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Adult Light - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition for a light, healthy lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Light 4.7 5 97 97
Wonderful product! The vet told us Oskar should weigh 9# not 15 so we reduced the amount of another brand of food he was getting per the doctor's instructions. This did not result in a weight loss so I got Adult Light to try. After the first month, he is down about 1.5# and I can see a waistline! While I think 9# is a little light considering his length, we will stick with this food and I will reassess when he gets to 12 pounds. He loves it and so do I. I wonder if it would work for MY weight loss!?!? September 30, 2013
Excellent for weight loss We have a 14 year old cat named Tippur who is a domestic short hair. On September 17, 2010 she weighed in at the Vet's office at 18.30 pounds. The Vet suggested that we put her on "Science Diet Light" dry cat food. On September 6, 2013 she weighed 11.00 pounds, that's a total weight loss of 7.30 pounds. Today Tippur is a happy healthy cat, and it's all because of "Science Diet Light" cat food. Thank you SO Much !! September 26, 2013
This products works. My cat was a rescue and sat in a cage for 8 months doing nothing but eating and sleeping. When I adopted her she was definitely overweight. I started feeding her Hills Science Diet Light Adult and within 9 months she had lost a much needed 2 lbs. It definitely satisfies her appetite and most importantly it works. September 26, 2013
A dry food my cat enjoys. I started using the "light" adult formula because my cat packed on a great deal of weight after she was spayed. I have used this cat food for four months now. I have followed the recommended daily feeding amount, but my cat has not lost ANY weight. I will continue to use this cat food only because my cat enjoys it. April 20, 2014
Cats love the taste We have two cats that we adopted from friends at different times. We got our female first and she was used to a different brand of food. We wanted to get her something healthier and chose Science Diet Light since she was a little chubby. When we tried mixing the two dry foods together to slowly ween her off of her previous food, she ate around her old food, and only ate the Science Diet pieces. The same thing happened when we brought our male cat into our home. He absolutely refused to eat any of his old food and only ate the Science Diet. Even now, months later, they still try to claw open the bag to eat to their hearts content. Feeding time is their favorite time. April 15, 2014
Great for my cats weight my husband and I only buy our cat Charlie the adult light bagged dry cat food, we have found that our cat loves the taste and we find that the price is reasonable compared to other products on the market. He gets good results at the vets also when he goes. awesome April 1, 2014
my cat loves it My can loves this food and does well on it. He loves to eat and has a tendacy to be a little over weight. This food helps control his weight and keeps him sadisfied. And I am sent coupons once in a while, which is a bonus! March 2, 2014
This is an excellent value for exceptional quality. I have been giving Hills Science to all of my cats for decades. Due to some of their health issues which was caused by a cheaper and inferior brand, my veterinarian suggested trying Hills cat food. My cats have eaten no other brand since, nor have any of them suffered ill health beyond old age issues. Hills is excellent quality and my cats have always enjoyed the food. I am a loyal purchaser of Hills cat food and have never again served an inferior product. February 26, 2014
A staple in our house Out cats love this food. Never a worry of whether they will eat or not. Science Diet quality let's us sleep at night knowing our "babies" are getting the best. We stock up when its on sale and it keeps well. February 22, 2014
A treat for my cats my cats love it. I wish it was a little cheaper cuz times are hard for most of us. Thanks February 17, 2014
Vet recommended highly Trying to maintain my one cat's weight while providing food that is also healthy for my other cat. Both seem to love it. February 17, 2014
This product is well tolerated by my two cats No problems with my cats digestion of the food and they are happy every morning to get more food. February 4, 2014
Fantastic's just the rather high price? I would not contemplate changing cat foods, Science Diet Light is really great for indoor cats. Fed on schedule, they are trim, healthy and regular, as in cleaning the box on a regular schedule without the horrible mess cheap cat foods seem to produce. The 'Light' forumla makes a tremendous difference with one of our cats, without it, he'd be a very heavy! He loves to eat, eat, eat and with the light, we leave it down from 5pm until 8am, 24/7. That helps with their regularity and box cleaning. Thanks, Science Diet. January 4, 2014
Great Product! My cat needs to lose weight and, if not, he is at least, staying at a stable weight. December 18, 2013
My cat only eats dry food and he loves this more than any other. It has kept him from gaining more weight. I mix it with the new Metabolic Diet which he also loves. November 16, 2013
Good for weight control for senior kitty One of my kitties , age fourteen, is slowing down a b it. I know that sometimes senior kitties become overweight and that is unhealthy. I feed this cat food to avoid that problem. November 6, 2013
