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Adult Optimal Care® Original - Dry

Precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for a visible difference, guaranteed or your money back
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Optimal Care® Original 4.8 5 140 140
My girls love this food I have one very picky eater and she loves this food. I like knowing they get oral health, urinary health, weight management, and joint health all in one food. December 23, 2013
My Cat LOVES Science Diet and i save money ! My cat has a Beautiful coat, she does not eat a lot, stays the same weight,. I tried other store brands, they seemed cheeper but I had to feed twice as much as what I feed with the Science Diet and her coat was course and falling out. I Love the results with Science Diet and when friends come over they notice and ask why my cat has such a Beautiful coat and I simply reply, I only feed Hills Science Diet! December 19, 2013
This product is good for our cats We started using this product to keep our cats healthier. We have 5+ cats eating this food. It is a little pricey, but worth it. I am glad to feed my cats something that is good for them. I want to keep them around for a long time. They really like the taste, I can tell by the way they devour it. October 28, 2013
This product keeps my cat healthy Prior to eating your product my cat stayed sick. Since eating Science Diet Optimal Care he's been a happy healthy cat. August 29, 2014
I have fed Science Diet to every cat I've owned and am definitely a satisfied customer. My new adopted cat was being fed Optimal Care as she was a starvation case. I am amazed as to how healthy she became on this diet ....her coat is like silk. My former cats were all on Hill's Prescription diets and fared quite well given their conditions. I'm sticking to this brand ( although I would love to see more coupons and sales.... : ) ) August 28, 2014
Adult 1 to 6yrs and Hair Ball Control Excellent food. I adopted my cat a little over a year ago. They feed the Science Diet so I continued but I added the Hair Ball Control because she is a Black Forest cat. OMG ! What a difference. Not only is her fur beautiful but she very rarely vomit's anymore. I have also noticed that she doesn't lose that much hair during one of our three times a day brushing. So, Thank You so much for the perfect food for my baby August 23, 2014
Excellent Best Food For Pets! Even our Vet recommended we use only Science Diet! August 22, 2014
Great My boy loves it, he doesn't' gain weight, not does it appear to create struvite crystals and helps his sometimes sensitive stomach. August 10, 2014
I love the product not the price My vet recommended science diet to me for my cats. They love the taste and we love that it keeps them healthy. We since got a puppy and we buy science diet for him too. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. Sometimes we a scraping change at the bottom of the barrel just to buy their food. August 8, 2014
Wonderful product! I have two rescue cats, and both are doing wonderfully well on Science Diet. I've always struggled with which brand is best for my furbabies, so when the shelter suggested Hill's, I was glad to try it. Now I'm so happy I did! August 4, 2014
Geno loves this food! My Geno enjoys optimal care dry cat food from Science Diet. His coat is so shinny and he is a very healthy energetic cat. August 1, 2014
The Best of the Best Hill's is the best of the best in all categories. It's a good product with good ingredients, my cats love it, it's low in the bad stuff so my cats' organs (including kidneys!) are protected, and it's less expensive than a lot of the other, "better" brands. AND Hill's doesn't do any horrifying animal tests!! I have 12 cats, and I won't feed them anything else. Period. July 27, 2014
Cats won't eat crumbs For some reason, my two cats will only crunch the large chunks once, let the rest fall back into their bowl, and not eat the rest. I end of throwing half of it away. Although, for some reason these cats have gone off all Hill's products I have tried after eating one bag. They ate kitten food fine, switched to adult, then switched to prescription CD for urinary health, and they refused to eat any more of it, but acted hungry. And, they both did it at the same time. They will eat the Optimal but only the large chunks. It is a mystery to my vet, we've done gradual changes and tried everything. They do not get any other food (unless, I suspect, something in the neighborhood). After a severe weight loss, they are now up to weight but costing me way too much money in food. Who knows? July 18, 2014
Our cat Loves the dry,wet and the grain free treets Our vet gave us samples of Science Diet food on our first visit and recommended it. Gracie is now a year and one-half using a small can of wet in the morning and 3oz of dry in the evening. She is healthy and happy keeping her weight down .She loves the grain free treats July 15, 2014
