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Adult Perfect Weight - Dry

Breakthrough nutrition formulated to help your cat achieve a healthy weight and improve quality of life
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Perfect Weight 4.7 5 40 40
Great Product I'd recommend this food to all cat owners! It really works. My cat lost a couple of pounds in 10 weeks. My cat loves the food and always begs for more. This food has helped him be more energetic and achieve a healthier weight. I will keep buying this product and I recommend everyone do the same. March 21, 2014
Sleek, Slim and Energetic Oskar loves Perfect Weight! He had been on other light formula food without losing weight. He also didn't lose on his prescription food so when the opportunity to try Perfect Weight presented itself I jumped on it. And he jumped on the food! He couldn't wait to get into it. Honestly, I have to say he has not yet lost weight although he is getting the maintenance portion for an 8 lb. cat - maybe he is already his Perfect Weight - he is sleeker and slimmer and has more energy. He also enjoys the wet food which I use as a special treat. Thank you for another excellent product Science Diet! March 20, 2014
Our cat Annie was deemed over weight by our vet. Our little tuxedo cat Annie is short bodied and stocky. Last year our vet told us that she was morbidly obese and needed to get down from thirteen pounds to at least eight. So far she weighs a little shy of eleven pounds. She loves to set and we have to watch her as she will put her face right in the other cat's food( they all eat the diet food too) so far so good. Betty Gamperl July 16, 2014
Slim Down with Great Taste Only 1 of my 9 cats is over weight but all of them loved the product. Hill's Science Diet is a great pet food, I have fed them sensitive and hairball varieties as well. The one girl that is over weight, I did weigh her and in the short time she ate the food she did lose a pound. I will be feeding it to her on a regular basis and she should reach her suggested weight soon. July 13, 2014
This product has promising features. I haven't had my cats on this long enough to see a change in their weight. My hopes are fairly high because at least they like the taste of it. Fingers crossed, they will be at a healthier weight in the near future. July 12, 2014
Good stuff My cats love this food and they also tolerate it well. It is a bit higher priced but worth it to me. My male cat has lost 6 lbs so far and has less hairballs (whether or not that has anything to do with this food ?) It doesn't smell bad and is worth a try if you haven't already. July 9, 2014
Cats Love It! My cats love this food, I honestly haven't noticed a dramatic weightloss in my bigger cat and he has been eating this product for over 2 months now, but I do believe he has shed some pounds. I do not blame the product for not having him lose 10 lbs or more in 5 weeks. Its more because I have 2 cats and probably eats more than he should. I can't cut the amounts down anymore than I already have or I would be starving them. July 7, 2014
Ideal Weight works I am owned by two 12 yr old cats one of which is part Maine Coon. Zeus was putting on too much weight and was having trouble with his joints because of it. They are now on their second bag of Ideal Weight and Zeus has already lost weight and is moving much better. July 2, 2014
Perfect weight Dieting is always hard but finding a food everyone likes is harder. Both my cats adore Perfect Weight dry. I have been able to keep there weights down and their stomachs full. June 22, 2014
GREAT FOR FAT LITTLE KITTY Hill's sent me a bag to try out on Gracie and she really loves it-she has lost weight-is more playful-more energy. If your pet is a little overweight please try this out-it really works June 14, 2014
They have products better suited to our cats' needs All 3 of our cats would eat this product but were sort of ho-hum about it. As for the weight part of things, either our critters are already at their "perfect weight" or we just didn't try it out long enough to make much difference. We have had better experiences with some of their other products. May 31, 2014
I finally found a food that all 3 of my cats love! My 3 cats have grown up on Science Diet. First they ate the Kitten formula, then adult, then hairball. A year ago, one of them decided he didn't want to eat it anymore. So I've had to buy different brands trying to appease my 15 year old feline. Recently I bought Adult Perfect Weight for his sister who needs to loose a few pounds, and now all 3 refuse to eat anything else. I'm so glad that I only need to buy 1 food again. Thanks Science Diet :) May 25, 2014
They Love it..They Really Love It!!! I was one of those pet mom's that bought the other brands with who knows what in them. My male cat gained weight considerably (which I knew would happen, but I didn't expect it to happen in less than a year) After visiting the vet and his concerns I decided to try another cat food. I asked around and talked to different folks, then one day I noticed Science Diet came out with weight control food. I gradually introduced it to both my cats and they actually beg me for dry food now (which didn't happen before) even though it seems they are eating more of it and bowl is empty quicker than before, it shows me that they appreciate this healthier cat food than the other kind with who knows what in it. I also believe that my male overweight cat has actually lost 1 or 2 pounds since starting to feed him the new food (we are on week 3) May 22, 2014
We've had our cats since they were about 8 weeks old. Our vet recommended Science Diet at our first visit. That's all we've fed our cats for years. Outstanding nutrition. Our cats are healthy, strong and happy. We wouldn't feed our cats anything but Hill's Science Diet. Vet recommended and kitten/cat approved. :-) May 22, 2014
