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Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for sensitive digestive systems and to improve skin and coat health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin 4.8 5 66 66
Both of our cats enjoy the taste and we like the nutrition it affords them We will always feed our cats this product, but since we are both on Social Security, it is a high expense for us. April 12, 2014
Please split the two back out the way they were I have been giving my cats Sensitive Stomach for several years. My 14 year old cat had her annual checkup with complete blood work about 3 weeks ago and they could not believe how healthy she was. I have had her since she was born as I had her mom (she passed on a few years ago). I swear by Science Diet and have always given it to my cats. As they got older I had to switch to Sensitive Stomach. About a week and a half ago I went to the pet store to get the food and noticed the combination. I thought it would be good since my 14 year old now has allergies and has to get allergy shots. Well, the smell of their urine and feces is so awful. I am hoping I can find some of the Sensitive Stomach only food today and get rid of that other bag. Please please reconsider keeping Sensitive Stomach only on the market. March 15, 2014
This product is new I am happy that you now have a combined product for sensitive skin and stomach. Before, I would purchase two bags, one sensitive skin and one sensitive stomach and mix both together. Recently though, I asked an employee of the store where I buy the products and was told that sensitive skin and stomach is really the same ingredients as sensitive skin and I don't need to buy the new combined product. I would like to hear what you have to say about this. I have been using your products for more than 10 years. Thank you, Cats March 12, 2014
Only Brand Picky Cat Will Eat Without Coughing Back Up Our kitten arrived to our door April 2001 and she has been eating Science Diet Sensitive Stomach since the vet recommended in 2002 when she kept vomiting all over the house. She is an indoor scaredee cat classic tabby and loves the flavor and nibbles all day on this food. Thank you Science Diet for your research and product because our cat remains a Science Diet cat because she is still active and her coat is beautiful. She is almost 13!!! February 25, 2014
The product is excellent for our cats of all ages. Our cats like the kibble size. There is not much we do not like about it. Our cats are active, alert and their coats are shiny not dull. December 19, 2013
vet recommended My vet has recommended this product for my cat. It has been of great help. December 17, 2013
It helps his coat. It helps him to not throw up. I only wish it was grain free It's a very good dry cat food. I just wish Hills could make it grain free. December 7, 2013
I love the informative lable Not to long ago we found out we had a kitty with severe stomach issues. After trial and error I ended up in the pet store one day reading labels. And after about a half an hour ( the pet shop staff probably thought I was nuts) I finally decided on Science Diet, Sensitive Stomach, it has worked for our little girl! She stopped most of her throwing up, and she has no problem digesting. she loves the taste! The first time I put it into her bowel she nearly climbed over me to get to it :) The only problem we have is trying to keep the other cats from eating it for her! November 20, 2013
Has helped by cat Madison with his IBS My vet recommended that I try Science Diet to help relieve my Cat Madison's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Since taking it, my cat Madison seems to be throwing up less and not having diarrhea for the last month. It has definitely helped. November 15, 2013
The product is great I've tried different types, hairball, etc and the sensitive stomach seems the best for them -they are indoor cats and it seems to help. I do change to another type, but always stick to Science Diet. November 14, 2013
Only food my cats can eat! I have tried many other sensitive stomach foods and this is the only one that my cats don't vomit on. They have a healthy weight and coat as well. November 12, 2013
Excellent for cats with food allergies I highly recommend this product. A couple of months ago my 11 years old cat developed food allergy to chicken with consequently weight loss, hair loss and vomiting and diarrhea everyday for weeks. We tried science diet sensitive stomach and until now the symptoms have remitted and her hair is shiny. November 5, 2013
Keeps the sensitive tummy happy! My 13yr old cat has been on Sensitive Stomach for years. Recently, I tried to switch him to a different formula to save a few dollars. His stomach problems immediately began again. As soon as I switched him back to Sensitive Stomach, his tummy settled again & he hasn't been sick in well over a month.The few extra dollars is well worth it to keep his stomach happy. He's also got one of the best coats I've seen on a senior cat, & has the energy of a cat a decade younger. I would never dream of trying to switch his food again. October 30, 2013
Only Brand I use Tried a few other brands for my 7 year old cat Pixie, This dry food is the only brand that he will not throw up! I like it because its the best quality & So good for him to get the nutrition he needs as he has had a sensitive stomach since he was about 2ys., I won't use any other brand October 28, 2013
Cat loves it! My cat has a very sensitive stomach. This is the only food she can tolerate. October 26, 2013
Excellent Choice My cat developed a sensitive stomach around age 7 (she just turned 11), frequently vomiting all her food & losing weight. She'd been on Hill's Adult Formula since age 5. I saw this formula and tried it. She liked it & vomited less. I've been mixing 3 Hill's dry formulas together for 3 years for variety & each primary function: Sensitive Stomach, Hairball & Optimum Care. She loves it, maintained her weight and rarely vomits hairballs. Her coat is shiny, and her teeth are clean. Great combination ! October 20, 2013
want a good product with no fish This is great its the first company that contains no bi product and absolutely no fish and that is great when I have a cat with fish allergies. it makes me happy knowing he's got great food to eat and it won't hurt him. October 20, 2013
Amazing results!! My 7yr old male Bengal has has issues with throwing up his food periodically for years now and I have tried every food out there. This is awesome! I noticed him not throwing up the first week we switched him. He has now gone through his first bag and has gained healthy weight, his coat is soooooo soft, and his overall appearance and well being has improved tremendously! I HIGHLY recommend this product for those kitties who throw up a lot due to sensitive stomachs. October 5, 2013
Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach Saved my Couch! Several months ago our 3-year old cat Mojo started tossing his kibbles around the house, my new couch being the popular spot for his regurgitated food. Having just been given a thumbs up at his yearly exam, Mojo's vet suggested we try a cat food for sensitive stomaches. Mojo has been a Hill's Science Diet consumer since he was a kitten (he eats less and fills the cat box less than with the cheaper brands), so we sampled Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and voila! The case of Mojo's kibble tossing solved. Thank you Hill's Science Diet. September 30, 2013
Perfect for both of my cats This product is great if your cats have a sensitive stomach. I have tried many other products in the past but find that this one agrees with both of my cats digestive systems. One of them is even a finicky eater. September 30, 2013
Has helped our cat's instestinal/digestive issues Our cat has had intestinal/digestive issues since she was a few months old. She had constant gas and frequent diarrhea. This product completely eliminated the gas issue, and has helped solidify her stool. I highly recommend it for cats with similar issues. September 26, 2013
Kitty feels better AND smells better! We adopted a three year old male cat from the local shelter. He smelled pretty bad when we got him and his feces was kind of runny at times. We figured this was probably due to being in the dirty shelter and having a poor diet. We started feeding him a really expensive brand of food and got him all cleaned up. After a month or two he still had a really strange odor to him, he would have loose stools at times, and then he started vomiting every once in awhile. We took him to our veterinarian and she said that Herschel was fine but she suggested that we try switching him to Hill's Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach. She mentioned that she had a kitty that had a sensitive stomach and did well eating this food. We changed Herschel and our two other cats to the Sensitive Stomach variety of cat food by Hill's Science Diet. They all took to it instantly. Since the switch Herschel's coat is softer, and shinier, he hasn't had any bouts of vomiting, he rarely has loose stools in the litter box, and he smells great! I love being able to snuggle him without having to feel like I need to hold my breath. I had fed Science Diet to the group of kitties that I had raised prior to these ones. I never had any problems with it, I just had thought that after 18 years there must be advances in the pet food industry, and I could now afford something more expensive so I chose a more expensive brand. Science Diet is tried and true. I won't be switching from them again! September 26, 2013
This product is excellent Our household consists of 6 cats ranging in age from 1 year to 16. They have had stomach issues but since I switched to the sensitive stomach formula this is a thing of the past. All the cats love the formula, I ran out once and tried another brand, that was a mistake, they would not eat it.The cats are happy and more playful and above all because they are not having stomach issues very very healthy. Our vet is quite pleased with the results. So am I and so are they. Excellent product I highly recommend September 7, 2013
Big cat doesn't translate into fat cat Our Misha is 3 1/2 years old and she is already 13 lbs. When we rescued her a year ago, she was overweight, but since changing her over to Science Diet and monitoring her intake, she has lost her excess weight. She's still a big girl at 13 lbs. (Maine Coon mix), but is now a healthy 13 lbs. She loves the taste of her food and looks forward to mealtime. She's one happy cat. August 24, 2013
Great for sensitive tummys! One of my cats has a sensitive stomach due to poor nutrition as a stray kitten. I used to feed the regular Adult Dry but he had chronic digestive problems that would come and go. I tried the Sensitive Stomach and it worked!!! He loves the taste and I'm able to feed it to my other cat too without any problems. Great product!!! July 2, 2013
Sensitive Stomach Dry Food for Cats I have several cats who are related and they all have sensitive stomachs. This product really helped us out. Have tried many different types of food, none of which worked or helped (grain-free are the worst). Sensitive Stomach isn't perfect, but the cats love it and the vomiting is much less. July 2, 2013
Good for my cats stomach issues. My cat had issues with a sensitive stomach and throwing up a lot. Since we switched to the sensitive stomach formula, she has improved greatly. July 1, 2013
So far so good! Seeing positive changes I have two sphinx cats that have sensitive stomachs. One of them got really sick, loose stool, she wasn't eating too much and started losing weight - something was off, this is a very active and interactive kitty. The other one didn't seem all that great either. I had a suspicion for a while that the other food they were on from a popular brand wasn't good. Had to take both to the vet, she had to go thru major tests to rule out any major health problems and all came out ok, thank God; but vet thinks she had a bad case of colitis from all the symptoms. Told vet that I was going to change their food, he gave me some tips on how to do it and I had read great reviews on Hills Science diet for sensitive stomachs, they've been on the food since April and I've noticed shinier coat, although they are a hairless breed mine are very fuzzy, especially my little girl. Stool is not watery anymore, vomiting barely and noticing they are pacing themselves more when both cats eat, so they eat throughout the day. We hope this continues, so far so good....We've even noticed that my girl now is a food bully and wants to eat my other cat's food, so I guess they like it. Hopefully it will stay that way! June 12, 2013
Upset stomach my kitty does not have anymore.... My kitties Finnies and Fiona love Science Diet. Finnies used to throw-up all the time and so I was using regular Science Diet Fiona had no problem but Finnies was throwing up and I tried Sensitive Stomach and finally he was not throwing up anymore..Yeah!! The dry food makes my kitties fur soft and shinny!! Their litter box never smells and that tells me it is great food they do not need wet food for there is a lot of protein in the dry food. So thank you Hills Science Diet for caring about animals.. I would love a gift would my kitties May 29, 2013
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