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Kitten Tender Chicken Dinner - Canned

Delectable chunks with tender chicken smothered in a rich gravy.
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Hill's® Science Diet® Kitten Tender Chicken Dinner 4.8 5 11 11
The only canned food my kittens will eat! I've tried other brands and other varieties of Science Diet canned food for kittens, and this is the only one they will eat reliably, I think it may have to do with the texture: it is in little cubes instead of being a mushier consistency.I hope that when they "graduate" to adult cat food that there will be a variety comparable to this! September 26, 2013
This product is a good mix of soft bites with gravy for small kittens Out of all the moist foods I have tried for my kitten, he likes this flavor the best. He can smell it right after I open the can and tries to eat it before I can even put in his dish! Whenever I might need to mix medicine with his food in the future, I will use this product. July 27, 2013
My kitten loves it! My new kitten LOVES this stuff. Definitely recommend!! June 2, 2012
For my Kitten I feed this to my kitten because any other type of wet food gives her the diarrhea and this product does not. She also seems to enjoy the taste of it and gobbles it up. Happy satisfied customer. August 23, 2014
My Kitten Can't Get Enough! When we first brought my kitten home she didn't immediately eat her dry food or the other flavor of wet food but as soon as I put this in her bowl she gobbled it right up! She loves it! We will definitely be using Hills throughout her lifespan. August 19, 2014
My kitten loves this! I usually feed my kitten dry food, but when I notice he isn't drinking as much water as I would prefer him to, I grab a can of this wet food, and he loves it! May 8, 2014
My picky kitten loves it. Started with dry and slowly switched to Hills Science Diet. Loved it. Tried other brands and he refused to eat it. Sticking with this. March 25, 2014
Kittens loved the gravy The gravy was the best part for my kittens. I tried the minced first but it was too rich for my kittens stomachs. This did better for them. They enjoy the flavor and finish it off quickly. December 3, 2013
My poor starving buddy - not starving so much The 12-year-old cat is being brough back to life. Although I've been diligent to keep her teeth cleaned, she still lost all the molars. This formula rocks! Thank you. August 3, 2013
A wonderful product with Great taste!! My Kitties absolutely Love 'Tender Chicken Dinner' wet food. . Thanks Science Diet!! :D August 1, 2012
Bindi Loves Tender Chicken! My kitten loves this product. When I pop open the can in the morning, she bolts over to ear. She slurps down the gravy so fast, sometimes I'm afraid she'll choke! If I try to give her some other dry food, she gives me what I call the "stink face", as though to say that she would rater be having the tender chicken, Great product - thank you, Science Diet. May 27, 2012
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