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Adult Hairball Control - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition to help avoid hairball formation
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Hairball Control 4.8 5 79 79
This catfood really helps my cat with hairball problems. Before this food, my cat would vomit gross hairballs almost daily. Although I was giving her hairball paste, it didn't help very much. And it was a pain to get her to take the paste. This food has the hairball control included so she is getting a dose morning and night. It works better for her, significantly reducing the number of vomiting episodes to maybe once every couple weeks. The food is a little pricey, but worth it. November 4, 2013
Great, consistent quality Our cat has been eating this specific product for the last 6 years. We have tried him on other brands thinking he might like a change but he will only eat the hairball control. It must work as he hasn't thrown up a hairball in all the time we've had him. October 22, 2013
Exceptional nutrition with a hairball control Our cats have fallen in love with these products. They will not eat any other brands since we have started using Science diet because no other brands have an enjoyable taste and an equal nutrition value. Our younger cat has a longer furrier coat and would have hairballs weekly. Switching to hairball control has completely eliminated her from having them. We couldn't be more satisfied with all of the HILL's products. September 5, 2013
My cat loves this food Adopted Sampson from the humane society. He had been an outdoor cat, very skinny with a very unhealthy looking coat. Within two weeks of eating this food, his coat became very shiny and he started to put on weight. The fur ball formula works well too. He doesn't vomit them up, they are broken up in his stools. Will not ever change this food, so please do not change this formula April 14, 2014
Helps reduce furballs Thank you with a long haired cat hairballs can be a nightmare. Hills - Science Diet has significantly reduced the amount of hairball my cat has produced. April 6, 2014
My cat enjoys this product Would and have recommended this product to several people with new pets. March 23, 2014
My cat won't eat this anymore after the reformulation Similar issue to 'momcat', our cat has eaten a mix of the adult hairball control and oral health for about 10 years. Recently, noticed the hairball control had been reformulated (resulting in noticeably harder, smaller pieces). Our cat will no longer eat the hairball control and picks out the oral health. She is also noticeably thinner. She is 15 years old - really don't want to get her used to a new food, but think we will have to. Very disappointed in science diet right now... March 22, 2014
My cats love this food I like the fact that my cats love this food and it has a great taste and smell. I also like the fact that their stool volume is very low and does not smell February 27, 2014
Good product for controlling hairballs. Having multi cats hairballs use to be a problem but now they are almost a thing of the past if only my one picky eater could get with the program. February 23, 2014
Great food for my Himalayan! I love using this food for my Himalayan cat, I use it routinely and have never had issues with hairballs! February 20, 2014
Helpful in hairball control, but has not totally prevented for us I started buying this as my cat had a hairball problem that the vet ran all sorts of tests for and couldn't find a problem. After the tests showed nothing and the vet thought that he had just eaten something outside that perhaps was bothering him, I tried hairball medicine. That helped him and I decided to feed him higher quality food especially for hairball prevention. It has helped, but he still has problems from time to time. That is why it did not get a 5 star rating. That may not be fair, it may just be the particular cat. I've had cats in the past who have not had this much problems with hairballs. February 19, 2014
Hairball control Hills food seems to help with reducing the reoccurrence of hair balls in my cats. Wish it were on sale more, but will continue to purchase. January 8, 2014
Nibbles to licking the bowl clean. The recent change in Hill's Science Diet food has made my cat very happy. He went from nibbling on the food when he was really hungry to eating it in about one sitting. I like it cause its good for him and more than a few friends/vets recommend it. He likes it cause it tastes better now. Science Diet keeping my kitty fat and happy. Well, happy I let him stay fat. December 27, 2013
This product works great. This works great for hairballs. You see the hairballs pass in the litter box and the cat loves the flavor. December 20, 2013
Great Taste When we adopted our male cat, he was very finicky about food. We tried the cheaper brands and the more expensive brands but Science Diet was a hit. Its a great value with great taste! December 1, 2013
My cat loves it! My cat loves this food, he is regulated and he loves the kernel shape and texture! October 16, 2013
Great Food for Cats I have two cats and they both love this food for the taste and I love how healthy it is for them. Ever since I started using it, the cats have a healthier weight and no hairballs. This is great for the cats and their health. September 28, 2013