SMELLS RANCID We've used this product for the last 6 years and previously I would have given it high marks. The last 3 months or so, the food smells SO bad coming out of the bag I want to gag...moldy, rancid. The cats are still eating it, but I have reached the point where I cannot tolerate the smell of it in my house. I thought maybe one batch was 'off' but it's still bad. I cannot recommend, particularly for the price, this product any longer. November 3, 2013
My cats love this product! I have 4 indoor cats using this product. They love it and beg every time I go to the kitchen. Light keeps them fit for running and jumping. October 27, 2013
Great Product My Spoiled Cat has been on Science Diet since I got her 10 1/2 years ago from the SPCA. She came with sample bags and never stopped getting it. We did however try a cheaper brand of food but she would not have it. So, as I said my spoiled girl eats only Science Diet starting with kitten to grown women food. She will be on this product the rest of her life. If this food makes her happy, she gets it October 23, 2013
Vet recommended we try this product for our fat cat Our clowder of six cats are all eating this now, just because of one fat guy. We have a "community" bowl for kibble, and they had no problem switching to the SD light. I'm wondering why the kibble is so tiny though. It seems that the larger pieces are better for the cats dental health. Also, the Velcro closure found on some of your procucts #Hairball control# is far superior to the plastic zip that is still being used. I hope you plan to change all your bags to Velcro in the near future. October 21, 2013
keeps the weight off My cats love it and look forward to meal time. love the quality for the money October 19, 2013
All four of my cat's like this food. I have four cat's and they all like this food. I like that the pieces are small. I know they are getting great nutrition when they eat science diet. I also have to say that I have a stray that comes over for dinner every night and she will only eat Hill's Science Diet canned minced chicken. She absolutely loves that food. I have never purchased anything but Hill's Science Diet cat food. I joke with friends saying my cat's eat better than I do. Thank you for making such a great product. October 9, 2013
Leaves my cats fur very soft and smooth Love this cat food...he doesn't eat as much and it really helps with the stink in the litter box as well. September 27, 2013
Great for maintaining a healthy diet I feed my 5 year old cat Science Diet light. I actually started feeding her this at the age of 1 1/2 year's of age. She's healthy , maintaining great weight control, has lot's of energy and has a real shiny coat. She love's the taste. I would recommend Science Diet to anyone who has a cat or dog. I have fed my past cat's Science Diet also. Never had any issue of them not liking it. I will probably always feed my pet's Science Diet. I trust Hiill's brand for my pet's. September 26, 2013
Marcel enjoys this product! I am happy that he is happy! This product is dependable. Marcel has had no bad side effects. His predecessors have also been happy with this product! September 7, 2013
This product will help reduce my cats weight. Talking to my vet about my 16.7 pound tabby,she suggested the adult cat Light science diet. They have a tabby in the office with the same problem our cat had and using the product have reduced the cats weight to 12 pounds. I'm sold and will try anything to get my cats health in order. August 3, 2013
Taking Care of My Cats I really think it is important for my cats to have a healthy diet. I don't mind spending the money for thier helath. They are getting older, and this food provides all the important things I tihnk they need. July 18, 2013
The ONLY food my cat eats! My cat started eating Science diet kitten food when she was just a few weeks old. As she got older she ate the different stages of Science Diet. When she was about a year old she was a bit overweight due to being so unhealthy as a baby( the vet said I had to put weight on her! She was so sick she was going to die) I put a bit too much weight on her so now I had to get so e off her, I started her on the Adult Light food and she did great, she lost some weight and has been doing very well. She is now 7 years old and still eating the Science Diet adult light food and doing well, we still believe she is a bit overweight at 11 pounds she is way down from the 14.5 she was. Thank you Science Diet for giving me my cat back and not having to break my daughters heart by having her put down just 2 days after we got her because she was so sick!!!!! We Love your products and have recommended them to so many! July 18, 2013
Good Dry Food for a Cat on a Diet I have been feeding my lovely but overweight kitty this food in the hope that she will lose a bit of weight. She loves the food and eats it immediately. I use it alone but more often together with a wet food. I am optimistic that kitty will slim down a bit happily and painlessly. Same trouble as with humans! July 8, 2013
A great food All but one of my cats really liked the Light version of Science Diet. They enjoyed what they were eating and everyone seemed to eat less than their normal amount they were eating before. July 6, 2013
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