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Adult Optimal Care® Original - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for a visible difference, guaranteed or your money back
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Optimal Care® Original 4.9 5 116 116
My girls love this food I have one very picky eater and she loves this food. I like knowing they get oral health, urinary health, weight management, and joint health all in one food. December 23, 2013
My Cat LOVES Science Diet and i save money ! My cat has a Beautiful coat, she does not eat a lot, stays the same weight,. I tried other store brands, they seemed cheeper but I had to feed twice as much as what I feed with the Science Diet and her coat was course and falling out. I Love the results with Science Diet and when friends come over they notice and ask why my cat has such a Beautiful coat and I simply reply, I only feed Hills Science Diet! December 19, 2013
This product is good for our cats We started using this product to keep our cats healthier. We have 5+ cats eating this food. It is a little pricey, but worth it. I am glad to feed my cats something that is good for them. I want to keep them around for a long time. They really like the taste, I can tell by the way they devour it. October 28, 2013
very good for my sweetie rescue kitty my rescued tuxedo tabby girl had been previously neglected and bullied, and was in pretty shabby shape. optumal adult science diet at the pound got her healthy very quickly. adopting her keeping her on it has been very good for her. mimsey's lingering tendency for nervous overgrooming (and thus upchucking) has been helped considerably by a 50-50 mix of optimal adult and science diet adult hairball formulas. she comes running when she hears the pulling velcro of the bag! being safe, pampered, and healthy has really gotten my kitty out of her shell, much more happy and social. April 17, 2014
science diet original dry cat food This is the only cat food my cat would eat, I try other cat food but my three cats stick their nose up in the air and walk away, so I went back to the store and i bought science diet original cat food, and I will not buy any other brand but that. plus if your cat won't eat it, you can take it back and get your money back. April 7, 2014
Loves to eat!!! All of my cats have been fed Science Diet cat food, from kitten to the food, can't wait to the small nuggets... March 30, 2014
Happy Cats! My cats love this food! You can see and smell the quality of the kibbles! March 29, 2014
Wonderful product! Our local tractor supply store carries this product. The cats LOVE the taste andwe love the results that it provides: shiny coats and energy. LOVE this product! March 22, 2014
If It Works Why Change !! Muffin, our 12 year old ragdoll cat, has been on this Science diet cat food for 12 years. I have tried several other cat foods but she prefers this one so if it works ....why change ? I feel safe with Science Diet because I know I don't have to worry about it being recalled. It always has a pleasant smell......not fishy like some others. March 19, 2014
This product is well received by all my cats My cats have been on optimal care for 3 years and love it. It can be hard to find a food that 3 cats will all like but they love their optimal care and have stayed happy and healthy. March 17, 2014
This product is a great maintenance diet! Very palatable. My cat enjoys this diet completely. Fed properly, he has maintained his weight, has a shiny coat, clear eyes, and is full of energy. Anyone looking for a great maintenance diet for their cat, this is the diet for you. March 1, 2014
My cats love the taste of Science diet Dry food The Science diet Dry Adult cat food is Nutritional and my Cats love the taste. Reasonable priced. February 24, 2014
Great food for my felines, and also rescue fosters! Science Diet has always been the food of choice for my own cats. My cats love both Optimal Care and canned tender chunks with gravy! Several years ago I started fostering for a local rescue group. While I initially tried less expensive food products, I quickly decided the fosters needed the quality of Science Diet! I have cared for moms with newborns, orphan kittens, and some with illness. So far, they have all loved and thrived on Science Diet! Without a doubt, I'll continue using Science Diet for both my cats, and fosters that come my way! February 6, 2014
digestion problem Our cat was fed this at the shelter, and we were given a bag to take home. The cat had intestinal gas until we weaned him off it. He must have had a problem with the wheat ingredients. No more gas now. I'm not sure why he reacted that way- allergy? January 29, 2014
Best Cat Food My cats do not like any other food and its worth the extra pennies to feed them what they like. January 28, 2014
Stray cat cleaned the bowl There is a stray cat that we are trying to find help for. In the meantime, he is outside in a winter shelter. The wet food freezes so we put some Science Diet Adult Optimal Care in a bowl by the shelter. I went back to check if he ate it and the bowl was empty! Stray cats need good food too. Thank you January 6, 2014
moew was the word My cat Dewey meowed with anticipation when i feed him Science Diet. When he was finished he Double meowed with satisfaction. My cat Dewey thanks you from the bottom of his paws. December 30, 2013
This is the only food my cat will eat The Hills Optimal care is the only food my cat will eat, his coat is always nice and sleek. Overall its a great choice! December 20, 2013
Cats love the taste! Was vet recommended to help with urinary crystals. Knock on wood it does seem to be working! Our 12 all love it. Only wish it was somewhat cheaper or could find coupons more readily. December 15, 2013
Dry Cat Food I believe scince diet for cats is a really good product, my cats like the taste and it keeps them healthy. November 20, 2013
I will only feed my cat the best! My cat Grayson loves Science Diet. And it shows in his silky shiney fir. November 6, 2013
Suitable for all three cats I have three cats that are the same age and have three different body weights and shapes. I feed all three of them Optimal dry and Science Diet canned food. In addition they are indoor cats and I don't want extra weight on them. The features in this foods suits their palate and life style and assures me they are getting a balance of what they need for to stay healthy October 28, 2013
great taste From the moment I fed my cats this food, they have enjoyed every nibble! October 16, 2013
Cats love it. I've started switching my cats over to this cat food, they love it and seem to be full longer. October 4, 2013
Science Diet Food I finally found a dry cat food that my cat will eats, since he is such a picky eater October 1, 2013
All my cats love this food! This product is loved by all three of my cats. They are always ready to eat this when I buy it. September 29, 2013
25+ years feeding our cats Science Diet We have been feeding our cats Science Diet Optimal Care dry cat food for over 25 years. This product has helped keep our pets healthy and they maintain a very balanced weight with this regime. I would recommend this cat food to anyone wanting to keep their cats healthy, happy and content. Susan September 27, 2013
Love it My cats seem to really like this food. I feel good giving them quality dry and canned food. The only issue is it's a little pricey at the vet. September 27, 2013
Cat loves it My cat always runs toward the food bowl when it's meal time. She likes it! September 27, 2013
8 out of 8 cats agree - Original Optimal Care Dry food is the best When the delivery truck rumbles up the street and then the doorbell rings, I have six swirling dervishes at my feet, excitedly telling me their food has arrived. The Adult Optimal Care Original dry cat food is the only product our cats will eat. They are lively, bright-eyed, shiny, and full of mischief. Our two stray kitties also love this food and they have quite beautiful coats for garage cats. I highly recommend this product for all cats over one years old. September 26, 2013
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