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Kitten Indoor - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition tailored for kittens with an indoor lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Kitten Indoor 4.7 5 31 31
This product has great features! I find the cat dry and wet food have many great features for my kitten! It has the daily nutrition she needs to grown. She likes the taste and loves to play with her dry food across the kitchen floor. I don't mind paying for quality food for her. I love you have coupons for the consumer like me! I like to save money ! Thanks! December 6, 2013
Wonderful! Such positive changes I've seen in my growing kitten! Her coat is so silky and smooth. I'm so happy to know she's getting the best nutrition possible. Thank you! July 20, 2013
Kitten Diet Deserves Positive Recommendation When we adopted our kitten from a local shelter they included a coupon for Hill's Science Diet in her welcome bag. We purchased the food for Indoor Kittens and she has thrived on it. She is active and playful with lots of energy. Her beautiful black coat is sleek and shiny. We know she likes the taste because she runs to her bowl when she hears the rattle of food coming out of the bag. We are grateful to our animal shelter for recommending such a fine quality product. June 29, 2013
product has a nice arome cat seems to like it---BUT--being on a fixed income, I cannot afford to purchase when supply I have runs out. I never have seen any coupons for this product offering a lower price, nor have I ever seen it on sale. December 6, 2014
Great kitten food Our two kittens have only had Science Diet and love it. We highly recommend it. October 31, 2014
Great product I've used Hill's prescription food for my pets with medical issues in the past . So when I adopted two kittens I felt confident giving them Hill's food for kittens. They love both the canned and dry. The indoor dry formula has been great for my kitten with a sensitive stomach. I highly recommend Hills. October 26, 2014
Hills Science Diet ZD and TD From the time we first got our kitty.....she has been allergic to, of all things, FISH! She can only eat Hill's Science Diet ZD and TD Treats. Thank goodness that she likes them and she doesn't break out with bumps all over her face when she eats them. Mrs. Purdy October 2, 2014
This is a great food for a growing kittens' needs! The indoor dry is a great way to start a kitten on the right path. Our kitten also seemed to prefer the small shape, & size. Perfect for "teething"as well. The wet line offers nice variety. September 26, 2014
Yummmm! My Romeo loves the kibbles! He wakes me up every morning, races down the stairs, and tries to jump inside the food container to get the food. Romeo recently spent the night at the vet's office and they tried to feed him the wet food -- he just rolled in it instead of eating it. Love the kibbles!!! September 16, 2014
My kitten loves it! I am pleased with the Science Diet kitten food. I think it's a high quality kitten food. September 11, 2014
my cats love it so much, I almost want to chew it too It comes with real food and it blended it so well and smell so great like normal human food. My cats love it and I almost want to chew it. September 10, 2014
Excellent The cat food has been remarkable. My cat has been so healthy and growing like she should. I have tried a lot of cat food and dog food over the years and this is the best food for my animals. September 8, 2014
Some good features... Our new kitten was not real excited about her kitten food. I tried moistening it but that really turned her off! We have had to substitute with canned kitten food of a different brand as our local stores did not carry her favorite fishy flavors. The morsels of dry food seemed hard for her to eat at first but she is now handling them better at 10 weeks old. We would like to completely "dry feed" her eventually. We have had many pets in the past and they all ate Science Diet products so we're hoping that this will work out for our new kitten "Kiwi". Three of our past cats had all reached the age of early twenties before their demise so we know that the Science Diet must keep them healthy. August 19, 2014
Perfect for all ages I have three cats: Two are two-years-old and the third one is a kitten. While I give them wet food, I like to have this product in bowls available for them all the time. One of my cats has a sensitive stomach and when he eats this, it settles well with him. Since my cats eat a fair amount of wet food, I don't think they are getting too many calories from this dry kitten food. I like the fact that it is nutrition-dense and provides them with the things they need to be healthy. In addition, it smells good! I will be purchasing more of this product very soon. August 18, 2014