My Cats Love it! I was happy to see this product offered by Hill's Science Diet because this is the only brand of cat food I will feed my cats, and because they are indoor, a weight loss formula is what was needed for their optimal health. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they like it. I thought it would be a difficult transition to a lower-calorie food, but it was instantly accepted and enjoyed! May 19, 2014
My cat is happy! My three year old female is a little chubby! She loves to eat. One month ago I heard of this new product -- perfect weight. It has a chicken base. I had absolutely no problem transitioning my cat. She loved it right away, and looks forward to meal time. The only question I have is the amount. 2/3 cup seems like not enough. so, she gets about 3/4 cup each day. May 16, 2014
My kitties love Science Diet products. I have yet to try a Science Diet product that my kitties don't like. Chicken is their favorite flavor. This was a new product for them. They ate it heartily!! Being that mine are all indoor only babies, this is a good product for them. Will purchase!! May 15, 2014
My cat's love this diet My cats had gained weight over the past year due to an older cat in the household needing frequent feedings. After my old girl passed I knew we needed to address the weight gain of my other 2 cats. The switch over was easy - they picked this diet out over their old diet. Their coats still look great and they have lost several ounces after the first few weeks. We will continue and once they reach a more ideal weight will use this diet to maintain their weight loss. May 13, 2014
I'am a member of the hillspetparent club/I'am writing my review product here cause I couldn't reach sitet My kids, are a little on the overweight side so I started to mix active longevity and perfect weight and its a taste they love. T The grain free was their pick but a bit pricey. MY kids will be sixteen years old and have another ten Lord willing. May 13, 2014
Getting the cat thinner I choose this product over the light I was using, the cat readily went for it with no problem, have been using the product for approx 6 weeks, cat has lost 1lb, so far. Bowl is usually empty by my bedtime and I don't fill it till morning, no complaints from cat and no crying that he's hungry, would recommend for indoor cats. May 9, 2014
Great!! I really like this food too. I always cycle through all of Hill's food types. It keeps it interesting and my cats never get tired of anything. All of my cats are in great shape thanks to Hills. I decided to try this and they like this too. What I love the most is that it is high in protein! The increased fiber helps keep them full and helps with hairballs. As to weight loss, they need more time to tell. Thanks for another great product. May 5, 2014
My cat's love this diet Both my cats had put on some extra weight due to an older car in the house needing to have extra food available. After my old girl passed. I knew I needed to get the extra pounds off. Switching over was a breeze. They picked out the new food over their old food. I was happy it only took a couple of days. They have been on the new diet a couple of weeks and have already dropped some ounces! (Excellent in cat weight loss terms) Stool quality has remained excellent and their haircoat seems to be staying the same as well. So we will continue until we get them back to trimmer kitties and then use this diet to maintain their weight. May 4, 2014
13 year old cat approves and is slowly losing weight 13 year old cat approves and is slowly losing weight. Feeding routine is 1/4 cup twice a day through an automatic feeder, based on the label information this is slightly less than what the vet suggested as daily calorie intake. Couldn't give 5 stars as my cat will eat any dry food so can't vouch for the taste, and while the food is a middle / upper in the price range I trust that the company provides quality food at a reasonable price. May 2, 2014
Great Taste Samantha my finicky cat, loves the taste of Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight and she seems satisfied after eating it. I noticed with Adult Perfect Weight she does not bother me in between meals for extra portions because Adult Perfect Weight seems to fill her up until next feeding. The smell of the Adult Perfect Weight is not strong and her bowel movements do not smell unpleasant from this food. I love how the package has a Velcro closure which is so much easier than a zip closure. May 1, 2014
GRACIE LOVES, LOVES THIS!!!!! I mixed this with her other Hills "crunchies" but at night just gave her this. She really likes this food and I think she has lost some weight. She is more energetic, runs a little faster. I am really happy that she likes this food. April 30, 2014
Perfect Weight My cats love this food. They would be very happy to eat it all the time. Their bowls are empty after they eat this. April 29, 2014
Helped My Overweight Cat Quickly I feed Hills and was happy to have this opportunity to try Adult Perfect Weight. I have several cats but one is an overeater and almost had mega colon she was so fat. While all the cats took to this formula right out of the bag, she seemed to know it had something in it for her. After over a week of eating this her bowels are normal now and she seems a bit thinner. She is also more active and affectionate. I really believe she feels better. I also notice less hariballs from all the cats. I think the fiber level of this food works wonders. I am anxious to see the results after a month. I would definitely give this product a try. April 29, 2014
science diet great as usual my cats have always been on science diet dry food..and they enjoyed the perfect weight food like they have on all of science diet's dry food... April 29, 2014
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