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Adult Perfect Weight - Dry

Breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your cat achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight 4.6 5 8 8
Great Product I'd recommend this food to all cat owners! It really works. My cat lost a couple of pounds in 10 weeks. My cat loves the food and always begs for more. This food has helped him be more energetic and achieve a healthier weight. I will keep buying this product and I recommend everyone do the same. March 21, 2014
Sleek, Slim and Energetic Oskar loves Perfect Weight! He had been on other light formula food without losing weight. He also didn't lose on his prescription food so when the opportunity to try Perfect Weight presented itself I jumped on it. And he jumped on the food! He couldn't wait to get into it. Honestly, I have to say he has not yet lost weight although he is getting the maintenance portion for an 8 lb. cat - maybe he is already his Perfect Weight - he is sleeker and slimmer and has more energy. He also enjoys the wet food which I use as a special treat. Thank you for another excellent product Science Diet! March 20, 2014
The cats seem to really like it. Just started using it. The cats seem to really like it. I just started using it . April 13, 2014
Overwhelmed Cat Mom This food put me at ease the first time they ate this food. I have one over weight cat and one at ideal weight. The morsels are big enough for them to chew, so they are taking their time eating. Loving the product, not so much the price. Now if only this would go to grain free..... April 9, 2014
Excellent product We love this product,I love it because my cats love it and it has helped them to reduce weight, so I know they are healthier. We began to notice the weight loss within the first two weeks of feeding them Perfect Weight formula. From the first day I opened the bag, it's like they knew it was going to be good because they were sitting there waiting for me to open the bag, now they won't even eat their treats they used to love. They don't waste any of the food, with the optimal care formula they would have it all around the bowl on the floor, but now they savor every morsel. April 5, 2014
Being a Responsible Pet Owner My cat is overweight and the older he gets, I see it taking a toll on his health. He snores and licks all of the hair on his belly. I did the 10-week challange and learned a lot about my feeding habits with my pets which I had not recognized before. I was not taking repsonsibility for their well being, and this product gave me the control to work with my pet towards his ideal weight. It was difficult because he was used to eating however much he wanted. I am still working to retrain him with his eating habits. It is hard, but this product offers the guidance to make his weight loss a reality. April 4, 2014
Perfect Weight Was a Success! Ethel began losing weight the first week and lost a little over a pound during the 10 Week Turnaround program. It was a great success! She had no hesitation in eating the Perfect Weight food (was eating Science Diet Light Adult food). Ethel's energy increased in a short amount of time and continues to do so. She is a happy girl, and so am I. March 15, 2014
Don't kibble with me Three of my cats have been on the Hill's prescription diet kibble for a few years. They did maintain their weight if I mixed it with an indoor cat kibble with greens. The past three months though they started pawing the prescription food out of their bowls and only eating the green enhanced kibble. I decided to try the perfect weight food for a new taste sensation and they love it. Eat everything in the bowl now and don't trash any of their kibble. I'll try the indoor formula the next time they want to try a new flavor. By the way, I had a local vet that overcharged me and a few others so much for your food that we all buy it online now. January 12, 2014
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