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Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin 4.8 5 91 91
The cats Love it! It really helps the cats not barf all the time and they like the taste September 19, 2014
I feel it's a bit pricey. My old lady [cat] was up-chucking alot with the dry chow for no apparent reason~ she's strictly an inside gal... even grass was making her ill. After my Vet ck'd her out, found nothing out of norm.... we decided we'd try S.D. sensitive stomach with her. She loved it !! She has only gave it back [up chucked] once in the two wks. she's been on it, good for us both !! I do feel it's a bit exspensive tho !! September 15, 2014
Science Diet C/D "Smokey The Bear Davis," loves his food and let's us know when it is time to eat daily. Since C/D has been his dinner of choice, we have had no problems or visits to the vet. My only suggestion would be to have coupons more accessible. We appreciate the value and worth of this product, but would love to see a lower acquisition cost. Smokey, Mom, & Mike Davis September 14, 2014
only brand we use Great results with my cats sensitive stomach , he can have dry food again that he loves! September 11, 2014
Sensative Stomach Used your product for years as my cat has had a sensitive stomach since kitten. September 9, 2014
My cat loves it My cat had digestive issues but is doing wonderfully on this product. September 7, 2014
My cats love the taste! I have a DSH and a Bengal. I have them on sensitive stomach and dry skin formula because we live in an area of very cold, long winter! It helps there skin so much! September 5, 2014
the small size is perfect for my cats and the freshness my cat loves n new bowl every day I use the sensitive stomach and skin and I have persians it is the best food I could ever give them I have tried several other they either don't like the taste or have had a reaction to the food I will always feed Hill science diet. August 24, 2014
Love the skin feature of the product My cat is a picky eater...but seems to thoroughly enjoy the taste. He does seem to be scratching less since I began using the product about a month ago. August 11, 2014
Great For Sensitive Kitties I feed Hills Science Senstive Stomach and Digestive along with wet food and my two kitties love the taste. I love the quality and hope more stores will start carrying the Hills Science Brand. Right now I have to drive 25 miles round trip but this quality food is worth it. I love how the bag closes with a velcro like strip and keeps the food fresh. August 6, 2014
This product helps my pets stomach My pet does not have any diarrhea while being on this food, any other food makes her sick August 3, 2014
Switch back to JUST Sensitive Stomach Long story short, my cat, Chloe, is allergic to (what seems like) everything under the sun. After searching for about 3 1/2 months for the right cat food for her, I finally came to Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (NOT SKIN) and it was amazing. When I heard that Science Diet was changing the food to Sensitive Stomach & Skin, I was skeptical, but I gave it a try. Three days later, Chloe was itching and biting herself again. I'd rather not go looking around for another 3 1/2 months for a different type of food, but I will if I have to. PLEASE bring just the Sensitive Stomach back!!! Plus, it was nice being able to have all three of my cats eat the same thing. July 29, 2014
My cats love this food, one of them gets an upset stomach and this food really helps the problem. Great food! My cats love it and one had stomach issues but not anyone after eating this food. I keep both of them on this diet as its easier than trying to feed each one a different type. July 24, 2014
Makes for one content cat We had shopped around for a cat food for about a year and found most brands didn't sit well with our cat. Overall health, he was just okay. We noticed, however, his litter box use wasn't - to put it kindly - consistent. Either his food wasn't meeting his dietary needs, or it wasn't working for him. We tried Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and within the week we could see he was much more at ease. Going on a year and a half now, he is happier, his coat is softer and the litter box problem has been no more. He loves the food. Every new bag we bring home, he is all over us with meows, purrs, and leg rubs until we put the bag down so he can nuzzle it with love! July 13, 2014
Survival Gracie was a Flame Point Siamese living in my daughter's back yard with her three kittens. She was starving. When I started putting food out, she always let the kittens eat first. I admired her for this. It took several days of sitting quietly before Gracie approached me and presented her rear end for a pet. Gracie, who had been shot three times with a pellet gun and had a sensitive stomach, stayed with the kittens in a spare bedroom for a long time to avoid conflict with my daughter's cats. When my circumstances changed, Gracie came to live with me. Hills Science Diet for a sensitive stomach was always the best food for Gracie, although I admit to trying to make a couple of changes through her long life. July 10, 2014
All our cat will eat, no throwing up and maintain weight . This is all our cat will eat now, she used to eat only Hairball control. As use has aged she needed this change and it really performs well keeping her healthy. June 18, 2014