Great for my barn cats. I know my two male semi-feral barn cats get plenty of wet food on their own, so when selecting a dry food my two main concerns were keeping weight on them and their urinary health (pH). This food has plenty of fat in it (and great nutrition), and my vet assured me that Science Diet does the research on urinary health-a major concern with felines. I want to do everything possible to prevent urinary blockages/crystals and I want weight on my cats, especially for the winter. This food has done both for over five years now and my cats are healthy and in beautiful condition. July 11, 2014
could have better taste My cats don't like the taste as much as other brands. July 2, 2014
pet seems to like this type of dry very well. your product agrees with our cat ,we allow her to eat when ever needed, but she takes small amounts at will, good product. have refered to neighbors and friends.wally June 25, 2014
This product offers superior nutrition I recently adopted a cat who was underweight and was having digestion problems. After offering her Science Diet Optimal Care dry food her appetite greatly improved. She began to gain weight and looks healthy. Her fur is now soft and shiny. I believe this is due to the superior nutrition of this product. Her digestion has also greatly improved and her eliminations are now normal. Thank you Science Diet for a quality food I feel good about giving my pet. June 20, 2014
My cats love it Not only do both cats love their food, it keeps their coats sleek and shiny June 20, 2014
MY CATS LOVE IT! Excellent product being used as treats for my cats! June 4, 2014
High Quality Cat Food I started feeding my cats Scientific Diet as kittens and they now 3 years later they will not eat anything but Scientific Diet dry cat food. Nothing,,,, not wet cat food, fresh fish, or anything else. May 19, 2014
It keeps my pets healthy My cats are playful and very active. Science diet keeps them healthy. They are the right weight and have strong bones and teeth. May 12, 2014
Healthy My cats have beautiful coats and are healthy. It is well worth the extra expense to know they are getting the nutrition they need. We try to eat a healthy diet so it is just as important for our pets to eat healthy. May 12, 2014
So happy with this product and so are our many kitties! Since we have started feeding optimal care dry food our cats eat less as they are more satisfied, more energetic and the bonus is they took right to it as they love the taste. We rescue kittens and cats so we were worried about nutrtuion and budget. Since they eat less but gives much better nutrition,we are so glad our vet recommended we try this product. The cats give us many paws up! May 9, 2014
Great product My cat really enjoys all of your dry food. She has been so lively and loves to play since I have switched to your food. Plus a bonus is the coupons that get sent out now and then. May 6, 2014
MY cats enjoy this product After having a conversation with the shelter ware I was adopted by my present cats I was informed that this product was very healthy for my pets. They never seam to get tired of the taste. It seems that this product keeps thier energy level up. I would recommend this product to all cat lovers. May 6, 2014
I have 4 rescue cats who all will eat this food I have 4 rescue cats and I've tried various dry cat food and I want them to have quality nutrition so "we " have selected Science Diet Optimal Care dry food for them. They have a couple full bowl to nibble on all day. By morning, bowls have to be replenished. One of my cats won't eat any soft cat food so this is her main diet. None of them eat human food. So this is why I want them to have great nutrition. they are all healthy! April 28, 2014
very good for my sweetie rescue kitty my rescued tuxedo tabby girl had been previously neglected and bullied, and was in pretty shabby shape. optumal adult science diet at the pound got her healthy very quickly. adopting her keeping her on it has been very good for her. mimsey's lingering tendency for nervous overgrooming (and thus upchucking) has been helped considerably by a 50-50 mix of optimal adult and science diet adult hairball formulas. she comes running when she hears the pulling velcro of the bag! being safe, pampered, and healthy has really gotten my kitty out of her shell, much more happy and social. April 17, 2014
science diet original dry cat food This is the only cat food my cat would eat, I try other cat food but my three cats stick their nose up in the air and walk away, so I went back to the store and i bought science diet original cat food, and I will not buy any other brand but that. plus if your cat won't eat it, you can take it back and get your money back. April 7, 2014
Loves to eat!!! All of my cats have been fed Science Diet cat food, from kitten to the food, can't wait to the small nuggets... March 30, 2014
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