Our clowder of cats love it! We have six indoor cats, so cleaning up cat barf is part of my daily routine. I must say that this product has reduced the frequency of hairball barfing. Plus, the cats love it, just as they have all the dry SD products we've given them. September 26, 2013
Amazing product! I have fed my last three cats Science Diet Hairball formula. It has reduced the amount of hairballs and leaves their coat with lots of shine. They all enjoy the flavor. All of my kitties have been large, long haired boys and they thrive on this formula! September 26, 2013
My cats hate the new formula The adult hairball control dry catfood was recently reformulated. I have fed this food to my cats for about 5 years and all was well until the reformulation. I called and was given tips to help with the transition. None of the tips worked. My cats HATE this stuff. They are visibly thinner and I will have to find a new brand for them. I was offered coupons for more Science Diet but declined them since the cats are not eating this stuff. Why would I buy more?I know there is a refund guarentee but I no longer have the receipt for the purchase so I am not able to take advantage of that. The old formula was great and I would have bought it for many more years. SO sorry that you changed it. September 25, 2013
It works Without hair ball control, my cat would be dropping them almost daily. September 11, 2013
Great All three of my cats enjoy Hills Science Diet cat food. They are finicky eaters too. July 19, 2013
Best for Hairballs I am so grateful for Hills Science diet and their Hairball formula. My cat has had no problems since I started her on it,and being a finicky eater,she loves it.It is so worth the price and won't change her brand again!!! Thanks Hills Science!! July 18, 2013
Great product in every way. My cat would have intestinal problems all the time while I was feeding her a " high quality" national brand of dry food. My vet suggested changing to your product after changing to several of the "other brands". Well after about a week or 2 on your great dry food, my furbaby was better and has been for at least 8 years now. She's very happy, I'm very happy...but, maybe my vet isn't......we don't see him as often as we used to when we had the intestinal problems!! Thanks for a safe, healthy food! July 11, 2013
From rough coats to glossy! The Hairball formula is the food our foundling cat loves. She had the pick of 3 different foods and she chose this one. She does not have hairballs now so we are no longer cleaning up messes. Her coat was dry and rough but now is glossy, sleek and thick. I have seen this change in several cats who adopted us over the years so I know it is a good product. Even our vetrinarian sells it. July 8, 2013
Hairballs Are History! When the Hills Hairball food bowl goes empty the cats protest. With 26 indoor cats I must have help with hairballs and this formula really makes a difference. I have 3 long hair cats beingTurkish Angoras and a diluted Calico that has extreme thick and long hair. Even the shorthairs use to get their fair share of those nasty hairballs. Hills has this formula that makes life a lot easier on them and me. Can't live without it! The larger kibble seems to be an added plus for the cats over the smaller round variety so I think it really helps with teeth as well although Hills makes a wonderful Oral care that is larger than the Hairball kibble and it really cleans the teeth. Hills just has an answer for all my kitties' needs. Thanks again Hills for such terrific products!! July 1, 2013
Needed for hair loss and control In 1997 bought a 6 wks kitten. The vet recommended Hills Dry Diet, for my neutered male, black and white Tabby. He lived with us for 17 years always on Hill's Dry Food. The vet said wet food not recommended. He was on controlled Diet for weight. Ate well until last weeks of his life. Always recommend Hill's to cat owners. June 30, 2013
This product is for hairball control I have a cat who has terrible hairball problems. Science Diet Hairball Control is the only food that has helped. I switched to the senior diet as she's aged. She really enjoys this food. I tried a less expensive brand recently and it was a disaster, and it was a hairball control product. So I would recommend this product to those whose cat suffers from hairballs as mine does. June 29, 2013
It's dry, but it's also somewhat moist which I think is what makes it good for hairball control. The hairball dry Science Diet is an excellent product! It's dry, but has an little bit of an oily texture to it which I think is what makes it excellent for controlling hairballs!! My cat loves the taste and he hardly EVER has hairballs anymore! June 29, 2013
My Cat Loves This Food that's good for her My cat, Betty, who is a long haired cat used to throw up hair balls a lot. I switched her to this food about 4 months ago and she just loves it. So do more hair balls for me to clean up. Betty seems much healthier since the switch over as well. She never gets sick at her stomach, her coat is nice and healthy. She just had her annual vet check up and she is completely healthy. June 12, 2013
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