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Adult Light - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for a light, healthy lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light 4.7 5 122 122
Wonderful product! The vet told us Oskar should weigh 9# not 15 so we reduced the amount of another brand of food he was getting per the doctor's instructions. This did not result in a weight loss so I got Adult Light to try. After the first month, he is down about 1.5# and I can see a waistline! While I think 9# is a little light considering his length, we will stick with this food and I will reassess when he gets to 12 pounds. He loves it and so do I. I wonder if it would work for MY weight loss!?!? September 30, 2013
Excellent for weight loss We have a 14 year old cat named Tippur who is a domestic short hair. On September 17, 2010 she weighed in at the Vet's office at 18.30 pounds. The Vet suggested that we put her on "Science Diet Light" dry cat food. On September 6, 2013 she weighed 11.00 pounds, that's a total weight loss of 7.30 pounds. Today Tippur is a happy healthy cat, and it's all because of "Science Diet Light" cat food. Thank you SO Much !! September 26, 2013
This products works. My cat was a rescue and sat in a cage for 8 months doing nothing but eating and sleeping. When I adopted her she was definitely overweight. I started feeding her Hills Science Diet Light Adult and within 9 months she had lost a much needed 2 lbs. It definitely satisfies her appetite and most importantly it works. September 26, 2013
Weight Loss For a long time I had tried many weight loss foods for my fat cat. The food from the vet was far too expensive and my cat hated it. Then I decided to try the light cat food and after a while my fat cat started losing weight. So since I had good luck with that, my next goal is to help my dog loose a light weight. So I plan to try the weight loss food offered by Hills Science. January 30, 2015
Prescription Science Diet is the greatest I will only give my cats this food, for their health and it keeps their coats nice and shiny. December 27, 2014
I've been using this food for many years - my cats love it!! My cats are like children to me and my family, so I want to give them the best I can afford. Being on a limited income, I can't really afford to take them to the vet; it is very important to keep them healthy by feeding them Science Diet. I choose the light or ideal balance, as both cats are inside 100% of the time and were overweight when I adopted them. Thank you so much and please keep making coupons available. December 26, 2014
Cats like eating this product Controls their appetite. Cats like it and eat it on a regular basis. Product is a little pricey. December 9, 2014
Don't waste the money! I am extremely disappointed with this product. I have read that cats love it and I have bought science diet in the past for my two cats. But I switched to the Light brand and they hate it! My two cats, who will eat anything, will not touch the stuff. I have had to buy different food so they would not starve! Now I have a lot of useless Science Diet and a lighter wallet. I would not recommend this to anyone! October 23, 2014
Mia thrives on this product Mia was starting to put on some extra weight so we started feeding the adult light. She is thriving on it....coat is shiny and sleek and she is in proper weight again. Mia is a Russian Blue. October 22, 2014
cat loves it My Maine Coon cat, a very particular eater, dislikes human food and most cat food brands. He does, however, love this brand and eats it wholeheartedly. I keep buying it and he keeps eating it. September 22, 2014
Cat loves this My cat loves this dry food, it also is easy on his sensitive stomach September 8, 2014
Amy loves it! My feline friend Amy craves this food! When I adopted her at age one she was started on Adult dry and has never grown tired of it. However, she became a little plump after repeatedly opening the cupboard doors and chewing through the closed bag (which is now kept in the oven) She continues to enjoy Science Diet but is now on Adult Light in an effort to become a little more svelte. She's happy, healthy and beautiful! What more could a cat and owner ask for? Science Diet = love! August 30, 2014
love how my cat looks after being on it for a while. She has been able to keep a good weight she is a cat prone to being over weight so I really like that it prevents that. Her coat is very shiny and soft. Also at least once a month we give her a bath to keep any itching, dry skin or hairballs to a minimum. August 24, 2014
This product has kept my 4 cats very healthy! Ever since we got our first of 2 dogs and 4 cats, they have had nothing but science diet which was recommended by our veterinarian. Our pets have been extremely healthy and have lived long lives. I accredit this to the food they eat! I would never change from science diet. "You are what you eat" August 16, 2014