Excellent food I tried many different foods for my cat that was always vomiting it wasn't from hairballs - tried that food along many other foods for a sensitive stomach. The formula was at first just for sensitive stomach but have had no issues with the change. I recommend this food to many people. The only down side with food is the price, but it works so I cant complain. May 10, 2014
very good food I have two cats one is 7 and one is 8 the eight year old had a problem with throwing up, my vet said she had allergies and wanted to put her on medications. I did not want that. I happened to be talking to a lady while we were waiting for our cars and we started talking about cats. She had the same trouble with her cat and she put it on the sensitive stomach and skin and never had any more trouble. I tried it and low and behold no more throwing up, It is the greatest cat food. Thank you Donna Rabideau May 8, 2014
My cats love it! My cats (all four of them ranging in age from 3 to 13) all love this food. If the bowl gets empty, they just stand around and stare at me. The only downside to it is the price........wish it were cheaper. May 5, 2014
sensitive stomach Our cat has a sensitive stomach causing him to get sick. Since we switched, he has only been ill 1 time! April 24, 2014
What A Difference! I have an old cat. For many years now, she has had issues with diarrhea, vomiting ..never in the litter box and she would literally eat her fur off until she was bleeding. It was horrible. I took her to the vet to no avail. I was so close many times to having her put down thinking she was in pain from intestinal cancer perhaps. I decided to try Science Diet specifically for stomach and skin. She is a new cat. There is NO vomiting, NO diarrhea and she uses the litter box again. Her fur has grown back and she doesn't look sickly. After all that, good food was all she needed. Its incredible! Thank you!! April 23, 2014
Sensitive stomach for vomiting After watching my cat vomit most meals undigested for five years, I bought Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, dry. She eats it right up and she has only vomited once-- and that food was nearly digested. I am just sorry I didn't try it earlier. I would highly recommend this product for any cat who vomits directly after eating -- after checking with your vet, of course. April 21, 2014
The only food our cat eats We started with Hills Science Diet Adult Optimal Care dry when we adopted our cats because our vet recommended I--our cats always enjoyed it. Later, one of our cats developed allergies and itchy skin, so we switched to Hills Science Diet Sensitive Skin dry food--our cats continued to eat a lot of it as usual. Recently, we worried about Hill's decision to combine the sensitive skin and sensitive stomach types, but the change went fine. Our cats love this food. Our one cat won't eat anything else (wet or dry). I can't tell whether the food actually helped our other cat, because she also gets allergy shots, but I do feel good about treating her more gently with this food. April 20, 2014
Appearance and size good Good texture, size of pruduct is very good, Packaging is convenient and choise of bag sizes are good options. April 20, 2014
Both of our cats enjoy the taste and we like the nutrition it affords them We will always feed our cats this product, but since we are both on Social Security, it is a high expense for us. April 12, 2014
Please split the two back out the way they were I have been giving my cats Sensitive Stomach for several years. My 14 year old cat had her annual checkup with complete blood work about 3 weeks ago and they could not believe how healthy she was. I have had her since she was born as I had her mom (she passed on a few years ago). I swear by Science Diet and have always given it to my cats. As they got older I had to switch to Sensitive Stomach. About a week and a half ago I went to the pet store to get the food and noticed the combination. I thought it would be good since my 14 year old now has allergies and has to get allergy shots. Well, the smell of their urine and feces is so awful. I am hoping I can find some of the Sensitive Stomach only food today and get rid of that other bag. Please please reconsider keeping Sensitive Stomach only on the market. March 15, 2014
This product is new I am happy that you now have a combined product for sensitive skin and stomach. Before, I would purchase two bags, one sensitive skin and one sensitive stomach and mix both together. Recently though, I asked an employee of the store where I buy the products and was told that sensitive skin and stomach is really the same ingredients as sensitive skin and I don't need to buy the new combined product. I would like to hear what you have to say about this. I have been using your products for more than 10 years. Thank you, Cats March 12, 2014
Only Brand Picky Cat Will Eat Without Coughing Back Up Our kitten arrived to our door April 2001 and she has been eating Science Diet Sensitive Stomach since the vet recommended in 2002 when she kept vomiting all over the house. She is an indoor scaredee cat classic tabby and loves the flavor and nibbles all day on this food. Thank you Science Diet for your research and product because our cat remains a Science Diet cat because she is still active and her coat is beautiful. She is almost 13!!! February 25, 2014
The product is excellent for our cats of all ages. Our cats like the kibble size. There is not much we do not like about it. Our cats are active, alert and their coats are shiny not dull. December 19, 2013
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