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Adult Indoor - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition tailored for cats with an indoor lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Indoor 4.7 5 141 141
i LOVE this pet food i've never believed in spending extra money on pet food, and i don't usually do product reviews. But i'm doing so now, that should tell you something. The shelter I adopted my cat from gave me a bag of your food and suggested i wean my cat off the food she enjoyed before i started a new brand. I planned to do that, but when i realized how long this food lasted i realized it was a good value, and when i saw how my new cat pooped i knew it was good for her too. the waist is odor free and VERY little too boot. Her coat is like magic and three years later you have a customer for life and happy cat too. I hope you continue what ever program you have to make your food available to shelters it's good for pets, it's good for your marketing too. December 5, 2013
Best formula for indoor cats When I first brought my kittens home almost a year ago, there fur was so dry/ stiff and there kitty litter stunk. Everyone that met them said the same thing what are you feeding them? After about the 5th person to ask me this I decided to do my research. I really liked the reviews / hills website which gave so much information, I ran out to our local pet store and bought a bag of science diet kitten dry food (currently using indoor adult dry food.) immediately the sisters loved it. With in a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in the kitty litter box and there coats were so shiny and silky/soft. I couldn't believe the difference cat food could make. Now all I do is brag about science diet to all my friends and family, it's worth every penny you spend! My cats love it so much I even give it to them as kitty treats, they love it that much!! Thank you hills science diet for your amazing formula. July 15, 2013
My cats and I love this food! I have 2 indoor cats and have always fed them Science Diet. I was very excited when I 1st saw the Indoor Cat formula! My babies love it! They are both healthy happy cats. It has aided in in digestion and hairballs. It reduced feces odor dramatically! I mixed this with Science Diet Adult at first and the cats picked out the Indoor formula and ate it first! This is now the only formula I buy! July 9, 2013
This is the second cat I have had on this food. I feel confident feeding my cat Hill's dry as well as wet food. There has never been any digestive issues, and keeps her content and healthy. Her fur looks shiny and healthy, and the bowl is always emptied! July 12, 2014
Preferred type I do not like the lighter yellowish color food that turns into dust. I also do not like the triangle shaped food as my cats crumble it into pieces trying to eat it. The darker brown round food is much better and all 3 of my cats prefer it. June 28, 2014
My cats love this food! Only food I have been able to get them to eat. I wish more coupons were available. It gets expensive. And I'm on a limited income. :-( June 17, 2014
my 3 cats love their dry food. After a recall on the food they use to eat I switched them to Science Diet and they love it. they come running when I get the bag out of the closet. Their coats are all nice and shiny and they are all in great health. June 16, 2014
Best Food & Value I have had my cat using Hills Science Diet since the day I got her. When I first got her she was in pretty rough shape as she was found on the street. I have given her this food daily. My vet has consistently said her weight is always ideal. Her energy level is where it should be. Her coat is healthy. June 8, 2014
Great Product! Have used Hills Science Diet for the last decade+, great nutrition for our furry family members!!! June 5, 2014
We love science diet My Cat has been on science diet since the moment we adopted him. We would never switch, he's so healthy and happy! Keep doing what you guys do and we will keep on buying! May 20, 2014
very good The food very good for my cat &he like's it very good. April 2, 2014
Great food - my 4 LOVE IT! All four of my cats LOVE this food - their coats look beautiful and it has never upset their stomachs! I would highly recommend this to anyone! March 31, 2014
Excellent product.....................I would never switch brands. My cat eats well, has no health issues and will only eat this type of food. On occassion I have tried to feed her chicken or tuna I have have prepared but she wants nothing to do with either. But, she always eats her dry cat food. She has never had a hair ball and has never had her food come back up on her for the entire time I have had her. She is 3.5 years old. March 24, 2014
Excellent taste appeal for a product that is good for our cat We were hesitant at first that our cat would like the taste but he can smell the bag coming in the door. Loves the wet cans even more :) March 6, 2014
Excellent food for indoor cats!! My 2 year old cat has been on Science Diet food since she was a kitten. She loves the sound the bag makes when I open it and I love that she is eager to clean her bowl. Her hair coat is super shiny and she has boundless energy. I highly recommend this food for your indoor cat too!! February 27, 2014