My boys love the product I have a pair of brothers, the they beg for their food everyday, they really like the taste and would likely eat the whole bag if I left it out. August 15, 2014
Vet recommended From day one when we adopted the kittens they were on Science Diet dry food. Would not even consider any other brand. Both cats are thriving and healthy. AND love their food! :) August 11, 2014
The Best! This product is such a wonderful choice for my cat "Buddy Love" - I know that it is healthy & nutritious for him; he just cares that it tastes great and there's plenty for him to eat! I'd say that is a "Win Win Situation"! August 5, 2014
Loves it I have to measure her food-- she loves this stuff! August 4, 2014
Cats didn't like it We have used Science Diet dry foods for many years. Tried the light since some of our cats were getting chunky. They all hated it. We make a blend with the Oral care and hairball food. They ate around the light food. So I guess it works if you want your cats to lose weight as they don't eat! July 31, 2014
Best available food for your pet My cat was 16 1/2 years old and only ate Science diet light for the past 9 years, before that he ate regular. He was 23lbs and beautiful. I miss him so much. I now have a new cat. She eats Science diet regular, she started out on kitten, she loves it too. I am hoping she does as well as Tiger did. Her name is Peteena. I advise anyone with a cat to feed their pet Science diet. It is the best! The coat is shinny and soft and beautiful. Everyone always comments on that even with Tiger. Vet said that though he was big Tiger was in great health. Peteena is also very healthy. Thank you for a great product. July 17, 2014
This product cannot be beat !! I have an adult Siamese mix who in October of 2011 weighed 16 pounds. At the advice of my vet I put him on "Science Diet Adult Light" and today he weighs a healthy 11 pounds. Recently I had a coupon for the newest "Light" cat food from a competitor and so I decided to try it. Within a few weeks Jade started gaining the weight back. From now on I only use "Science Diet Adult Light" and my cat is much happier and healthier. Thank you Science Diet !! July 17, 2014
This product is great any science diet is I use science diet for all my animals and my parents do for theirs also . Been using for many many years and will continue too. Only thing is price has gone up over the years but everything in the world price has gone up. All around 10s across the board July 9, 2014
This product was fantastic. I have 3 cats and they had no problem transferring Science Diet Light to Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free. June 27, 2014
Healthy & Beneficial Quality pet food with healthy ingredients. My cat loves it so it must taste good too! June 3, 2014
Quality food That's all my cat will eat We tried getting something at the market in a pinch when we were out of town. But he would not eat it May 30, 2014
Used this product for used its great Have owned 3 cats that lived 12 -13 years and now have 2 that are 4 years old and all ate or are eating Science diet light as recommended by our vet. They were and are healthy except in the last year for the first 3. Would tell anyone this is a great product by great company. The cats enjoy eating it and no stomach upsets. May 22, 2014
My cat enjoys it I like it that it's a complete diet & doesn't smell when left in bowl as my cat grazes. May 18, 2014
Product size The cats like the size of the pellets as they are easy for them to eat. And they finish every serving. May 17, 2014
A dry food my cat enjoys. I started using the "light" adult formula because my cat packed on a great deal of weight after she was spayed. I have used this cat food for four months now. I have followed the recommended daily feeding amount, but my cat has not lost ANY weight. I will continue to use this cat food only because my cat enjoys it. April 20, 2014
Cats love the taste We have two cats that we adopted from friends at different times. We got our female first and she was used to a different brand of food. We wanted to get her something healthier and chose Science Diet Light since she was a little chubby. When we tried mixing the two dry foods together to slowly ween her off of her previous food, she ate around her old food, and only ate the Science Diet pieces. The same thing happened when we brought our male cat into our home. He absolutely refused to eat any of his old food and only ate the Science Diet. Even now, months later, they still try to claw open the bag to eat to their hearts content. Feeding time is their favorite time. April 15, 2014
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