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Adult Grain Free - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition suitable for cats with grain sensitivities
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Grain Free 4.7 5 27 27
Grain free cat food This was the first time I have tried your brand of food. My cats absolutely love it. It's almost like a treat to them. Their hair feels healthier and softer. I will continue to use this brand of food, also trying other flavors of items of this brand. I would defiantly recommend this food to anyone who asks about it. This will be my choice from now on. Thank you so much for your hard working and making great products. August 19, 2013
Great food! I have two cats. One is extremely picky and the other is not picky at all. Both of them absolutely love this food! Even the picky one ate and enjoyed it right away! August 15, 2013
My Cats Like It. I have three cats and they all enjoy eating Science Diet. One bag lasts me over a month with three cats eating twice a day. They digest the food well and don't get upset tummies. July 12, 2013
This product keeps my cats in great shape. I've used this product for years and my barn cats stay in great shape and are always very healthy. They are very active, their coat is always shiny, and are eager to eat their food. This is the only food they've had since they graduated from Science Diet Kitten. February 27, 2014
its the best my cat loves it excellent the best cat food your cat can eat my cat loves it February 4, 2014
The perfect balance for our cats health and fitness. The dry food is the cat's main meal. We use the treats & wet food as a special in the afternoon. February 4, 2014
a little pricey but it is keeping my cat healthy My male cat was just over a year old and was blocked completely. Almost had to put him down. Able to get him unblocked, and switched to this food bladder health C/D. He enjoys his new food and has not had any issues since. My only gripe is the cost, about double from what I was spending on Kirkland brand adult cat food. That is minus the vet bills of course from having to get him unblocked. January 15, 2014
this is a good product Our 6 cats all eat the same cat food and this is one in which they really like the taste of the food and I know its good for them. January 2, 2014
I know it is a healthy diet for my cats. When I feed Science Diet cat food to my cats, I know they are getting the best nutrition possible. I am feeding them what is right for their health and well being. They also love it! December 27, 2013
recent change I was feeding my cat a different grain free which did not help much. Since changing to Hills her overall condition has improved. December 19, 2013
Product discontinued I just found this product that helps my cat and now I understand it is going to be discontinued. November 28, 2013
My cats over the years have always enjoyed this food. A simple but very huge improvement in my view....the new style resealable bag. The previous one was resealable but took too long to "line up" often food left not as protected. The new easy reseal top is GREAT...even my husband (who rarely feeds the cats) commented. Thank you. November 25, 2013
Senior barn cats I have three senior barn cats, they live outdoors year round. All three were started on star shaped food as kittens, so I wasn't sure they would accept round kibbles. I initially mixed the foods, but found they were eating the Science Diet first and only coming back to the "old" food when there was nothing else around to eat. The old queen is a diva, but apparently she likes this well enough she'll approach me first to get more food! November 20, 2013
Great food This was great. My cat is a pickey eater but he loved this food and it's good for him. November 19, 2013
Science diet has always been our cat's food. We adopted our cat 4 years ago from our local humane society shelter and Science diet was the food they sent home with us. We kept her on this brand and we use the indoor adult dry food and we recently switched her to the dry food for sensitive skin as she had some allergy problems. We also give her a spoonful of canned Science diet each day for a treat which she loves. We buy the one for hairball control and it works. I like the variety of choices we have as our pet changes with age. October 26, 2013
Flaky Skin I have two male cats, one tabby, one tuxsedo. I began to see some flaky on the tuxsedo, so per a friends advice i switched to the new food. After about two weeks the problem was solved. Best switch i ever made. Thank you for providing such high qualitry food for my children. *smile* October 22, 2013
OK formula Formulation is OK, but not excellent. Would like to see identified protein sources in detail (chicken: could mean muscle meat or byproducts, for example). I value formulations that are grain and gluten free. October 19, 2013
Solved a real problem This grain free is terrific! My cat was vomiting all the time & I tried all types of food. A clerk at pet store told me that many cats are allergic to corn & I should try your grain free product. My cat still occasionally has an upset stomach, but the daily vomiting is gone. Thanks for this great product - and besides that, the cat loves it! October 8, 2013
Cats love it They're always running to the bowl for more. Love it October 4, 2013
Very Healthy Had to switch to an grain-free product due to my cat's allergies. Within 2 weeks her hair grew back, beautiful and soft. She's much more active. September 11, 2013
One of My Cats Actually Tears at The Bag To Get to It My cat Princess LOVES anything Hill's Science Diet dry cat food and the proof is in the holes in the bag. Hill's Science Diet dry cat food is an excellent brand but little out of my price range but it's a treat whenever I buy it for my cats. A complete treat and good for them all in one. Thanks Hill's! August 17, 2013
Surprise Surprise My cat loves it. He started eating it with out being picky. He ate all that I gave him and seemed very happy. August 15, 2013
My cat looves this one My cat usually is a classic picky eater. And I was surprise how easy he accepted this brand. Congrats to you all. It worked. Thanks. August 12, 2013
Mr 2 of them ate it immediately. The 3rd stuck his nose up and walked away. However, when he saw what the other two were doing, he wanted some too! August 10, 2013
Worth it A bit pricier than the other brands, but what my baby loves August 5, 2013
This product is great nutrition for my indoor and outdoor cats. I have used Hill's Science Diet for about 17+ years. I don't buy any other food for my cats. July 31, 2013
T.S. Toke approved I have won a couple bags of this and of course bought a couple as well. My cat loves this. He's a large Main Coon and his coat is very healthy and he is never sick. I keep him inside and his diet is very important to me. Yes, I admit it-- I'm a cat person. TS is quickly approaching 5 years and I would like to have him for another 10. I would like to say thank you to Hill's Pet Nutrition for helping my cat live a healthy robust life style and I believe this food will enable me to have him a few extra years. Pricey but worth it July 16, 2013
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