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Adult Hairball Control Light - Dry

Precisely balanced nutrition to help avoid hairball formation for cats who need a lighter, healthier lifestyle
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Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Hairball Control Light 4.6 5 67 67
Science Diet Hairball Light Mr. Six Toes, Chubby, and Bear don't agree on many things, but they do all love SD Hairball Control LIght. Bear has a bit of a portion control challenge, so the light formula is the way to go for these three amigos. We also feed SD wet Hairball Control and it is the perfect complement to the dry. This gives Mr. Six Toes the extra fluid he needs and gives all three a time to eat together. Thanks, Science Diet, for helping us keep our pets healthy and happy. November 10, 2013
Great Product My cat loves this product. He's such a picky eater and this is the only food he'll eat. Not only has this helped tremendously with his hairballs, it also made his fur very shiny and soft. This food helps him stay in great shape. September 27, 2013
No more messy hairballs!! We have two cat's Myrtle and Stormy.. Myrtle had major issues with hairballs until we began feeding her SD Hairball control Light.. She is on the heavy side :) Both cats love the food and we couldn't be happier not to have messes from hairball attacks! Thank you Science Diet!!! July 18, 2013
Excellent Product My Cat LOVES! Our rescue cat, Lola, loves this food. She suffers from hairballs, and we wanted a food that would help her eliminate these. Well, this did it for us! She loves the flavor and it makes her coat very shiny and soft. Thanks, Hills, for helping our Lola! June 26, 2012
Great product! My cat loves this food and it helps control hairball. April 14, 2014
My cats are healthy and active My cats are healthy and active. They maintain a healthy weight. I feel confident that they have the best chance for longevity and sustained good health with this food. The food is readily obtainable at a neighborhood pet store that is affiliated with a veterinarian's office. My thirteen-year-old cat had a major illness that he has recovered from remarkably. My eleven-year-old cat had a very poor start in life as he was thrown away as a kitten by his previous owner. He blossomed into a beautiful, silken-haired "Mr. Mischief" and you would never suspect what condition he was in when I rescued him. March 31, 2014
So far so good I started this along with more routine brushings... so far so good! Not sure about the "light" part. We won't get weighed in for awhile. March 21, 2014
This is made for cats. This is such a great food for cats. They practically tear open the bag to have some. It's great for their stomachs. I highly recommend you go get some of this today. March 12, 2014
Has the recipe changed? My cat Jason always loved the Hairball Control Light food until we refilled his supply a week ago. He will now no longer happily tuck into his meal and just looks at me asking for something else. The packaging seemed to be a bit newer and the smell of the food had changed. I wonder if the recipe has been changed along with it. I would be happy to hear any feedback on this. February 25, 2014
The Sciience Diet product for hair balls for an older can was recommended by another person. Happy to report doing better. The hair ball dry product is a really good one, and after my cat eats it she has more energy. Being an older cat she needs the proper food to keep here healthy. December 31, 2013
Helps with hairballs. Our cat is pretty heavy, but also prone to hairballs so this works for both! December 20, 2013
My pet loves this food Overall this is a great food! my pet lost weight and is maintaining at a healthy weight. Hairballs are minimal, maybe once a month. December 19, 2013
My Cats Love This Food! I have been using Hairball Control Light for my adult cats for nearly two years. They both love this food and it has really decreased the amount of hairball issues they have. Great product! December 19, 2013
Product provides the expected results I have total confidence the product performs exceptionally well. As with all Hill's Pet Nutrition products. December 19, 2013
Excellent I have had animals my whole life, and have learned if you spend a little more on their diets and not give them "Junk" food, your pets life expediency is great. I have fed my Pets Science Diet their whole lives. November 27, 2013
Many pets Having dogs & cats since 1973, I believe that feeding them your quality food has added to their health & longevity. Thank you for adding companionship and enjoyment to our family. JS October 25, 2013
Hairball Control Light My 2 cats literally tore into the bag. I have not hear that awful hacking cough which signals hairball issues. Love the fact th. at chicken is the number 1 ingredient. This is something I will definitely buy. October 5, 2013
Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control Light My cats enjoyed this product and I didn't have any problems being the picky cats that they are. Having 4 cats they went through it fairly fast. I like that this product is balanced as my cats are a bit on the heavy and could use a product like this. October 2, 2013
I always tried to change the flavor every month, and that great for my sweet cat. This time I change the flavor of the food, And this time tried light because I think my cat need a littler light food. I never change Science diet. September 26, 2013
My cats love I have three cats and they all love this food. I combine it with other dry food so they have a variety and won't get stuck on eating just one food. Cats are very finicky. This is the first dry food gone from the dish everyday. If I bring a bag of food home and set it on the floor, one of my cats has chewed through the bag to get to the food before I can get it put away. Buy it, your cat will love it. September 26, 2013
Dudley's health is optimal Dudley (12 years old) has always had the healthy benefit of Science Diet and on occasional vets reccomendation Prescription Diet foods. When you see the positive impact Hill's Pet Nutrition foods make on a pets health, why would you take a chance & compromise that by feeding anything else? September 26, 2013
hairball control my cat went right to it and ate with no problem. thank you very much for letting me try before i buy September 8, 2013
BAD--Changed Forumula It looks as though the formula has changed (according to the new bag) and now my cat will not eat it (has been eating hairball control light for years). My cat is a fussy eater and now I need to find him a new food he'll eat. Not pleased... August 18, 2013
great for long lasting health this is a great dry cat food. my cats love it! i see less hair balls and they are staying in their target weight range. my cats are very healthy for their age and attribute most of that to the food they get. July 8, 2013
Weight control for indoor only cat As an indoor only cat, Merlin's primary exercise is chasing me. My vet recommended Hairball Control Light when he suddenly stopped eating his previous food and she could find no medical reason. I purchased a bag and he has been gobbling it down ever since. She pointed out that the nugget size was good, as he needed to crunch the nuggets and would not swallow the food whole. July 4, 2013
Actually works! This really does work for hairballs and works on keeping the weight down on my cat as well! :) July 1, 2013
Samantha says it is yummy Samantha has a sensitive stomach and since feeding her Adult Hairball Light she has not thrown up any hairballs. She loves the taste of the chicken. June 29, 2013
Maintains healthy weight and my cat loves it. My indoor cat has been eating this for over two years and has maintained a healthy weight. He loves his food. He ate a different brand food before and gained weight until he decided he didn't like it anymore. We decided to try this and he hasn't had any problems with it. June 29, 2013
Both cats love it! I have a long hair and a short hair cat - but the long hair cleans the both of them! Since she tends toward hairballs, and my short hair is chubby, this product is an excellent choice. It really does help prevent hairballs, they like the taste, but don't over indulge. So chunky can maintain her coat and her waistline and fluffy will have less episodes of hairballs! June 29, 2013
My cats loved the old Hills products, will not eat the new. I combined some of the old Hills dry cat food products with the new to get my cats used to the change. They still love their old Hills, but will not eat the new. I'm hoping they will adjust with time. Has anyone else had this experience? June 29, 2013
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