of other cat food. October 21, 2013
Happy kitty I have a 9 yr old cat. We switched her to this food about a year ago. No weight issues and she is a grazer. October 3, 2013
Very good product, but a little pricey We have four cats ages 7,7,13, and 15 and they are all doing very well on this food. They did prefer the taste of Non-hairball Mature Adult Science Diet to hairball, but they still favor the hairball science diet over other brands of dry food. My only real complaint is the price, but I often have coupons and our pet store runs specials, so it's not a deal breaker. Over all, really great product. September 27, 2013
Great for older cats I have had several cats through the years and currently have one that is 18 years and two months old. All have lived to an old age for a cat. Hairballs have never been a problem with any of them unlike my previous dry food I was feeding. I use Science Diet for all my pets. September 26, 2013
Improved closure My cat has loved this dry food for years. What I am enjoying now is the improved closure. Instead of the ziplock-like closure that so many are using, you have come up with a velcro-like closure that is perfect! No more open bags. It is the little things. Thanks! September 26, 2013
Love it! I love this food. It controls the disgusting hairball issue while giving my babies the nutrients they need in a healthy a diet. September 10, 2013
this product is "tasty" to my cats They love it - I keep a big bowl full of different types of Science Diet dry food - Oral diet, hairball diet, sensitive stomach - anything that is made for Mature Cats. Never had anything they didn't like. September 8, 2013
Cats love it! We have a clowder of six cats, so hairballs are a common occurrence in our house. Some cats have more of a problem than others, so they all get SD Hairball Control. They all love it....they go through a large bowl each day. I won't say there are no more hairballs, but it certainly seems to help. And the cats are all healthy, shiny, and happy! August 19, 2013
VERY Healthy! After a blood analysis at an emergency vet, I was told that my cat is not just healthy, but VERY healthy. I accredite this to the fact that he has been eating Science Diet for many years. In addition, the hair ball control really works. Thank you Hills! July 5, 2013
Great products I had switched my cat to science diet and noticed a huge difference in her fur. The science diet makes it shiney and silky soft. The hairball control really helps. I deffentily recommend science diet. My cat loves the taste as well June 29, 2013
No more hairballs! As my cat is aging, he started getting hairballs. I was able to get a free sample bag of Hills Science Diet for hairball control so I figured I would try it. About 3 weeks after diet was fully changed over to the new food, the hairballs have stopped! He has been eating this for about 4 months now. We do have an occasional hairball, but nothing like before. May 21, 2013
Control my cat needs My cat def needed some control for his hair balls since he never seems to get rid of them himself. August 26, 2012
Here Kitty Your cat will have a healthy diet with balanced nutrition that they will eat. August 23, 2012
Has made a difference! We feed our cats this after a worsening problem with hairballs. It has made a big difference. We rarely have problems with them having hairballs these days. I'm so glad we found this food. Another plus is that our picky cat loves this food! She's a hard cat to shop for. July 21, 2012
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