Purrfect I have 3 kittens almost a year old. They love this food. August 4, 2014
Recommended by my veterinarian My kittens like the wet and the dry food. I purchase it at Petsmart since they have in store specials on dollar amount purchases. I have had no success in downloading your coupon program. I have tried many times without any success. No emails have been forthcoming with any coupon options. Iams provided coupons very often. July 15, 2014
Kittens love it We adopted 2 littermates last month and they were sent home with Hills Science Diet. We have kept them on this since. They love it and they have lots of energy and beautiful shiny coats, May 21, 2014
Science Diet Indoor Kitten Formula - High quality dry kitten food. Leo luvs the indoor kitten food. Keeps his teeth white and gives him a shiney silky coat. April 2, 2014
Change in Taste? My two adopted kitties came home from the shelter with an alternative brand cat food. After doing a bit of research, I decided to switch them over to the Science Diet Indoor Kitten formula, and purchased the 3.5 pound bag from my local pet supply. My kittens loved the switch and would eat around the old food when I tried to introduce the Science Diet formula gradually. At each feeding, they would gobble up all their allotment and beg for more. When the 3.5 pound bag was finished, I purchased the 15.5 pound bag of the same Indoor Kitten product. After I brought it home I noticed that the bag indicated it had a new and improved formula. It was immediately apparent that my kittens were not as enthusiastic about the product from this bag. Instead of gobbling it up, they grazed on it gradually throughout the day. Unfortunately, I did not save either bag to check lot numbers. I also wonder if the packaging could impart some flavor or odor that my kittens do not like. The small bag is composed of all plastic, while the large bag is made up of plastic/wax (I'm not sure which) lined paper. Overall I am happy with the product. I plan to retest the small sized bag before switching them to an adult formula. February 15, 2014
I like the fact that it is for indoor cats. It is a little pricey. If you are living on a budget it would be a little hard to feed your cats this food. September 19, 2013
Good product Ideal size kibbles for my kitten. She likes it and is good on her digestive track August 31, 2013
this product did exactly what it said it would do I was looking for a food that would help with my nyans feces smell. thankfully we tried this & within a few days lo & behold no more stinky nyan. yaaa. he loves the taste & his fur is so very soft & shiny. thank you hills!!!!! August 19, 2013
My kitten Max loves this food. My kitten Max loves this food. Also, it is very beneficial to him. Helping him grow into an adult cat while having all the right nutrients. Combined with wet hills science diet food. I can ensure my little Max is getting all the nutrition I need. And the great thing about hills is I can always find a coupon! May 21, 2013
Kitten Indoor My young kitten was adopted from a barn a few weeks before Christmas, wanting to add her to my family of cats. I'm am in love with this product and so is Kymira (my lovely girl kitten)! Her diarrhea has now disappeared within just a day of feeding her this product! She is extremely hyper during the day whenever she gets the chance to see me. I just love her energy!! December 27, 2012
My kitty loves it My kitten loves this food and is doing well on it. August 24, 2012
Great! I love this product! My cats love it! I've switched from another brand and when I was gradually mixing Science Diet in, they ate it forest before finishing the old brand. July 17, 2012
balanced this is the perfect food to feed to a indoor kitten May 27, 2012
This product is the best for kittens I simply love this pet food i know that it is safe for my kitten and i see that she is happy i have tried other food but she always snubs her nose at it and when i opened the bag and poured some in her dish she just devoured it she could not get enought. Not only is she happy but i know that it is safe for her and her body May 17, 2012
Best kitten food for my baby I love what this kitten food does for my kitten, it makes her coat shiny and has a taste she loves. I've tried other brands and she turns her nose up to them so I just stick with Science Diet the brand she prefers and I trust. May 17, 2012
Indoor Dry Kitten food My boys love it. I've tried to switch them over to adult (it's time) but they are very resistant. I keep trying, but what can I say, they LOVE it. My daughter's cat comes to visit so he can sample it, too. My vet says my Siamese boys are in excellent health and coat, too. Thank you Science Diet. May 16, 2012
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