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Adult Oral Care - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for dental and complete health
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Oral Care 4.8 5 53 53
Works for what it is made for! My cat had to have teeth pulled when she was less that 2 and my vet recommended Science Diet Oral Care. I have been using it for 5 years and haven't had anymore teeth problems since! October 7, 2013
Delicious! My cats all love the oral care dry food. Agrees with their tummies and tastes great. ^..^ Keeps their teeth healthy and their fur shiny too. September 26, 2013
Helps keep teeth clean We have been feeding this to our cats for years and so far they haven't needed dental work done by the vet. September 11, 2013
Clean teeth makes mama happy As long as I feed my cats Oral Care, they don't have to have dental cleanings at the vet. Good for them, good for my budget. March 29, 2014
Oral Care I give my cats a raw food diet supplemented with vitamins, lecithin, and kelp, but supplement with Hill's Oral Care for their teeth. All three kitties have BEAUTIFUL teeth and I attribute this to the Oral Care. I just wish it didn't have any "Meal" products in it. It urks me that they can't use pure proteins without adding "meal" which, simply put, is road kill in cat food. Kind of like the hot dog of the human world. May taste good, but it's not the best thing. Since I only give them Oral care snacks, I can get past the meal in the product. March 12, 2014
Science Diet Oral Care dry cat food my cat has a tartar problem and had to have dental work done, but the vet recommended Science Diet Oral Care and my cat just loves it! THANKS!!! March 11, 2014
Great teeth so far! I have two cats that have been eating this brand for five years. Every year they have good reviews from the vet on their teeth. My previous cat had trouble with her teeth, I wish I'd used oral control during her lifetime as well. March 5, 2014
Cats happy with the food BUT..... The cats are happy but I am delighted with the new "Velcro" closure on the top of the food bag. This is a great idea. The top is easy to seal and easy to open. I can open the whole top and reach in and grab a fistful so simply. Science Diet this is a big atta boy! Thank you. February 18, 2014
helps keep my cats teeth clean IT WORKS It works, and the cats love it, I have 4 cats and this helps keep their teeth and gums in good health, February 17, 2014
It Definitely is a Great Teeth Cleaner! I'm Biscuit & 3 years old my BFF Gus is 9. For both us oral care is so important, to keep our breath nice & teeth free of plaque. This dry food is super tasty and the shape & size of the nuggets have us crunching & chewing for a nice length of time. Gus & I are both picky so excellent that we found a dry food that we both enjoy & is good for us! February 4, 2014
This product saves on vet bills! Instead of paying for expensive dental cleaning, I have given my two cats Science Diet Oral Care dry food for several years. Each time they go in for their annual checkup, my vet says their teeth and gums look great and there is no need for them to undergo the stress and expense of dental cleaning. I told my vet that they get Hill's Science Diet Oral Care once a day every day and it is really working to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Plus, they love the flavor and eagerly eat it. February 4, 2014
My pets really like this product. My pets have been eating the TD for about 3 months. They love the taste and when they hear the rustle of the bag opening they come running. I do not leave this for them to graze on and only give it to them when I feed them. I have not taken them back for a health check since I have been feeding them this so I am uncertain of the health benefits at this point. I will be anxious for their next health check to determine the effectiveness of this product. However, they do love it. January 31, 2014
good value for your money I was looking for an affordable food that was healthy for my cat's teeth. My picky cat enjoys the taste and has no difficulty crunching down on the kibbles. She seems to fill up easily on the food. I also love the easy Velcro closure. It is so much fun to close but also takes only a fraction of the time compared to the Ziploc style bags. January 30, 2014
great for pet breath problem the Oral Care did make a difference and our cat's breath is improved November 15, 2013
Cleaner Fresher Breath in a few days Recently rescued a stray cat from our apartment complex. After I would feed him wet food his plate smelled like rotten mouse carcass after licking the plate clean (Yuk, I would hold my breath while washing his plate). I fed him Oral Care for dry food the first week while he was being quarantined from our other four cats. His breath cleaned up after a few days and now eats the Oral Care as a side dish along with Adult Ideal Balance. November 8, 2013
My Cat have beautiful teeth.Oral care is the best! My cat that passed had rotten teeth and the vet recommended Hills Oral Care dry.It works I have 6 cats with beautiful teeth,thanks. November 6, 2013
kittyLikesgoodfor teeth My senior siamese kitties have lost teeth in past years. I believe that by providing this food I'm helping maintain their teeth for as long as possible. November 6, 2013
cat keeps it down - easy on his system cat has trouble with vomitting - cat keeps it down - easy on his system October 21, 2013
My cat loves the taste When I got my cat from the shelter a year ago I took her to my vet to be checked out & was given a bag of the Oral Care. I mix it with my cat's regular dry food & it's one of the first things she picks out. When my cat is happy I am as well :-) October 18, 2013
Oral Care saves us money We feed our 15-year-old cat a combination of wet and dry food. We add a little Oral Care to her kibble. When we took her in for vaccinations and a check up, the vet was surprised to see that her teeth still are perfectly clean. We believe that Oral Care has saved us a lot of money we have not had to spend having her teeth cleaned at the vet's. September 26, 2013
The only dry food my cat will eat. When I tried to give my cat a cheaper food mixed, she ate around the cheap food to eat Science Diet . I also LOVE that there are coupons I can use. September 24, 2013
Great for cat's teeth. This food has kept my cat's teeth in excellant health. September 8, 2013
Love this product! I have used the oral care for the dog I used to have, and now for my cat, and I can't say enough about how great this is for keeping their teeth in great shape. My Cat is now 6 1/2 and still does not need to have any procedures done to clean her teeth, which means I don't have to subject her to being put under for the procedure and I don't have to worry about her being put under for the procedure. I recommend this product to all of my friends! September 8, 2013
Science Diet Oral Care is a great product. I am so satisfied with Science Diet Oral Care - it helps keep my cats' teeth clean and their breath fresh. I've been giving it to them for years and have not had to have their teeth professionally cleaned at the veterinary clinic. I have three cats and I feed it to all of them. So glad you have this product in your extensive line of pet foods. July 4, 2013
teeth are clean my cats are 10 years old and they have never needed to have their teeth cleaned. July 2, 2013
product does what it says we use oral care to help with our cats breath, we switched once only to go right back after as it did help with oral care. the only thing I don't like is the smell of the food it is pungent and I do not like to have the smell in my house. June 30, 2013
The kids thingk are treats Really love the oral care product. Instead of buying small bags of "treats" for our four cats, we have been giving them the Science Diet Oral care nuggets. They just love them & so much better for them. Thanks Hill's for the great product!!! June 29, 2013
reccomending product we will switch to oral care cat food. pros:high quality,good value,awesome taste cons:cat only eats product on labor day May 11, 2013
Great improvement on the bag My cats (ages 10 & 9yrs) have been on the Science diet oral care for 5 years with continuing great results. But the new Velcro Press-Lok on the bag is THE BEST. Thank you so much - sometimes the little things mean the most! March 3, 2013
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