Helps with hairballs and cats love it... I alternate between all Science Diet varieties. My cats love this and it really helps with hairballs. I just wish they can have a hairball grain free variety because 2 of my feline kids are allergic. I feed them the Grain Free Ideal Balance; however, they still have issues with hairballs. Thanks for keeping my cats healthy and happy. February 14, 2014
Great food for adult cats! I recently switched my 3 year old male cats food to science diet indoor formula within the last year. He loves the taste and has fallen back within a healthy weight. His coat is wonderful and his skin has definitely improved since switching over to Science Diet. I also had a spoonful of the wet canned science diet on top of his nightly dinner. He loves the savory salmon! February 4, 2014
A Nutritious Diet for Indoor Cats My indoor cats do not get as much exercise as they would if they were outdoors. I like feeding them Science Diet Indoor for cats because it is nutritionally balanced and helps them maintain a healthy weight. The cats like the taste of it too. February 1, 2014
Great Food!!!! Tried grain free other brand....wouldn't eat it... January 15, 2014
No more stinky kitty! When we took our cat in, the previous people had been feeding him cheap food. When he defecated, the odor went through the entire house. I read about Hills and gave it a try. NO KIDDING, after 2 days, his feces no longer was stinky, and it has also been consistently firm. He likes the food so I will continue to use it until the cat lets me know it's time for a change! January 7, 2014
Great Nutrition We have been buying Indoor formula for a few years. I bought Optimal care to try. I love the way their coat is shiny and soft from the omega 3's. Although we have to stick with indoor or light because one cat eats constantly, I was wondering why you couldn't add the omegas to these other dry foods. December 30, 2013
Perfect for my cats! They seem to enjoy the food and do not vomit from it. At least one always has a tendency to vomit from food other than Science Diet. December 19, 2013
Good food but new formula is bad for automatic feeders I've been feeding this product to my cats for years but the new formula is causing a ton of headaches for our routine. The reason is because the new version of this kibble is much greasier and the individual pieces are larger which both create problems for our automatic feeders (of which we have three#. The larger pieces now cause the feeders to clog very frequently and even when they don’t clog, the food frequently slides down and stops in the outlet shoot before making it out into the feeding dish. I assume this is caused by extra friction in the outlet shoot due to greasy/oily buildup from the new food. Now, at least one of our feeders #and usually two) do not dispense food at meal times. Our feeders were working perfectly for almost a year and then all three started having these problems once we started using the new food so it's not the feeders. Anyhow, I would recommend this to people who don't use automatic feeders and I will be trying the "long coat" Science Diet cat food since it's individual pieces appear to have a smaller round shape. December 12, 2013
My cat Dewey thinks it smells great Dewey was adopted and he came with Science Diet. That's all he eats in the dry food. His weight is heathy, and has a great fur coat. kenwood December 6, 2013
reformulated food rejected by cat I want to begin by stating that I have consistently purchased Science Diet (Indoor, and/or hairball control) for 4 years, which my cat appeared to have enjoyed. Upon realization that my cat stopped eating the food on Sunday, November 17, I thought she was feeling bad. Last night I provided her with a different type of food, which she devoured. I thought there might be an issue with the new and improved formulation, which led me to this website. From a review of other posts, it appears that this is not an isolated instance...If my pet does not adopt to the new formulated food, HIlls will lose an established customer to another brand and I will have to provide the two bags of food to the area homeless felines... November 20, 2013
This product keeps my cat healthy. My cat enjoys the food and it keeps her healthy which is important to my family. November 11, 2013
Product best for two indoor kitties I have two indoor kitties. They are healthy and happy and enjoy this cat food created especially for the needs of indoor cats. November 6, 2013
Cat dislikes new and "improved" indoor cat food Sorry but my cat hates the new "improved" adult indoor cat food. She was a rescue kitty from a shelter and was eating the indoor formula when I adopted her four years ago and loved it before the change. November 5, 2013
Works for my allergic cat We have three has food allergies. Science Diet is a reasonably priced food that does not cause her to go bald AND all three love the food! We have an empty dish everyday. And, the vet is pleased with our switch! We highly recommend Science Diet! October 26, 2013
my cat eats like a dog! Both my cats love science diet! They cry for it like they would wet food. I don't know why I didn't switch sooner! October 25, 2013
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